How to arrange a sleeping corner for a newborn and ensure a safe sleep?

I never made a secret of arranging my first children's room for ... myself. Room for a child was my unfulfilled dream, the implementation of which gave me great satisfaction and was the perfect stepping stone for a difficult pregnancy. How did I arrange the space for the next child?


It is not, however, that when I arranged the first children's room, it later became and dusty, quite the opposite. Almost every time I went there for feeding, sat in my beloved armchair and enjoyed the time with the baby, sometimes even reading a book a day while feeding. We also went upstairs to the children's bedroom for each change of diaper. We allowed ourselves to do so because having only one child, we could fully devote ourselves to caring for him.


Preparing the place for the next child, I knew that living on three levels and taking care of the older son Mikołaj, who is not even three years old, I will not want to leave him alone, for example, in the living room on the ground floor, going with the baby to the first floor to lay sleep him, change him or feed him. That's why this time children's areas for feeding, care, storage and sleeping instead of accumulating in a child's room as before, they scattered around the house. It was in this respect that I arranged them to be there as mobile as possible and located where our family life with an older child goes onand left the device for a separate children's room for later.


1. A place to sleep for the first months of a child's life

Driven by mobility, arranging a corner for the newborn to sleep, we decided on basket of Moses. Our choice is a very solid brand basket Shnuggle. Thanks to the fact that our Son is sleeping in a basket, we can take him with the handles attached to the sides of the basket to the living room, garden, room of the older son or the attic office.


We chose Moses Shnuggle basket in DREAMI version in white - complete with a mattress and a dual-function stand. Due to the fact that the basket sometimes travels with us several times a day from top to bottom and bottom to top, and our youngest son, Maks, loves rocking, so in order not to run additionally with a stand up the stairs, we decided to add a second basket to the basket. stand in the ROCKING version, i.e. rocking chairs and it is on him that the basket stands in the bedroom next to our bed. Takes up little space (definitely less than basket that we had with our older son, and also does not creak), and thanks to its light weight, it is very easy to move it to the edge of the bed every evening and move it away every morning. Its ergonomic height allows Maks to rock at his fingertips when he wakes up at night. I can also pet him or hold his hand without sleeping in one bed with him, which makes me feel safe. Thanks to the high stand, when I want to take Maks on my hands, I do not have to bend or get out of bed, and this is a huge advantage of this solution. It's also nice that when a toddler moves in the basket with his hands or feet, this gentle movement is enough to set the basket in a rocking chair.

basket of Moses shnugglecosleeping a bed for a child


Second rack - the one who was in the DREAMI set, in the rocking version it has a basket mounted at a very low height, which works great in the living room, where it usually stands. This is an ideal solution for playing time on the carpet with Santa - we are all together and we have Maks at our fingertips, where we can rock him with one finger. At any time, we can also turn the rack upside down and put the basket rigidly and much higher.

basket of Moses shnuggle


2. Newborn bedding

In the basket on the mattress, of course, we have prześcieradełko - it is a standard, white sheet, 50 × 80 cm. And what does the baby sleep under? For his safety at night, i.e. when he is not under our constant care, we do not use blankets or quilts (However, we use them willingly in a pram or when Maks sleeps under our watch during the day). Why? Such a toddler has a tendency to throw a blanket or quilt over his face, which may impede his breathing. That is why we usually gently wrap the baby. Our favorites are:

bedroom with a child Mosaic basketa bed for a child

  • otulacze Lodger - Bundlermade of hydrophilic cotton, which is knitted and thus elastic; these swaddling gears, which are important to us, do not provide a very tight, embarrassing wrap either in the hands or around the legs and hips, thanks to which our Mal's hip joints can surely develop safely,
  • cornetswhich are perfect for cooler days and nights,
  • cotton diapers / swaddles Lodger or bamboo Aden + Anais - although sometimes I also wrap Maks on my own in large bamboo or muslin swaddles, which are in fact huge diapers measuring about 120 × 120 cm, Maks never stays tightly wrapped in them all night long.


3. WHISBEAR humming bear

teddy bear rustle

When I met the humming bear about two years ago, Mikołaj already seemed too big for "white noise", but I knew with Maks that I would want to try it out. Is it working?


