Hospital bag for Mom - my delivery bag

delivery bag to the hospital layette for the newborn to the hospital

I have prepared a film for you, in which I show step by step what I packed into my bag to the hospital for Mum as part of the layette for the newborn.



Packing list are delivery bags to the hospital for Mum:

Mum's bag

BEABA Amsterdam big bag

and in the middle:

Bag with a costume for disguise:

Delivery T-shirt
A thin dressing gown

Cosmetic bag with disposable cosmetics for use at the sink:

Hair bands
Liquid makeup remover + cotton pads
Toothbrush + toothpaste + dental floss
Protective lipstick
Face cream
Glasses + eyeglass cleaners

Shower bag:

Beautician with shower cosmetics:

Shampoo + conditioner for hair
A gentle washing liquid
Shower slippers

2 cotton, disposable towels - IKEA
A set of disposable mesh underwear + hygiene items

Other things:

3 Nightgowns for feeding - DN-NIGHTWEAR and Italian Fashion
Disposable underwear - breathable, mesh, boxer model - Babyono
Disposable changing pads - Bella Happy

Feeding shirt / dress around the house HUG GALLERY Anna Lewandowska model Rome
2 piece of seamless CARRIWELL breastfeeding underwear
Lactation pads Medela
Medela hydrogel cooling pads
Pure lanolin Medela
Organic lactation tea Medela
Breast Pump Medela swing


Mug + cutlery
Tiny IKEA disposable cotton towels
Paper towel
Empty messenger bags
Disinfectant spray

Water and healthy snacks


After the movie, I added to the waiting bag:

own hygiene items


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  • Martaa

    I really like your way of getting a delivery bag! You mention in the video about the "gentle washing liquid" - will you tell me what is the best way to buy it? (same question for shampoo and conditioner) 😉
    Best regards and thank you for such a great list. I'm going to be inspired by her 😉

  • Basiunia

    I sympathize poor childbirth

  • Marta Szatylowicz

    Just why 5 shirts? 😉 instead of cotton towels, I just suggest a roll of kitchen towel, after each wash, I do not know how many of these towels you would need to have 🙂 besides the shower flaps, you could use slippers for walking, but I also recommend a thicker bathrobe, not thin because contractions may appear with convulsions and be quite cold.

    • 23.07.2017

      The walking slippers are listed. 1-2 shirts will go down to childbirth and will stay 3-4 for 3-4 days and 2-3 nights - because this is how long it takes to stay in a state hospital during childbirth - for me it is an ideal number of shirts, if not minimal.
      A paper towel is also the only one I do not like. And one extra shirt takes up so little space that I see no problem. I explain everything in the film 😉

    • Marta Szatylowicz

      I can't imagine it, nor have I heard about it, think that during delivery I can think about dressing up pobyt after a dream, hospital stay lasts two days, so one shirt, max two is enough, and you can always prove 🙂
      As for the breast pump, I think that we do not know if we will feed, there is no point spending a few hundred zlotys on a breast pump 😉

    • 24.07.2017

      As I said, this is my birthing bag which I feel comfortable with. Yours may be completely different. I have given birth more than once and share my personal experience, from which everyone can take as much as they want.
      I know many situations where a second birth shirt came in handy - for example, after the unexpected departure of the waters, it is not fun to wear a wet shirt.
      In Poland, 40% of births end in cc, so at least 40% of those in labor are hospitalized for at least 3 nights ... is it too much of a luxury to sleep in a fresh shirt every day? not for me 🙂
      Breast pump? I know that I will do everything to feed naturally - it will allow me to store milk for storage, stimulate lactation if necessary, or also to return to work, participate in meetings. You can buy a manual breast pump for several dozen zlotys, I just chose a quiet, discreet model that will be useful for me when traveling and at work.
      I also talk about the fact that "there is always someone to deliver" in the film - I like being organized and self-sufficient.

    • Edyta Wolnicka-Kłyś

      I totally agree! The key is good organization and the ability to predict. Every woman should have "one T-shirt too many". In my opinion, this is really enough, or the minimum. When it comes to hygiene, every woman should attach great importance to it.
      Best wishes and we are keeping our fingers crossed !! :) :) :)

    • 25.07.2017

      I subscribe to everything 🙂 my mother and grandmother always say: whoever carries with them does not ask 😉 thank you for the thumbs 🙂

    • asieek

      Great words! I sign with your hands and feet under your answer! I always aim for good organization, which is also the case with hospital bags. Teached by the experience of the first birth, I know that it is worth having all the things with you that will give us at least some comfort and ensure internal peace during a hospital stay. Let's arrange, not always the husband is able to deliver the missing item on time or buy a shirt, sleepers, etc. Why expose yourself to unnecessary nerves. A breast pump is ALWAYS useful. Is it in the hospital while starting lactation (I do not know whether the use of a hospital hand pump, which causes great pain is a pleasure for obstetricians) or when storing food, etc. It's simply worth trusting experienced mothers 🙂 I cordially greet the lady and the boys 🙂

    • 06.08.2017

      Exactly 🙂 There was one breast pump in our ward, which… broke. I myself lent my breast pump motor to my friend next door - luckily, it matched her personal hospital kit, and as a result my husband bought and delivered a new, personal one. Additionally, for example, when we already have one child at home, going to a hospital in another city is not such a logistically easy operation. Today I am after the hospital and I really did not use all the pads and diapers and one sleeping shirt, but only because I left quickly - if I stayed a day longer, I would probably use them.

    • Edi

      I spent days at the 7 hospital, so more shirts are necessary.

  • Sylwia Dmowska

    Bardzooo interesting post. I will use many things. Can you write from what company exactly this seamless feeding underwear is from? Are these the previously recommended carriwel feeding bras? If so, you could say how to choose the right size when ordering online ... because I have a problem with it

    • Iza

      Agnieszka in the video you say that you link everything that you have packed and there are only a few on the blog (breast pump, T-shirt, bag) is there a chance to link your feeding shirts ?. Thank you in advance for your reply, best regards and thanks for sharing your layette!

    • 20.07.2017

      Izuś, of course, I meant that I would enter every item, everything cannot be linked, because most of them are things that I had at home or bought in a supermarket (slippers, shower flip-flops, cosmetics), but I signed T-shirts - they are of two Polish companies DN-NIGHTWEAR and Italian Fashion and breastfeeding underwear - CARRIWELL 🙂 plus Bella Happy changing pads and Babyono mesh panties. If there is anything else I can tell you about proven brands and solutions, feel free to write, I will check 🙂

    • Iza

      Thanks a lot for your quick reply! I asked for breastfeeding t-shirts because there is quite a small selection on the internet. Italian Fashion seems to have some kind of monopoly 😉 The answer is completely satisfactory - thanks again and happy solution! greetings! 🙂

    • 20.07.2017

      Yes, it is the same seamless underwear - from CARRIWELL.
      It is extremely difficult for me to advise on the size, but I will try - for me the most important thing was a tight circumference.
      Due to the fact that the cups are not contoured, their size was of secondary importance to me - I chose the M size (the cup could be a bit larger, but it is underwear for sleeping, it does not compress too much, so I decided that it was better this way - size L already had a very loose circumference and does not provide support). Under my breasts I have… I'll fill it up as soon as I find a centimeter 😉

    • Sylwia Dmowska

      Thank you so much for your reply. I hope that size M will suit me. If you measure the circumference under the bust, please let me know 🙂 Very useful post. Congratulations and I'm looking forward to the second part with my baby's bag 🙂 🙂 🙂