How to make a fence?

How to make a fence? Our garden fence is something we are very pleased with – there were a lot of questions about it after publishing the post about our garden. How was our fence made?



Come to the fence – just like I do… a few words about the fence 🙂


The terraced house was a compromise between an apartment in a block of flats and a single-family house – it has a first floor, a garage, a piece of garden, but it also has neighbors behind the wall, fortunately only on the sides, not from above and below.


The downside is that it is in terraced houses gardens are usually tiny. Ours – not only is it the width of the house (which is standard), but it is also very short, although I remember that when we decided on this house, Wojtek and I would come to the construction site at night, I would stand on one side of the garden, and him on the other, we spread our arms wide and were happy that we had “sooooo much land!”  About how we decorated ours a small garden next to the terraced house, you can read here.

We knew that from the beginning we want to have a fence. Behind the house, in front of the exit, we had no neighbors, no one lived there, so the fence in this place had the lowest priority. But to our left and right, of course, neighbors were going to show up soon.



How to make a fence?


What did we find?

The developer assured stopping size 2,20 mx 2,20 m between us and the neighbors, and in the further part of the garden – green mesh. However, this mesh was almost invisible and blended with the surroundings.


The effect was that all neighbors had one common garden. When we had a table set up next to the net and a neighbor was sitting next to it behind the net, I was sometimes closer to the neighbor than to my husband, sitting opposite… I’m not kidding!


It also prevailed general impression of mess – everyone had some idea in their garden (after all, “freedom for Tomek in his house”) that worked within the framework of this garden. However, with the invisible grid, this concept appeared next to another concept, and this one next to another, making it a visual mish-mash everywhere.


So we immediately ordered the developer to extend this wooden partition further – we knew that the mesh itself was not enough.


At a similar time, when we were talking about extending the fence, it turned out that there was no railing in the attic across the stairs. The attic is an open space without walls – which is nice – but if you are a little careless or stagger you can fall down, because there are no walls separating the stairs from the stairs, so you can fall down, and I am… afraid of heights.


So we had a choice: order a fence extension or order a wall or balusters for the attic stairs – the price was to be similar. For us, the decision was obvious – we focused on safety. We decided on a wall rather than balusters because we thought that in the future we would be able to “raise” these walls and separate rooms if necessary.



Temporary solution

So we gave up on the fence at that point. We decided that it was less important than the wall, because we were the first to move into the terraced house, and the neighbors would not appear until a few months later. Adhering to the principle: the day will come – there will be advice, we postponed the topic. In the meantime, the baby was born and everything else fell into the background, so we decided on a temporary solution, i.e fence made of bamboo sticks.


Bamboo sticks on a roll, bought at a DIY store, worked quite well for us, but only for a while. Attached to the net not only by themselves were deteriorating, fluttering in the wind, but they also destroyed the net. They had to be replaced after two years and the condition of the net also left much to be desired.



Final solution

We decided this was the best time to do it a real fence according to the idea we had from the beginning, so to extend the wooden partition between us and the neighbors. However, it turned out that these boards were already damaged, the color was a bit too dark for us, in other words: it didn’t look good. The decision was made: we build the fence from scratch, i.e. we will dismantle the old boards and install new ones. We were only wondering how to make a fence, but we considered all the options and chose the best one.



How to make a fence?

We bought the boards in… Gdańsk Woodyards with a branch in Gdynia. That’s why we bought it protective glaze from V33 “Polish contemporary atmosphere” in silver gray. The boards were delivered to our garden, and we left the further work to the experts: the hired team painted the boards twice, and when they dried, they started working.


It was necessary replace the posts in the fence. Originally, these were round posts, which we decided to replace with square ones so that the boards fit them better and are better attached. Metal fence post crew she attached the boards at the right height. In the further part of the garden, they were attached low enough so that – if you feel like it – you can still talk to your neighbor, and if not, lie down on a deckchair or swing on a swing without anyone disturbing you.


Such a fence has only advantages. You can have it in any color, any height – you can design everything yourself.


Of course, we were afraid that our fence would optically make the garden smaller. The effect is quite the opposite – everyone who entered our garden after the changes said: “Wow, it’s gotten bigger!” Weird, right? I think it’s because it doesn’t have the mess effect I mentioned above. Each neighbor has different flowers, different flowerpots, different furniture, different gadgets for children, a different idea for the garden (and – let’s be honest – often a different order ;-)). So we got it law and orderthat we cared about.



how to make a fence in a terraced house

how to make a fence in a terraced house



How do you like our fence? Look how easy it was to make!

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