Hospital bag for Newborn - my bag for delivery

blanket for newborn bag to hospital for delivery

Today I prepared for you another material in which I show you exactly what I have packed into a bag to the hospital for a newborn baby.


In the film and in our bag there were:

- 1x swaddle + 1x large diaper + 1x disposable diaper
- washed 5x bodziaczki + 5x rompers
- washed 2x caps
- 2x Lodger large diapers / swaddles
- disposable diapers 8 times the estimated number of days spent in the hospital - I packed 32 items
- 4x tetras nappies
- 3x Lodger Bibs
- 1x nursing pillow
- 1x wet wipes Water Wipes
- 1x buttock ointment Linomag


If you would like to see what I have packed into my delivery bag, be sure to check it out here.


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  • Marta

    Gosh, this useful video! I was just looking for something like that ❤

  • Ola

    Agnieszka, can you link the clothes on the layette again, because the link does not work or write which are the specific clothes, especially rompers

  • Natalia

    Hello! I have a dilemma with sizes ... I already know the amount of the layette and how much to take to the hospital, but in what sizes (home and hospital)?

  • Ola Górka Andrejuk

    In this case, I will also join the discussion and ask about the recommended recommendations for buttock ointments, but also about the brand of organic diapers 🙂 I greet warmly and thank you for another dose of invaluable advice!

  • Karolina

    Agnieszka, will you write what company is the cone from? A wonderful pattern 🙂

  • 18.08.2017

    Aga, how are these diapers ?? 🙂

    • 29.08.2017

      They are fantastic! Zero chafing, they do not stick, it is a pity that they do not exist in Poland 🙁 once again thank you very much Auntie from America - how ambiguous 😉 <3

    • Karolina

      Agnieszka, is it perhaps Pufies?

    • 11.09.2017

      It's the company The Honest - Jessica Alby to make it more interesting 🙂

  • 25.07.2017

    Our rompers from Next are exactly these: - they are absolutely wonderful, the quality can be seen, felt, they wash wonderfully.
    The ones from Tesco from F&F are also pretty cool - we'll probably be born any day now, so Dzidzia will be smaller, so I ran to buy a few smaller sizes for Tesco and I chose the white ones from F&F and they also have these scraps sewn in 🙂
    Thank you 🙂

  • Basiunia

    I sympathize with the massacre delivery