5 reasons why you should take a Wedding Consultant Course in the fall

I have always said that the work of a Wedding Planner is a year-round job. In summer, we coordinate, in the remaining months we operate strictly organizational and acquire new customers. Our holidays are mostly off-season and weekends often start on a Tuesday and end on a Wednesday. It is a phased work and when preparing for it, it is worth taking a shot at the perfect moment to start your wedding business. Below are five reasons why fall is the best time to take a Wedding Planner course.


  1. Calendar of new queries


The strict wedding season has always been associated with late spring and holidays. This is when the most weddings take place and the Wedding Planner has the most work. However, after the season, there is no time to rest, because the season is starting … of new inquiries.

In our Wedding Studio, we always analyze the moments when the most new customers come to us – it allows us to better prepare, plan holidays in a timely manner and organize a marketing plan well.

We have been observing a specific trend for a long time: September and October are the most-happening months. In November, we see a slight decline, and there is another avalanche after Christmas. However, there is no time to rest, because February is Valentine’s Day – another popular date of engagement.

So why not take a Wedding Planner course when the most young couples are looking for professional help?


  1. You put your knowledge into practice right away

Taking into account what I wrote to you in the first point, you are able to put into practice the knowledge you learned during the course. Sometimes you have to wait a long time for the first client, and during this time, unfamiliar knowledge may disappear more easily, and it will be more difficult for you to refresh it later. However, by taking the course in the high season of inquiries, you guarantee yourself the possibility of translating the theory into practice almost immediately!


  1. The first customer reimburses many of the initial costs

If you want to be seen as a professional, you need to be professional in the subject. Unfortunately, this is often associated with investments and financial obligations – website, business session, positioning, advertising on Google. Unfortunately, all this costs money.

By looking at our inquiry calendar, taking the course in the fall, you have a chance to recoup your costs faster. Often, the first customer covers the amount you need to spend on a website, an image session and several months of Google Ads advertising. And the sooner you start earning, the more you will be able to invest in promotion, advertising and development, which in turn will give you a larger group of customers and higher earnings. And the circle is complete 


  1. You have the chance to show up in the industry

Autumn and winter are the time of many industry meetings, wedding fairs and other events where you can show yourself. Nobody has time for this in spring, when the dynamic preparations for the season begin, and even more so in the summer, when the season is in full swing. This autumn is the time for events summarizing the seasons, which are often organized by large hotels, wedding fairs, where you can meet regional subcontractors, or closed industry events, where it is always worth showing off and building relationships with other representatives of the wedding world. Because you never know who will recommend you to your client 


  1. You work when the competition rests after the season 

By doing the course in the fall, you will shoot yourself at that moment when many Wedding Planners are catching their breath after the hardships of the wedding season. We all have the same calendars and each of us has more inquiries in the fall, but we are also only human – we need to have a moment to take off our dresses, put on tracksuits and relieve the wedding stress. And then you will be compact and ready to work, catching your first customers 


There is no one word of advice about the time after which the first customer arrives. It will largely depend on you, your abilities, perseverance and proper preparation. However, if you want to help happiness – do not delay with the course and sign up for it now – autumn is a brilliant moment to start 


At Akademia Wytwórnia Ślubów we are signing up for the November edition of our training, which starts on November 25. Do not hesitate, start making your dreams come true with us! HERE you will find all the details of our course.

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