Szumiś does not help when Maks is crying because he is hungry, wet or needs closeness, but when he cannot fall asleep from excess emotions, is irritable or anxious, the humming bear clearly helps him calm down, soothe and fall asleep. When Maks wakes up during the night for an unknown reason, the noise automatically turns on - we have skimming bear WHISBEAR with Cry Sensor function, which when the baby is crying, it activates the noise automatically and also often helps Maks to fall asleep quickly.


4. Breath monitor + baby monitor + camera

breathing monitor parenting blog

Our breathing monitor was bought over 3 years ago for Mikołaj. We have a version 3w1 with baby monitor and webcam in one. Why did we decide on such a solution? None of our children had medical indications that the use of this type of device was necessary. Nevertheless, it was important to us element that increases children's safety and comfort of sleep ... of a parent 🙂 We feel much calmer, knowing that besides us the electronic angel is watching over the child's breath. The model you see in the pictures of AngelCare 1100 is unfortunately already available in Polish distribution. You can choose an alternative breath monitor here. In addition to breathing monitor functions, living on several levels or using the garden in the summer, we cannot imagine functioning without an electronic nanny. Although I think that it is also useful in smaller spaces - sometimes the noise while cooking in the kitchen or at dinner with friends, or in the shower can make it difficult for us to hear the baby cry quickly, and thanks to the electronic nanny we do not have this problem. A webcam is also a useful option, which, when a child cries, allows you to check that nothing happened to him before we reach his cot or monitor if the child has fallen asleep if he falls asleep without our presence. After we moved the webcam to Maks, we admit that we lack this type of device at Mikusia's.


And without what you can not imagine the baby's sleep?


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  • asia

    I remember looking for furniture for our first son's room. Now I am looking for a youth couch. Time flies like this. Ehhh until I wiped a tear away.

  • JasinskaM

    Very nice, I have a similar pendant on the wall as in the picture 🙂 A bit different, with a heart

  • 25.03.2020

    Arranging a corner or room for a child is a moving moment 🙂 we want to ensure safety and cozy conditions. Fortunately, there are so many accessories currently available that will not only look beautiful, but will also be helpful gadgets. We also recommend, for example, delicate led lamps in wonderful shapes, e.g. a cloud or a unicorn, if we need to get up at night and do not want to light up the entire room.

  • Roxie

    I consider the Moses basket an unnecessary gadget, mothers compete in market novelties which has more and better And a child for a few months does not want to lie or sleep in such a crush, besides 4, 5 months and even a gondola is not needed…. but mothers must have a basket, then a large basket, the whole house in gadgets, a whole session on the Internet, and an ordinary stroller and usually a crib are enough.

    • 17.05.2020

      The basket was very helpful for us in isolating the newborn from other children. Personally, I think that you have to go with the times and make your life easier. Some gadgets protect e.g. the parents' backbone, which is heavily exploited during everyday activities related to the little being 😉

  • Kasia

    Hello, isn't Whisbear falling from the edge of the Snuggle basket while swinging? It seems a bit big compared to the basket.

  • 29.05.2019

    Wow, wonderful bed!

  • Carolina

    Ms Agnieszka, can a breath monitor be installed under a mattress in a basket?

    • Whole

      I'm connecting to the question

  • 09.12.2018


  • Josephine

    Awesome entry! For me, the most important was a mattress for a child. I bought a cot, but the question was which mattress should I choose for the baby to sleep on? Anyone have any suggestions?

  • 16.10.2018

    Such a breathing monitor is above all a more peaceful sleep for parents. At our hospital, every child had a breath monitor.

  • Julita S.

    At what stage do you replace otulacze / cones with a quilt? I wonder if the swaddle itself will be sufficient for our baby in the winter time ...

    • 08.08.2018

      I changed these thin swaddles to warmer ones, for example a muslin, four-layer swaddle Aden + Anais - at TK Maxx I was able to buy it for several dozen zlotys, but it is so wonderful that I would also buy it in a store 🙂

  • 02.07.2018

    oh yes 🙂

  • 02.07.2018

    That's what we meant 🙂 together and yet separately 🙂

  • 02.07.2018

    I have an Angel Care monitor installed and if the basket is standing on a stand without the rocking function, there is of course no interference 🙂 but ultimately I bought a breath monitor attached to the diaper.

  • Szczepan Figure

    Hello! Could you write where you bought such a beautiful bedspread?

  • Emilia Roszyk

    I have a question about the breath monitor. I can see that it stands next to the cot. Does the manual for this model say that it should be at a distance of min. 1 m from the cot? I am asking because I personally have the AngelCare 403 version and there is such a requirement and in addition this cable is enclosed with a special flat.

