How did I win the fight against imperfections? Discover my way for a nice complexion

clarisonic mia 2 review reviews

After 20 years of unequal fight against imperfections, today I am not ashamed to show without makeup. How did i achieve that

What is Clarisonic Mia 2?

clarisonic mia 2

clarisonic mia 2 review

Clarisonic is a brand that produces face (and body) brushes that use the sonic micro massage technique, so they are delicate and perfect for everyday skin cleansing.

These brushes do a nice job - they do 300 micromovements per second !!!

The brush was my Easter gift from Wojtek. So I've been using it for over 9 months.

Why have I decided to review it now?

1. Too early

It was love at first sight. I have loved it since the first use. From day to day I observed a huge improvement in my complexion. It was so visible that I was afraid of the placebo effect or a total lack of objectivity, so for the first weeks I refrained from writing about it.

2. You don't appreciate what you have until you lose it

For almost a year I managed to get used to all the good things that this brush gave me. The old times sometimes reminded me of photos from a year ago or five, which I came across, and what caught my eye was a complexion often full of imperfections that I struggled with for years.

When one day in December my brush refused to charge, I complained about it and received a completely new product. Unfortunately, this procedure took over 2 weeks and only then I realized how much I miss it and how much benefit it gave me. I realized that my complexion is still very problematic, but thanks to daily new care I almost forgot about it.

Why do I love my Clarisonic Mia 2 brush?

1. My complexion

It turned out that for my complexion prone to imperfections, which leave souvenirs in the form of discoloration, it is perfect. I see that my skin needs exactly such care and very thorough, daily cleansing and massage, then it does not rebel and pays off with an even, calm color. My complexion looks good today like never before. This does not mean, however, that it is perfect. After 20 years of struggling with imperfections, and for many years also with acne, my face will probably never be perfect, but its condition today satisfies me in 90%. For several months, I have been free to wash my makeup and show myself to other household members, knowing that comments from what I am saying do not divert imperfections. I feel good in my skin.

2. The pleasure he gives me

Firstly, this massage is pleasant, secondly relaxing, thirdly… well, I love it! This brush is waterproof and I always use it in the shower in the evening.

3. Easy to use and charge

clarisonic mia 2 reviews

No replaceable batteries, sockets that must not be soaked. I put the magnetic charger on and leave it on all night. In the morning, the brush is ready to use for many consecutive days.

Is Clarisonic a brush for everyone?

I do not know. I know one thing, I regret that I tried such care so late, so if, like me, you are struggling with imperfections, acne, with aching changes, it's worth trying this solution. Since I use it, I have given up most skincare products that I have used before.

How much does it cost?

clarisonic mia 2 set

The brush is available at the regular price of PLN 649, but you can easily buy it for PLN 519 here >> click. The store makes regular discounts for holders of a loyalty card, when a 20% discount is granted to the entire range of the store - it is these days that I shop there.

There is nothing to hide - the brush is not cheap and in my opinion it is its only drawback. I even forgave her for the failure, because she did so much good for me that I treat it as a lovers' quarrel, after which it's even more fun. A big plus for the manufacturer for the trouble-free replacement of the equipment with a new one - I received a new brush, but the entire set, which you can see in the photos.

I got the brush in white and it was probably the best choice for my taste, but you can buy it in one of several beautiful, pastel colors.

Beware of fakes!

clarisonic mia 2 original serial number

When my friend recommended the Clarisonic toothbrush to me, overwhelmed by its price in Sephora, of course, I started searching the internet for cheaper stores that I found without any problems. It's good that I told her about it, because then she told me the story of how she herself wanted to save on buying a toothbrush and used the popular website with discount coupons. Unfortunately, instead of the original product, it received ... a great counterfeit. It took a lot of time and nerves to assert her rights and recover her money for this scam. That is why I did not dare to buy brushes anywhere else than in Sephora. Thanks Asia!

Is it worth overpaying?

There are many face brushes on the market, most of them will be available at a much lower price.

I have felt my deep bond with the facial brush since forever. Already in elementary school, I thought to use a toothbrush (sic!) With the softest bristles available in a drugstore for face care. Later, I was delighted to see a manual face brush on a drugstore shelf. Unfortunately, neither of them had the desired effects. I also tried miracles from supermarkets and those from Allegro, which sooner or later ended up in the trash, and apart from imperfections, I had an irritated complexion. That's why I believe that if you have suffered from skin problems for many years, it's worth it.

