Cybex Priam

Cybex Priam is said to be a perfect children's stroller, a stroller in which the stars transport their children. To form our own opinion, we decided to test - for ourselves and for you - whether it is really as good as they say about it.


Cybex Priam - stroller test


Until recently, Cybex Priam is a stroller that was difficult to get - now you can find it online.

When choosing Cybex Priam, we choose the frame, depending on our requirements: a gondola, a LUX stroller seat that folds flat, or a Light seat (2in1) - a bucket seat with a gondola, a car seat and wheels.

We tested Cybex Priam with Lux seat and gondola and trekking wheelsin limited version Birds of Paradise.

cybex priam reviewcybex priam reviews


Frame and wheels

Regarding the frame and wheels, I can say with full confidence that this is a stroller that drives best of all the strollers I've ever had the opportunity to test. It is run very lightly, it even glides along the pavement, as if it was swimming.


Aluminum frame occurs with three types of wheels: light - on even surfaces, such as streets or pavements, trekkingowymi - a solution for different routes and all terrain - even suitable for bumpy roads such as mountains.


We decided to test the trekking version to check the trolley on various surfaces.


Front wheels can be used lock for straight aheadand all wheels can be removed, whether for cleaning or easier transport.


It is also possible to fold the stroller into two-wheel mode without removing the seat to pull it on two wheels over difficult surfaces, such as the beach or stairs.


cybex priam trekking wheels




The wheels really do solid depreciationę. You can see how the shock absorbers near the wheels choose every smallest bump and dimple so that the trolley moves smoothly on the surface - whatever it is. It is really great! My first impression after pushing this cart is: "He is driving alone!"




Telescopic, extendable to different heights - the lowest position is 99 cm and the highest - 110 cm. So it is a stroller suitable for both shorter and taller people.




Safety leash

The solution taken from the cross-country strollers provides additional safety, for example when running with a stroller or descending a very high mountain. (Although it is not a jogging stroller, I personally see no contraindications for running with it along the appropriate paths - after all, it almost rolls by itself).

cybex priam birds of paradise



Shopping basket

We eat very much and easily available - built-in and closed with a magnetic clasp, thanks to which what we have inside will neither fall out nor get dirty with dirt or mud from the road or street. The maximum basket load is 5 kg.

cybex priam basket




My favorite - pulled and released by pressing with a foot - thanks to which it is not scary for us when we have sandals on our feet, or clean autumn shoes, because you never have to pull it up with your foot, which is almost a miracle in bare feet, and in winter it is simply dirty from mud and dust that settle on the suspension and brake.




The booth in Cybex Priam is probably one of the things that delighted me the most - it is huge, in an XXL version! It is deep in itself, but there is a possibility of its additional unfolding - revealing the peek-a-boo window. Perfectly protects against sun (UVP50 +) and wind.

cybex priam booth cybex priam trolley test




Masterpiece! Very deep and built-up - it is an ideal solution especially for people living by the sea, like us. I have never seen a pram such a built-up gondola on the market - the cover reaches high and is fastened with latches, which, combined with a very large booth, makes the child completely covered, you can barely see it! The child is super protected against rain or wind. The rain cover is probably completely unnecessary with a stroller like the Cybex Priam.


Furthermore the gondola is up to 90 cm long! I have never met such a large gondola (for example, in Dubatti it is 74 cm, in Bugaboo Cameleon 76 cm, Mutsy Evo 75 cm). There is simply no chance or fear that the child will grow out of the gondola and you will be forced to move them into the stroller when it is not ready yet. It also has bail, which allows comfortable wearing also with the baby inside.


mattress in the gondola it is thick and comfortable - made of Memory Foam.

cybex priam gondolacybex priam trolleycybex pram pram review



Walking seat

Seat version Luxury in Cybex Priam is rotated - the child can drive both forward and backward.

cybex priam strollercybex priam seat lux


Ma high back, our three-year-old son could easily fit in with him. In my opinion it is only a little too shallow, I personally prefer more cozy seats that seem to better protect me from various weather conditions. However, in winter I still install sleeping bags for strollers, which eliminate this disadvantage.


