Donate "PLN" 35 zlotys for a rehabilitation stay for Verka, are holding a gift from Vera - one pair of colorful mismatched socks! We guarantee that the socks are great both visually and qualitatively 🙂

Note: each multiple of this amount is another pair of socks! Funds transferred can be deducted as a donation.


Bank transfer details:


Sunshine Foundation for Disabled People
account number: 89 8944 0003 0000 2088 2000 0010
title: 1186 / K Weronika Komorowska


After making the payment, send to Werka's parents in a private message:

his name, delivery address and size / sizes of socks (23-26; 27-30; 31-34; 35-38; 39-42; 43-46).


March 21 is ahead of us, i.e. World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD).


That day as a sign of solidarity with people with Down syndrome and their families, we put on colorful mismatched socks.
It is a symbol of the social and genotypic mismatch that the additional chromosome carries.





Werka's parents write:


The goal of our campaign is bringing closer and familiarizing with the subject of Down syndrome while obtaining support in financing the rehabilitation stay for Werka.


Werka was born in our family in 2017 as a third child. She was born with Down syndrome and a serious heart disease.


The first and most important recommendation we received from the doctor was: "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE". So we love - Sowe love!
We are grateful for the life of Werka and for being what she is ...

Despite difficult beginnings, life threatening and two heart operations, Werka is developing impressively, and requires many hours of systematic rehabilitation.


THANK YOU to everyone who joins in spreading social awareness about the value of people's lives
with trisomy 21 and through his payment will contribute to the financing of Werka's rehabilitation stay.


We encourage you to insert your photo in colorful socks unparalleled on March 21 in the comment on fb Sowe love!


Everyone who does this will receive a gift from us - a surprise!

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