The best Polish interior design blogs

As you know, I love interior design. I want to share with you twelve Polish interior design blogs that I watch and inspire. Check – do you know them all?

Interior design blogs are a place where their authors willingly show the interiors of houses and apartments decorated either in different styles or in one favorite of their own. They often like to change something in their homes and look for original solutions. You will find there a lot of advice, renovation tricks and tips on what to combine with it so that it is nice 


There are many places on the web where you can see all kinds of interiors: industrial interiors, loft interiors, glamor interiors, Scandinavian interiors …


Here is a list of my favorite twelve Polish interior design blogs (random order ;-)): 




Probably one of the more popular blogs. A blog created by Katarzyna Tusk, existing in parallel with the mother blog, the Make Life Easier fashion and lifestyle blog. Make Home Easier together with Kasia are co-creators of Beata and Asia. The blog is divided into the categories Interior, Garden, Places, Lifestyle, Products and Tips. A lot of beautiful interiors, interesting solutions and practical tips.


interior design blogs Make Home Easier


House loves

House Loves is one of the largest interior design blogs in Poland. Its author is Katarzyna Zagrodzka. Blog divided into categories related to rooms, additionally DIY section and Tips. It is worth paying attention to the series “From dreams to permission”, i.e. how to act and what to do to build your own house dom


House Loves interior blogs


Interior Design


Ula Michalak on the Interiors Design blog presents beautiful home interiors and peaceful photos that are very much in line with my aesthetics. Ula Michalak is also the originator and organizer of Meetblogin, a nationwide congress of interior bloggers. He has enormous knowledge!


Interior design blogs


MoHome by Model’s Outfit

Do you know Model’s Outfit? This was once the name of Kasia Wietecha’s blog, which over time changed its name to Blog Mo Home. For Kasia, the interior of apartments is a daily bread, because she is an interior designer herself. She is also a mom, so you will also find lifestyle content on the blog. This is also why it has opened an online store where you can buy beautiful original products for a children’s room, as well as furniture and accessories that go with them. I highly recommend!


interior design blogs mo home


Loving It

Loving It also combines lifestyle and interiors. Jagoda Kutkowska is the author of the bestseller “Live Beautifully” and shows on her blog the interior of the house and a whole lot of advice and inspiration. Together with Jagoda, the blog is co-created by Asia and Honorata. They write not only about interiors, but also about developing their passions and motivations.


interior blogs loving it



Scraperka is Ania, who is a great lover of Scandinavian interiors. On his blog he shows his interiors, arrangement ideas and beautiful mountain views 


interior design blogs


Fifth room

What distinguishes the Fifth Room from others? Huge sense of humor! As the author of the blog, Kasia herself writes, you need “a slightly looser rubber in your panties”, and you will definitely feel great with her  She writes lightly and very nice, loves antiques and colors, and the most colorful antiques. In the Fifth Room you will find a lot of interesting solutions, colorful themes and crazy DIY ideas.


interior blogs fifth room


Exterior Interiors


Magda on her blog Interior Interiors shared entries very interestingly. You can search by colors if you want one of them to dominate your interior or indoors. Magda and her husband also run an online store, where you will find lots of beautiful Catholic home accessories and more.


interior design blogs



Until recently, this was the name of the Our Choys blog, created by a married couple – Ela and Mateusz Chołys. They were united by their love for interiors, accessories and furniture. They are not afraid to renovate, demolish and destroy so that something new, different and beautiful can be created. Now they have expanded their blog content to include lifestyle and travel. Be sure to check them out!


interior design blogs


Colores de mi alma


Under this Spanish name (which in Polish means simply “the colors of my soul”), there is Izabela Perez Harriette – a woman who deals with finances. Her blog stands out from the crowd of colors, you can see immediately that she is a resident of Cuba, the wife of a native Cuban. A lover of photography – the photos she adds on her blog are beautiful. As she writes – this blog is a place where you can take photos of the interior wnętrz Izabela shows her colorful interiors and various DIY ideas.


interior blogs colores de mi alma


Zoika home

Marta Zoyka Michalik – a certified photographer and interior decorator – has created a place where she shares beautiful product photos and interior photos. Elegance and simplicity, beautiful space arrangements and lots of passion.


interior blogs zoyka


Your DIY

Home Page

Maybe not a typical interior design blog, but a place that I can recommend with all my heart. I don’t know about you, but there are some DIY items in my house that I am very proud of. And who is a DIY expert in Poland? Of course, Kasia Ogórek – my good friend and embodied creativity. Kasia inspires changes and quick metamorphoses – that’s what I like the most 


interior blogs your dyi

You know them? Do you like? And be sure to write what is your favorite interior design blog?

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