A garden inspired by Santorini

Arranging a 36m2 garden next to a terraced house in a tight development is quite a challenge, and we introduce some improvements every year. What did we welcome in the summer 2023 season?





The first element that attracts attention in our garden is undoubtedly ours white fence. In a beautiful way it optically enlarges our small garden and not only is it a decoration of the whole garden, but also has a function of separating our little sanctuary from the rest of the world and our neighbors. The fence, which has been painted white, brings back memories of the characteristic architecture of Santorini. Its presence adds charm to the whole place and creates a nice contrast.



Lighting whose atmosphere evokes the most beautiful memories

To add even more magic to this place, we hung Markslojd light garlands. – they are perfect for any outdoor space because they are modular – one chain consists of 10 bulbs in a length of 5,5 m and can be combined so that after connecting with a transformer and connecting to electricity to create an unusual atmosphere.



These strings of lights make our garden cozy and magical, especially after dark. When we turn on the bulbs in the evening, the whole place becomes an illuminated paradise that invites us to spend warm summer evenings outdoors.

These lamps hang in our garden all year round, create beautiful evening lighting. Thanks to a properly planned electrical installation in the form of a time switch, lights turn on and off automatically creating an extraordinary visual effect as soon as dusk falls.

There is nothing more beautiful than looking at a beautifully lit garden also from home, which optically enlarges our living room – especially in winterwhen it gets dark earlier outside, we can enjoy the beauty of the illuminated garden from the comfort of the living room, admiring the optical enlargement of the area of ​​our terraced house.



As I have already written, the cords can be connected together, creating an impressive length of up to 50 m using only one transformer. We also used them on a hung sail cutting our garden. The whole thing gives it even more charm.



Harmony and natural beauty

In our small garden, we create a space that serves us moments of peace and relaxation, even in the city. It is the perfect place to rest, spend time with our loved ones and enjoy the beauty of nature.



Comfortable changes

In our garden, we focused on comfort and functionality. A set of furniture made of light aluminum turned out to be a hit. It replaced a set made of techno rattan, which had served us for many years and needed to be replaced. Thanks to its lightness and ease of relocation, we can freely change the arrangement of the garden according to our needs. After removing the cushions, it casts almost no shadow on the grass, which does not damage it. In addition, the aluminum set worked perfectly throughout the winter without being damaged. This a perfect solution for people who do not have space to store furniture under the roof during the winter months.



Another element that has improved our garden is round bedwhich stood on a paved spot so as not to damage the grass. Instead of bulky individual sunbeds, we focused on a dual-function, much more convenient solution – especially for people who they like the closeness of another person. A round bed not only provides a comfortable place to relax, but also provides a comfortable place to rest you can get the whole family involvedbut also easy they can be divided into a sofa, a table and two poufs. This is an ideal option when you have a small space and want to invite guests or eat a meal outdoors.




It’s not over yet…

Our plans for changes in the garden do not end there. Soon we will start the renovation of the terrace, which requires thorough sanding and re-oiling. After its renewal, we will invite you to the new version of our garden. We plan to hang additional lights in the open air, place additional decorations, and soon there will be a Jacuzzi with hot water and bubbles – a favorite element not only of our children but also ours!



We love our little garden, where the inspiring island of Santorini meets our unique style, creating a place full of harmony and magic. Here we can take a break from everyday life and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is not only a place to rest, but also an ideal background for organizing meetings with loved ones. We can organize a romantic candlelit dinner, an outdoor party or just spend time with the children.


If you dream of your own little paradise inspired by Santorini, with a white picket fence, a wooden swing, a cozy bench and magical lighting, this this idea is for you. Create your own unique garden, or maybe a terrace that will emanate peace and beauty.



Remember that a garden or terrace or even a balcony can become your little paradise, so adapt it to your needs and preferences. Add personal touches, such as your favorite pillows, rugs or a hanging swing, which is also a guest at our place. Your garden should reflect your personality and invite you to relax and spend time outdoors.


Isn’t it the perfect place to enjoy warm summer evenings?

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