Packing gifts in … jute – DIY or do it yourself

Last season, I was preparing wedding decorations in a rustic atmosphere and I had a lot of jute left and so far I had no idea what to use it for. On the occasion of taking part in the Santa Claus Gifts Campaign, I was preparing a gift in the cold climate of Russia, so raw jute seemed to be the perfect accessory for me and I decided to use it for… wrapping gifts.

I used:

-spodkocyka-en-gift-wrapping-jute (1)

1. Jute, which I bought on Allegro at the time >> click
2. The string comes from a nearby gardening store and cost the entire PLN 3
3. I bought lace ribbon today at Empik for 5,40 PLN
4. Scraps of ribbon in white and red check
Well, let’s do it!

-spodkocyka-en-gift-wrapping-jute (2)

-spodkocyka-en-gift-wrapping-jute (3)

-spodkocyka-en-gift-wrapping-jute (4)

-spodkocyka-en-gift-wrapping-jute (5)
And it’s ready!

-spodkocyka-en-gift-wrapping-jute (7)
How do you like this packaging?? How will you give presents this year? 

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