What face do you have? Ideal? Like me, always problematic?

Are you satisfied with your care or are you looking for a change?

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  • Studiourodypro

    Thanks for the information! I think I will think about buying this toothbrush. I've heard a lot of positive opinions about Clarisonic Mia 2!

  • Daria Romańska


    Have any of you used a market brush? What are your opinions?

  • Pamela Gawronska

    It probably massages the face unfortunately not for me 🙁 Dry skin limits the possibilities and I can't afford such a thing;)

  • 06.03.2016

    Does it remove dead skin and dark blackheads?

    • 07.03.2016

      the skin certainly rubs minimally every day, although I like to use peeling once in a while. In general, the skin is getting better and better cleansed every day, but if a specific person removes specific impurities, I can not say.

  • 12.02.2016

    I would like such a brush. I have a terrible problem with my skin, papules and blackheads ... unfortunately the price scares me off: /

    • 12.02.2016

      The price kept me away from the brush for a long time and effectively, but since I use it, the number of care cosmetics I use on a daily basis is limited to washing gel, micellar eye make-up remover and cream from time to time, I "broke up" with everyone specificity for imperfections that dried the skin, so also with moisturizing masks, from which I was often spilled and for a long time I see that I am finally starting to save. Besides, I have gained a lot of confidence, which is priceless 🙂

  • 24.01.2016

    During pregnancy, I am delighted with my complexion :-) After the first birth, her condition worsened, but I am curious how it will be now - then I think that serious consideration of this brush will be on time ... :-)

    • 24.01.2016

      So we have exactly in spite of it - I had very big problems during pregnancy, especially in the second trimester, my complexion and skin were very problematic, everything returned to normal after pregnancy, so the complexion still needed help, but the brush did a great job in this matter. It is not perfect because, as I write, it has been problematic for over 30 years, but the improvement is huge.

  • caramel

    For me, for 3 years, the most biological food changes - that is, what arose from nature. Juices from vegetable juicer and multi-vegetable soups, beef broth without other chemical meats, natural yoghurts without sugar and plus alfalfa sprouts and fish oil and beautiful complexion 🙂 No need to apply foundations and cover creams and use "brushes" that I used but only worked on the surface . Health is dear from within, Lord 🙂

    • 13.01.2016

      I also really care about diet and appropriate supplementation, but unfortunately you can see that in my case it is not enough, there are other factors that affect it. I am glad that you succeeded 🙂

  • 12.01.2016

    I love my skin 🙂 Unfortunately, it does not remove discoloration but smoothes the skin on the face amazingly!

    • 13.01.2016

      For me, slight discoloration after regular use are certainly less visible, but I enjoy the overall improvement najbardziej

  • 09.01.2016

    Dear, I feel a strong bond with you in this topic! Pimples, discoloration, sore spots ... I have already tried many things, but since I see that it is similar with us, I start to collect with a brush. Great that it is waterproof, I know I will use it!
    Has anyone found acne bacteria?

    • 09.01.2016

      I have a similar problem. I laugh that I began to grow up in my old age. Now I'm not feeding anymore, so I can take care of my complexion min. using strong acids and medicines. But I don't really know what specialist to go to, because everyone has a different strategy for caring for my skin
      This is the first time I hear about the acne bacteria. You can write something more.

    • 10.01.2016

      I also hear about such bacteria for the first time, so we are waiting for news 😉
      In turn, I probably never matured 😉

    • 13.01.2016

      I don't know exactly myself, so I ask, but I know that in our case it is necessary to exfoliate the epidermis.

  • Ewa Ciep

    Unfortunately, my face is always problematic. I can't cope with it at all and I have probably tried everything 🙁 The brush is not in my pocket so far but I hope that one day I will be able to try it. Thank you for this review, thanks to you I see a light in the tunnel that one day I will have a better complexion 🙂 Regards

    • 13.01.2016

      I think that everyone has to find their perfect care ... for example, until today I have not found a good, not even perfect cream and I am still looking ... I believe that each of us will finally find it before 60 😉