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Learning English online is becoming commonplace. In the past, language courses were the most popular among all possible online learning subjects. Now, in the age of a pandemic, distance learning in schools in all subjects is a fact – it is not known how long it will last. Recently we tried out angelic learning online with Santa. How did we do?

Who knows me knows that giving children a smartphone, tablet or computer from an early age… that’s not me. We try to isolate children from these absorbing objects for as long as possible. But let’s face it – it cannot go on forever.


Our Mikołaj started kindergarten in September – a year ago we faced a choice whether to enroll him in kindergarten or leave him in kindergarten. We decided on the second option. Fortunately in this regard he had missed the troublesome distance-learning experience. However, we are aware that in a few months he will go to the first grade and although I keep my fingers crossed for the first one for everything to return to normal, we do not know how long it will take remote learning, its alternating interruption and restoration. I felt that I’d like to get Mikuś to get used to remote learning. The real one, when you have to take the time, sit down in peace and focus.


Of course, Mikołaj has the opportunity to attend full-time English lessons with his peers, but we did not choose due to the pandemic, limit the number of places we visit – due to my work, 10 days before each training session, I stayed at home with the children so as not to end up in quarantine or isolation and I did not want an additional meeting place.


So we invited learning English at home in the online formula. What have we chosen and what are our impressions?


Learning English online


From online English courses available on the web we bet on Before deciding and purchasing a lesson package, you can come here arrange a trial lesson.


English lessons are held at any timewhen it suits us best – before school, after school or on Saturday or Sunday. You can choose from hours from 7 to 22, so the fan is huge!


There are two options for learning English online on

  • individual lessons + lessons in a conversation club and
  • group classes in groups of up to 5 people.


So far, we have used the first option. How was it?


She suited us very well lesson length: 25 to 55 minutes, depending on the age and needs of the child. We chose this one lasting 25 minuteswhich is almost half the duration of a school lesson. Perfect – it seems short, but my child probably wouldn’t spend more time sitting there in focus and learning English online at can be undertaken by any toddler already from 4!



What we really liked is the way we learn. Lessons on the platform are not learning videos, a a real meeting with a language teacher. This allows the child to feel like they are in a real lesson. It is important because of this learning English online is interactive. Teachers experienced in working with children at combine the Cambridge communication method with the TPR technique (learning new words and phrases through movement, imitation).



Our English lesson



As I speak English very well myself, I was a bit worried about how Mikołaj’s teacher would conduct the classes. However, I was positively surprised – Mrs. Joanna does great approach to children, cool methods and great pronunciation (at the end of the post you can listen to – I shot a few frames of the movie).



As already mentioned, an interactive way to learn made it there was no boredom – apart from conversations with the teacher, animations in the form of teddy animals related to the lesson thematically, there was also a cheerful fox Charlie on the screen, which encouraged to repeat words or colorful boards depicting pictures – for example pens in different colors, and Santa was to indicate under which the number is the “green pen”. There was also a memorization song at the end.



Mikołaj was also motivated by the ‘promotion’ system when for each completed activity, he received a star.



The great thing is that after each lesson, you will receive an email with the phrases your child has learnedso that you can repeat and consolidate knowledge with your child, which is the basis of learning. I wrote down these phrases on my phone myself and several times a day every day, whether in the car or waiting for the pancakes to fry, we consolidate learning. Even my mum who doesn’t speak english is great with these phrases so if you did not feel strong enough to support your child in learning, I will say more – you will refresh your knowledge yourself in this easy way, sitting next to you or receiving e-mails.


I was a little scared how Mikołaj, a beginner in English, will cope in a conversation club, but this 25-minute lesson with the teacher and 3 other people was also very fun – the children are at the same level but have different levels of acquired knowledge, which is very motivating and also allows you to get used to learning in a group that is waiting for Santa at schooland not just individual. He must practice concentration whether to learn that each child has a chance to answer. Basically, the learning was about visual aids and learning new words, answering questions and singing together.


I have a few film frames for you from an individual lesson:



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With us, these lessons turned out to be a shot at 10! Not only with we learn English successfully, but also sense of urgency and regularity and in the new reality – thanks to this I believe that Mikołaj will not be surprised by the fact that from September not all classes will be held in the new school, which he is waiting for so much.

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