How to dress for work during pregnancy? Pregnancy fashion at work

When I became pregnant, I knew that, if only my health condition allowed it, I would want and try to work. Although we tried to hide her in the early stages of pregnancy, I was tempted by all the wonderful maternity clothes in which I wanted to spend the next months. Today I am going to show you my best practices for pregnancy styling for work.

When I got pregnant, I was sure that the maternity clothes market was bursting at the seams, and I would be able to choose from left and right in their offer. Unfortunately, I was wrong here, and the right choice of maternity clothes for work was quite a challenge for me – especially in the third trimester.


When creating every business, pregnancy stylization, I was guided by the principle – do not compress my tummy.

So what clothes did I invite to my business wardrobe?


1. Elegant maternity pants

In this way, my first purchase for a maternity wardrobe in a work version were elegant maternity pants. These are pants designed to “grow” with you throughout your pregnancy. Despite the fact that I bought mine already in the third month of pregnancy, they fulfilled their task – I fit it until today. Unfortunately, they had to be badly sewn, because they got dirty on the first day – and try to advertise the only pants that are suitable for work. The seamstress helped me much faster than the complaint procedure.


When choosing elegant work pants, pay attention to this:

  • how stretchable they are – thanks to this, there is a chance that you will have enough time for the entire pregnancy, but the downside is that they will also probably push out more, for example on your knees; I had to wash mine practically every 1-2 assumptions,
  • whether they have an elastic belly belt in a color that won’t stand out under elegant blouses and shirts: in jeans I don’t mind that the belt that stretches over my tummy is navy blue, while I chose my work pants with a gray belt that doesn’t pierce from underneath the thin, elegant upper garments,
  • do they have a universal color: one that will match the maximum number of occasions in your work, as well as the largest number of clothes you already have.

pregnancy fashion for work


2. Blouses and shirts

During the first half of my pregnancy, I was able to easily put on regular blouses over my maternity pants, but in the third trimester I either stopped fitting them or they became too short, exposing the elastic waistband of the pants that should be covered. Here I was helped by looser blouses with an elastic band in the lower part or already typical maternity blouses – to extend their use, I tried to choose those with a nursing function.

business fashion in pregnancy


3. Skirts

I did not decide to buy a single maternity skirt – high-waisted pencil skirts made of knitted fabric gave advice here.

what clothes to wear during pregnancy


4. Dresses

In business, there are 3 permitted skirt lengths: above the knee (not behind the bottom), above the knee and above the knee (not to the middle of the calves or ankles). I also tried to choose my maternity dresses in accordance with this key. I wanted them not to emphasize the belly additionally – dresses with a lighter top and a darker bottom and those with a pencil cut of the skirt part worked perfectly here – thanks to this, the belly was not in the foreground, unless I stood sideways …

maternity business fashion


… or I was in the 8th month – here the belly was in the foreground and that’s it.


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5. Shoes

Despite my pregnancy, I adhere to the rules of not working with bare legs and wearing covered shoes, but in the vast majority of cases I completely gave up high heels – throughout my pregnancy I put them on literally maybe 10 times, usually by the way Courses for a Wedding Consultant, where literally before entering the conference room, I changed flat shoes for shoes with heels – the lowest I could buy. In my wardrobe there are elegant ballet shoes which, despite the lack of heels, allowed me to feel elegant and in my place.


So at work during pregnancy, I used special maternity tights (note, they have one or two terrible, very distinctive seams going through the middle or on the sides of the abdomen) or … self-supporting stockings (this is an alternative solution if these seams irritate you very much – and under pencil skirts they will be).

shoes for work during pregnancy

elegant work shoes


6. Coat

I did not decide to buy a typical maternity coat – probably mainly because I did not find a nice one. In the first months of pregnancy – in winter, I allowed myself a warm caramel-colored down jacket, and in the spring I jumped into an ordinary coat, which I just didn’t button up, and in case of cold I also covered myself with a shawl.

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7. Additives

In this topic, nothing has changed for me during pregnancy, I still focus on small, delicate solutions, classic colors and shapes. When it comes to jewelry at work, I am an advocate of the theory: the softer the better.

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I started 9 a month of pregnancy and I think that the outfit for work during pregnancy was, however, a pick, the challenge will be to properly dress after pregnancy 


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