Posters for the living room – a quick metamorphosis

Posters for the living room have changed the ground floor of our house in a simple way. There were small big changes in it, and all this because we gave up the TV. What effect did we achieve?

The abandonment of the TV made it we could rearrange the living roombecause the couch no longer needed to be in a place where it was possible to watch TV. So we put the couch in the kitchen part (it was there at the very beginning when we moved in), and the table was placed where the TV and the couch used to stand.



Posters for the living room, swap sides, lamp….
– an idea for a quick metamorphosis!


What have we gained from this?

Our living room has a kitchenette and is not large – its area is about 30 m2, and from it there is an exit to the stairs and corridor. This simple furniture swap made the there was a lot of space in the middle of our showroom to play and dance – a place that we really missed when there was a couch in the middle.




Another benefit is that now people sitting on the couch see the dining table clearly. There is no such situation where the people on the couch have their backs to the table, as was the case before.


The rearrangement of the couch also made that my kids have a natural helper – a kitchen helper – in the form of a couch. To stand at the kitchen counter, they do not always have to stand on the helper, because they perfectly serve the countertop from the couch.


The only thing that bothered us about this page swap were the two pictures that were hanging over the table before, and now, above the couch, they started to look quite sad and were shot too far apart. As the table stood there, it was not there pictures and sconces are hung asymmetrically on the wall. However, when the couch appeared here, the wall lamps started to visually escape to the left and you could see that they were not hung symmetrically with the couch.


posters in the living room


Some time ago I posted the above photo on Instastory asking what would you change these two images to and there were a lot of answers to hang three pictures – however, I did not want such a solution at home, because my mother, my sister, my mother-in-law have pictures hung in this way …


Then Ania from the blog contacted me Without an architect and sent me a proposal collage of imageswhich, thanks to its asymmetry and different sizes of paintings, makes us lose the asymmetry of wall lamps.


When I saw the collage proposed by Ania, I knew this was the solution for me and all that’s left for me to do is choose the posters.



Posters for the living room

I quickly entered the site – where we already had beautiful whales posters to Nicholas’ sea peace – and I ordered it to the salon posters that will match your collage proposed by Ania.


I chose posters for the living room:

1. Beige Body Lines (30 40 ×)

2. Accept What Is (21 × 30) + White passe-partout, 21 × 30 cm

3. Texture Line Hands (21 30 ×)

4. French Sketch No2 (30 40 ×)

5. Eucalyptus Sketch (30 × 40) + White passe-partout, 50 × 70 cm

6. Calm Handwriting (21 30 ×)

7. LineHeart (13 × 18) – waiting for the delivery

8. Ginkgo Beige No1 (30 × 40)


I added only one frame to the collage proposed by Ania – the smallest you can see – and everything together made the effect amazing for me, very interesting. These the colors are warm and calm – and this is what we need most now. There are also beige elements – the previous posters were blue, which suited me perfectly for spring and summer, and these Beiges are perfect for autumn and for warm, home winter evenings by the fireplace – I am very pleased with this choice. These collage posters for the living room have changed our interior.



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I am very curious, what kind of interiors would you like to change with posters?


Vertigo lamp, which you see in the living room above the sofa, initially hung and we also ordered it for our loft conference room, the implementation of which – due to covid confusion – unfortunately was postponed. I didn’t want this beautiful lamp to waste its potential there and nobody saw it, that’s why I brought it home “temporarily”, and in fact … I have the impression that this lamp was missing here. That it is such a perfect complement to the living room that I am laughing that it will probably stay here, and I will hang another, for example in copper color, in the conference room … we will have to think carefully about our plans for this lamp 



Recently my mother visited us and when she found out that it is a lamp from the office and maybe she will come back there, she looked at me and said: “Agnieszka, this lamp” makes “this whole room, it is a work of art, you can take everything out of this room but the lamp must stay. Well, it was very nice and that’s the truth – I also think that this lamp is the icing on the cake.




Wooden elements

What you don’t see in the photos yet is that these wooden frames they beautifully refer to the wood from which the stairs are made and from which the shelves in the kitchen will be made, but that in a moment. They also refer to the chairs that we have at the dining table, all in accordance with the principle that repeat certain materials and colors. There used to be wood only on the stairs, which made it seem a bit out of a different fairy tale, so now I am gradually trying to weave these wooden elements into the remaining space.



It also hung on the fireplace poster of Desenio – I did not plan it here, there was a hook on which we hang a Christmas wreath every year and accidentally beautifully complemented the space above the fireplace.

Poster: Painted Lines No2 (21 × 30) + Frame: Poster hanger 22 cm, oak, magnetic mount



Dining room

After swapping the couch and the table – the table is no longer so pressed between the kitchen countertop and the wall, so we could afford to it is unfolded all the time and still pledged for 6 people. This is a great thing, because whether our grandmother is with us or someone visits us, she can sit at the table with us without any problems, no fuss about sliding apart. We do every day more space to play – for arranging puzzles or playing board games, which is what kids and adults in our home like the most on autumn evenings.



In fact, there is still behind the table space for developmentwhich initially was supposed to be a housing for a TV set, and now it will be a housing unit for storage, but with the possibility that this TV set will be able to appear there again in the future. We do not rule out that one day the idea for this living room will change and we will find that we will want to have a TV there, especially since there are tunnels in the wall to hang the TV and hide the cables.


Over the dining table there is a lamp that refers to the color of the wall lamps and other golden decorations that we have in the living room and others that we want to implement in order to repeat the colors. In the same way, for the Vertigo lamp, we will want to place the lamp somewhere on a black leg to repeat the black color elsewhere in the living room.



Behind the table there is a console that we brought from the bedroom.



This console perfectly filled the space behind the table, it is the perfect helper. We keep decorations on it, but also blankets to cover ourselves with on autumn evenings, currently read books waiting to be finished and some decorations. It turned out to be the perfect place for beautiful Christmas decorations.



And how do you like our salon metamorphosis? In fact, only the sides of the furniture were changed, there was a console from the bedroom, posters for the living room were hung, and the interior changed dramatically!



PS I also realized that although I have lived here for 7 years, I have never shown our kitchen on the blog. Let me know in the comment if you want to see it 

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