Hospital bag for Mom – my delivery bag

I have prepared a film for you, in which I show step by step what I packed into my bag to the hospital for Mum as part of the layette for the newborn.



Packing list are delivery bags to the hospital for Mum:

Mum’s bag

BEABA Amsterdam big bag

and in the middle:

Bag with a costume for disguise:

Delivery T-shirt
A thin dressing gown

Cosmetic bag with disposable cosmetics for use at the sink:

Hair bands
Liquid makeup remover + cotton pads
Toothbrush + toothpaste + dental floss
Protective lipstick
Face cream
Glasses + eyeglass cleaners

Shower bag:

Beautician with shower cosmetics:

Shampoo + conditioner for hair
A gentle washing liquid
Shower slippers

2 cotton, disposable towels – IKEA
A set of disposable mesh underwear + hygiene items

Other things:

3 Nightgowns for feeding – DN-NIGHTWEAR and Italian Fashion
Disposable underwear – breathable, mesh, boxer model – Babyono
Disposable changing pads – Bella Happy

Feeding shirt / dress around the house HUG GALLERY Anna Lewandowska model Rome
2 piece of seamless CARRIWELL breastfeeding underwear
Lactation pads Medela
Medela hydrogel cooling pads
Pure lanolin Medela
Organic lactation tea Medela
Breast Pump Medela swing


Mug + cutlery
Tiny IKEA disposable cotton towels
Paper towel
Empty messenger bags
Disinfectant spray

Water and healthy snacks


After the movie, I added to the waiting bag:

own hygiene items


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