The seat can be folded out lying down - a very big plus! I love such strollers. The seat is also high enough that it can be used as a chair in a restaurant (fits table height - 80 cm).

cybex priam test trolley


In addition, the seat is of course equipped with five-point seat belts.




Both to the gondola and stroller. Covered with eco-leather, removable, detachable on one side, it can also be turned to one side after detaching, so it doesn't fall down, which is very convenient!

You can of course with the headband attach toys.

cybex priam reviews




It is adjustable in three positions - it is very useful, because thanks to this, the stroller will last longer, and the footrest is always adjusted to the child's age, providing adequate support for its development and age. Fabric - for some it may seem like a downside, but the material is waterproof, so just wipe it.

2 stroller in 1 cybex priam




Cybex Priam can be purchased in various variants - we had the z limited collection with a pattern Birds of Paradise - with a monstera motif and beautiful birds attached with magnets, which created a three-dimensional effect. Standard colors are beautifully subdued, which I like the most:


cybex priam colors



Folding and size after folding

The frame can be easily fold with one hand to position freestanding - it is a very convenient form, thanks to which the stroller does not get dirty, we can always put it next to the car or on the bus and easily unfold it. We only make two moves to make! Press both buttons on the top of the handle and first slide the handle completely into the frame (until it clicks), then press your foot lightly on the rear axle and the bottom part of the frame consists. Ready!


Truck in the walking version we can fold together with the seat - I love this solution! Before folding, you only need to tilt the seat to the maximum and fold the frame in the same way as always. Such a folded stroller also stands alone, the seat does not touch the ground, a fairy tale!


Jest after folding, however, the cart is quite large - fortunately, the wheels can be removed to make the frame compact. It is definitely worth trying it on before buying it in your trunk, or at least measuring: The dimensions of the frame after folding: 97,5 x 57,5 x 45,5 cm




The weight of the stroller with the Trekking version with Lux seat is 12,8 kg.

The weight of the stroller with a frame in the Trekking version with gondola is 12,7 kg.

However, it seems to me that due to the length of the frame after folding, it seems to be heavier when put in the trunk.




Adapatery - I was sure that having a Cybex car seat, I would be able to mount it on the frame without the use of adapters. When packing for the trip during which I tested this stroller, I did not take the adapters and it was a mistake - I was surprised to find that the seat without adapters just does not fit! So adapters are necessary.


Among the interesting accessories available for the pram are skids (skis) instead of the front wheels for winter use, extra bed for an older child, which I would definitely be tempted by, cup holder and typical, such as mosquito net, raincoat, sleeping bag, umbrella or bag.

cybex priam accessories




Cybex Priam is premium pram.  The prices for the 2w1 stroller with LUX seat are about 5 347 withł.


The prices of car seats, carrycots, baby carriers and car seats vary depending on the model you choose.



Light frame weight7,6 kg
Trekking rack weight7,9 kg
Weight of All Terrain rack8,3 kg
Weight of the gondola4,8 kg
LUX seat weight4,9 kg
Dimensions of the folded frame with wheels:95 x 57 x 30 cm
Dimensions of the folded stroller with LUX seat:95 x 57,5 x 42 cm
The length of the gondola90 cm
Shopping basket5 kg

To sum up, the Cybex Priam stroller gained my very warm feeling
especially thanks to:


  • a huge gondola, 90 long
  • a fantastically built-up gondola - a booth overlapping it - no rain cover or sun or wind protection will be needed here
  • wonderful handling and cushioning, ideal for both the urban jungle and country roads
  • a flat-folded stroller with a huge booth
  • easy folding with one hand - also with a walking seat
  • adjustable footrest in the stroller
  • beautiful subdued upholstery colors

with a lot of pluses, two minuses:

  • weight 12,8 kg for the version with Trekking frame + Lux type walking seat
  • little built-in stroller

they just hide! It is not just the price that you want to hide, but the stroller is definitely worth it and will not only serve one child, it is a pram for generations that you can easily sell, recovering a lot of money.


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