How to dress every day? A floral dress in the spirit of slow fashion

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How to dress every day, Returning to form after pregnancy is a perfect opportunity to build your wardrobe from scratch. When creating it, I decided to focus on high-quality, timeless clothes that will allow me to create stylish sets for many occasions. Today I will show you how to choose a floral dress that will be with us for years.


What requirements must a floral dress meet so that it serves you many seasons, ensures well-being and an elegant look?


1. Floral pattern

floral dress

On the one hand, very fashionable this season, on the other - the timeless, reminiscent of the Land of the Rising Sun, the classic floral pattern will always work.


2. Right length

autumn dress

Did you know that only skirt length 3 is allowed in business? Above knee, knee and behind the knee. When running a wedding agency, I naturally follow this rule when making purchasing decisions. If you care about elegance, the dress should also not be shorter than above the knee. Therefore, if you are looking for a timeless floral dress, be sure to remember that its length allows you freedom of movement.


3. Favorable cut

summer dress

Each part of your wardrobe should be tailored to the type of your figure. However, there are styles that seem to fit almost any figure, giving it or highlighting the shape of an hourglass.


4. Natural fabrics

slow fashion dress

If the dress is to serve us for many years, we can not ignore its quality. If it is to be worn well, it is worth focusing on natural materials, such as cotton or linen, allowing the addition of, for example, elastane, to ensure greater comfort and less susceptibility to fabric.


5. Attention to every detail

handbag michael kors

In addition to high-quality fabrics, careful workmanship is the overriding feature that affects the overall perception of our styling. Beautiful fasteners, buttons, careful seams - all this makes us feel really special.


6. Convenience

dress with pockets

How many times did you not know what to do with your hands? Hidden pockets are for me a synonym of convenience, which not only entered the salons, but even into the wedding fashion!


7. Versatility

The perfect dress is also one that will work out all year round, regardless of the weather, you'll match it with elegant high heels, warm boots and comfortable ballerinas.



I confess to you something, I was scared of flowers!


The first time I had the pleasure to enter Marie Zélie's studio to choose dresses for the photo session of our Wedding Studio, I screamed from the threshold - smooth for me! I was afraid that the flowers would add kilos and also years. And although at the session, as I wanted, I appeared in a smooth dress ...

Marie Zelie dress

… I took the flowers home with me.


My dress made of thick cotton with an admixture of elastane holds the cut perfectly, it has the perfect length at the knee - perfect for both work and party. Thick cotton fabric has only advantages - it breathes and fits beautifully. This dress is absolutely functional - after pregnancy it hid all the shortcomings of my figure, and also allowed me to breastfeed. I am sure that it will also be great in the first months of pregnancy, just as it allows you to feel good when the tummy is still more of a souvenir than a memory.

And I feel ultra-feminine.

dress with flowers and boots summer dress marie zelie dresses year-round floral dress floral dress with pockets dress with pockets for the summer autumn dress with pocketsfloral dress

DressAglaia in powder pink with flowers od Marie Zélie
Shoes: Ryłko
Purse: Michael Kors
Earrings: Tous
Watch: Daniel Wellington


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I am very curious how you like my dress and what is your recipe for femininity?


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