    • 02.07.2018

      Our basket is constantly moving, I tried to put this 1m away, and eventually bought a breath monitor attached to the diaper.

  • Viburnum

    Good morning, can you tell what company bed you see in the pictures? What model is it? Thanks in advance.

    • 02.11.2017

      The bed is with but which model I don't know, I bought them in a stationary salon 🙂

    • Viburnum

      Thank you ! 🙂

  • 18.10.2017

    This basket of Moses seems to be the perfect solution 🙂 I wondered for a long time which option to choose, but now I think I know for sure 🙂 The option of moving the basket by the ears will help me a lot

  • Justine

    Hello, is there an option to download the entire lay list in pdf?

    • 02.10.2017

      Not yet, but I plan to do it as I finish all post-lay posts, there will be a trip (probably this week), care, bath and clothes 🙂

    • Justine

      In that case, I look forward to 🙂 it will be useful to me when completing my layette 🙂

  • Kurusia

    Unfortunately, we will have to have a cot in the living room (I live in a studio apartment). We are thinking about choosing a breath monitor, I have no idea what data to look for when making decisions. Because the flat is not a large nanny, we will not need it.

    • 02.07.2018

      Finally, I chose and use a diaper-mounted breath monitor every day, it also works when the child sleeps with me 🙂

  • 22.09.2017

    I would not want to get up in the morning for feeding 😉 The boy is put into his cot in the evening, after falling asleep, but at night sooner or later he comes to us. And the basket actually served in the living room until the mat turned out to be better. In larger apartments it is a great solution!

  • 11.09.2017

    Aesthetically, it looks very good, but I'm not interested in security. My wife and I would not have decided to put the baby so far apart. 🙂

    • 11.09.2017

      But how far? When I sleep, I push the basket to the bed, rock it, stroke my head, hold the handle, and when I get up I push it away, as in the picture 🙂 And I can even put the basket into the bed 😉

    • 12.09.2017

      I do not know, I am reluctant to build this bin. We chose a crib with a folding ladder - so that there would be free space. I think it's a matter of our psyche - maybe we go a little crazy with the first toddler. 😛

    • 12.09.2017

      We had them at the first Toddler and it was great, now standing in the attic, but from my observations and stories from other mothers it appears that such Toddlers somewhere until 5 month feel better in smaller spaces like baskets, cradles. Newborns like to leave their mothers belly like to be close, like to have a tight and cozy 🙂

  • 31.08.2017

    It is a pity that I did not come to your post earlier, because I would buy exactly the same while preparing the layette 😉 with us a traditional cot, without noise and nanny, but with the next child IMPERATIVE! 😉

  • malbo

    And where does this beautiful bedside lamp come from?

  • 30.08.2017

    I can't imagine day or night without noise. I even take him for a walk!
    With the first child, 5 years ago, we had a dryer. But this one was loud, it pulled the current and quickly started to annoy me ... And as little as he cried, he cried.
    We also have a cry sensor and probably thanks to that at night we only have 2 feeding motives. Every day, thank you, the noise maker 🙂
    I also have a basket for Moses, which I did not have with the firstborn. With regret we are now moving a small one to a large cot 🙁 Unfortunately, it has already grown out of it (it has 2 bw and already wears 68 clothes) 🙁 It's bad ... The bed is really good for swinging, but it is not the same .. and the possibility of easy movement, it to the other room is on the balcony moving to bed at night to be able to rock in half a, it's a shame it's over.

    • 30.08.2017

      I almost forgot ! for the first 2 bw the wishbear cover was great! Wrap around tears and all it took was a few seconds for silence to blog

  • kinia

    My Baby will be born in early October. When it comes to sleeping, I have a dilemma at all times to cover the child ... should I put it in a cone or under a delicate blanket, or maybe a sleeping bag will be the best?

    • 29.08.2017

      everything that a baby cannot throw on his head is good, i.e. a horn, a sleeping bag, a swaddle. Unfortunately, it is very easy to put a quilt or blanket over their heads - such babies have a camo reflex and wave their hands upwards, often throwing themselves over their faces with what they are covered with. That is why we use blankets with such a baby only if we have an eye on him during the day. In other situations, only a swaddle and a swaddle, when it grows out of the swaddle, we will try a sleeping bag.