How to dress for work? 5 tools

How to dress for work is wondered by every person starting their career on the labor market. And also every mother who ends her maternity leave and returns to work. Check what things cannot be missing in your wardrobe.

If you work in a large company or corporation, there is a good chance that you have a dress code imposed. This restriction gives a sense of security – it is enough to follow the rules to look in line with the expectations of the Employer and (probably) Customers. The problem arises if you run your own business or the company you work for does not have any dress guidelines or they are too general, and you meet at work not only with colleagues, but also with clients and want to do well before everyone else. Okay, that is, present yourself as a professional, experienced and wise person, right?


Here are 5 things that will help you create a professional business look.


1. Classic black high heels

Of course, with heels, but not higher than 8 cm (such may not necessarily evoke business associations) and one that will allow you to gracefully navigate the company’s corridors and city sidewalks. Such shoes are +10 to feminine chic. They fit everything, giving each styling a business look.


I bought my last two pairs of black high heels at Bata and Ryłko, and I also appreciate shoes from the Kazar store. Business pins should be made of grain leather and should not have any eye-catching decorations.


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2. a white shirt

The perfect complement to any wardrobe. The more classic the cut, the better. The indoor buttons add elegance, but this is not necessary. I like how the shirt is made of a slightly thicker fabric, thanks to which it fits better and is not so translucent.


It is good that it gently emphasizes the waist and is long enough that it does not come out stuck in a skirt or pants. By choosing a white shirt at 100% you will gain a professional image. If you have a loose dress code in your work, unzip a few buttons, roll up your sleeves and combine it with jeans and black high heels that are perfect for your figure. If the jeans do not pass, choose cigarillos or a fitted skirt.


Is the shirt in the body version a good solution? Yes, but not always. Unfortunately, under very tight pants or skirts it can impress a lot, while under skirts made of circles or even more on the body, but made of thicker fabrics with structure, I really like to wear them.


white shirt fashion blog

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3. Nude underwear

Nothing looks worse in a business style than sheer lingerie, and this one white is most visible under white things. Therefore, in your wardrobe you need to have flesh-colored underwear with the least amount of seams, which will not be distinguished by the color or texture or lace under the white shirt or blouse, or the seams under the skirt or pants.


The best fitting, nude and smooth bras can be bought from brands such as Panache, Freya or Wonderbra, for the lower part of the underwear go to Oysho or Intimissimi – you will be delighted with the quality of ordinary panties.


And most importantly – you must have a bra that fits perfectly, it’s best to put yourself in the hands of an experienced brafitter, but I will also prepare a small manual on the subject for you.

flesh-colored underwear

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4. A classic handbag

In neutral beige, gray or classic black, it will be an ideal and timeless solution, as well as a great investment in your own wardrobe. It should be leather and very good quality, but if your budget does not allow for such expenses today, ZARA usually offers high-quality classic models at a price of up to PLN 200.

Business look dress code purse

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5. eleganc watch

First of all, it will allow us to watch over the passing of time perfectly, it will complete the professional image. When we look at the phone at the meeting to make time, we never look professional and you never know if we’re checking Facebook. I would choose a simple, elegant, timeless form. It is safest to bet on the watch in the color of the jewelry that you wear most often, and the metal bracelet will give us years of use. A leather strap can be just as elegant, but it will need to be replaced sooner. Be careful of a gold watch, not everyone looks good in very business situations.


capsule wardrobe watch

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I’m curious what is the most missing in your wardrobe? And what would you add to my wardrobe must-have list?

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