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When production called me Good morning TVN when asked what I could show about bachelorette parties in Warsaw, I immediately came up with an idea for a cruise on the Vistula inspired by a Parisian cruise on the Seine. The idea turned out to be a hit!



I live in the Tri-City on a daily basis and I organize events on the water mainly on yachts, motorboats and catamarans, where I always use my long-term and proven business partner Jey Jey Boats . I immediately called Tomek, who connected us with Kasper from Warsaw by boat – and that’s how we got on his barge for the morning program Dzien Dobry TVN.


Having a barge, I knew right away that I would like to decorate it in a boho style, and I would do it best with Karolina Jaros , known under the Karolove Kartki brand. I met her when she was attending mine Wedding Factory Academy.  Such people and professionals are not forgotten: one phone call – and Karolina joined our team.


And since I had a guarantee that it would be beautiful – I knew that we would need bright, warm, timeless photos, that is Magdalena Mizera behind the lens – and in this lineup we set off to the Warsaw marina at 6 am to decorate the barge.


At the party, we also hosted Ewelina Sawera, Viola Morawska and the host of the program Gosia Ohme.

See for yourself how beautiful it turned out!



What did we talk about on the show?


Hen Nights - Agnieszka Kudela Good Morning TVN


You can now watch the full episode and see our wonderful barge cruise on the Vistula River with the future Bride!





Make the Bride happy, guarantee her an unforgettable evening and invite her to a hen party on the water!


The time of organizing a bachelorette party is a unique moment that is supposed to bring joy to the future bride and provide unforgettable memories. Nowadays, we want to gather experience and enjoy the first experiences. Therefore, inviting the Bride to a bachelorette party on the water, on a barge on a river or on a sea yacht, guarantees an unforgettable adventure that will remain in her memory forever.


A party on the water needs to be properly planned to ensure an unforgettable experience. There must be music, refreshing drinks and snacks that will add flavor to this unique evening. In addition, atmospheric decorations create not only a beautiful background for celebrations, but also an ideal place to create photos and videos that will be a beautiful souvenir from this special evening. It is also worth considering hiring a photographer who will capture these magical moments so that the bride can fully enjoy the fun without worrying about documenting her experiences.






Create a boho evening by choosing the perfect accessories, colors, flowers and patterns



Boho style is currently extremely popular for various types of parties, as well as in interior design and gardens. That’s why it’s worth creating a Boho-style hen party by choosing the right accessories, colors, flowers and patterns. Flowing fabrics in natural colors, macrame, dream catchers, teepee tents as well as pillows and blankets with delicate ethnic patterns, fringes or feathers will create a cozy and slightly ethnic atmosphere. In addition, you can add natural dried flowers, pampas grass, lace, candles, lanterns and wooden and wicker accessories to create a unique “new Boho” atmosphere.







Favorite entertainment of future brides


Future brides love to gather new experiences in the company of their friends. One of the most popular forms of entertainment are picnics in the bosom of nature – on the beach, in the garden or in the glade. In addition, workshops are equally popular, during which you can learn how to weave wreaths, create macrames, dream catchers, as well as form polymer gypsum vessels that resemble fashionable terrazzo. Dance and make-up workshops are also very popular, and after them photo sessions are often held, during which you can capture these beautiful moments.


When organizing a bachelorette party, it is always worth remembering about the tastes of the future Bride. If we know her preferences and we are sure that she likes strong emotions, the possibilities are numerous. A parachute jump or a helicopter flight over the city can fulfill the bride’s dreams of an unforgettable adventure.


It is important to adjust the program of the bachelorette party to the character and preferences of the future bride, so that this special evening becomes an unforgettable experience for her.





Perfect games for a bachelorette party


A bachelorette party with various forms of entertainment and social games is the perfect way to provide joy and unforgettable memories to the future bride. It is important to organize this special occasion taking into account the tastes and preferences of the main character of the evening, creating an atmosphere full of magic and pleasure.


Party games are the perfect complement to such an event. Quizzes or tasks to be performed will certainly bring a lot of joy, and will also become a perfect complement to the scenario of this wonderful event. They will be especially useful when we do not have a main attraction planned, or we want to integrate the group in an atmosphere of smile and freedom.






What to avoid when organizing a bachelorette party.


The experiences of the brides themselves best reflect what they expect from a bachelorette party. More and more often I hear questions from future brides who ask me for suggestions for a bachelorette party. I notice certain trends and preferences that dominate among brides nowadays. First of all, the bachelorette party should be unique and full of class. Currently, future brides are giving up elements such as a limousine ride or half-naked dancers’ performances, which are no longer desirable as they used to be.


Currently, brides focus more on experiences that are more subdued, but at the same time unforgettable. Many of them are looking for alternative ways to spend a bachelorette party that fit their individual preferences. They want unique and refined attractions that will provide them with unforgettable memories.





I often hear from brides that they want a hen party full of classic elegance. They want to spend time in the company of their close friends, in a unique atmosphere that will be not only joyful, but also tasteful. That is why many of them choose more sophisticated forms of entertainment and attractions that suit their style and personality.


Photos: Magdalena Mizera Photography

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