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Choosing a stroller for a child is not as easy as it may seem. Not only the toddler’s comfort and safety are important, but also the comfort of driving the stroller and its functionality. At Maks’s birth, encouraged by positive reviews, we decided on Dubatti One. How did he work with us? Would we recommend it to friends?

Dubatti One – pram test and review

At first glance, the Dubbati One specimen looks solid and is simply pretty – the classic form and colors do their job. And what are the other parameters? How does the stroller work in everyday use?


Frame and wheels

The Dubatti One stroller is available on the market in two versions – urban and off-road. We have and are testing the off-road version because we like long walks, not only along Gdynia’s flat sidewalks;).


All off-road wheels are blown and of the same height – up to 27 cm. The front wheels are swivel, with the possibility of blocking straight travel (the locks are so large that we can easily do it with our foot, without getting our hands dirty – I love it!), Thanks to which the stroller is very manoeuvrable. When we went for the first walk, I couldn’t believe how, compared to all the strollers I have had the opportunity to use so far, Dubatti One glides over obstacles. The wheel never got stuck in any hole in the sidewalk, which unfortunately happened to me with every wheelchair that had front wheels smaller than the rear ones. Wheels of the same height are therefore a great solution.


It happened to me, maybe twice, when leaving the lift, the front wheels, due to their large size, locked together – I had to move the wheelchair forward and backward to unlock it. However, the comfort they provide made me quickly forget it – the pros are definitely more than the minuses.



The rear suspension of the stroller is very well cushioned, the front – a little less, but due to the fact that the wheels are blown, this effect is dampened. When I lead the stroller for a longer distance, for example over cobblestones, I slightly press the handle and tilt the gondola towards myself, guiding the stroller only on the rear axle – this is my patent for literally the most difficult surface and the child’s comfort.



The handle is telescopic, to be held at 3 different heights, so we can choose the height appropriate to our height, so that we can drive the trolley as easily as possible. So it is suitable for both short and tall people – no more kicking the brakes!  The handle is made of leather, comfortable to hold. At first I thought the handle had a rather unusual flattened shape, but maybe I felt it that way because I was used to a different stroller. Today I don’t notice it anymore.



My favorite type! We not only start it by pressing, but also slow it down. Thanks to this solution, we do not dirty, we do not damage our hands or shoes, not to mention the advantages of this solution in the summer, when we have sandals or flip-flops.


Shopping basket

Although it seems small, it is quite capaciousand its undoubted advantage is magnetic clasp. I compensated for its small size with an additional one XL shopping bagwhich is available as an accessory. I recommend this solution when you go for a longer walk and plan larger purchases along the way.



The gondola of the stroller is mounted on the frame, the same on which the stroller will be later attached – this is a great solution thanks to which the stroller during storage takes up very little space. The gondola is quite large (78cm), so it will last for a long time, and it is thick, breathable mattress.


Another undoubted advantage of the gondola is that it is equipped with legs, thanks to which we can put her on earth without messing her up.


It is a huge surprise for me gondola cover: in my opinion it could overlap the booth to better protect against the wind, but it has a phenomenal fastener on zip removable from two sides, which, unlike the solution used e.g. in the popular Bugaboo Cameleon, makes it possible to reveal it on three sides (to the right, left and to the handle), which makes this solution very comfortable.


We can carry the gondola mount at two different heights (4 cm higher or lower). I love having a child high, so I prefer the higher option, while Santa prefers to have the best access to my brother, so when we go somewhere three, I lower the gondola.



The booth is the same in the gondola and in the walking version. It is not very built-up, so it will not provide maximum protection against the sun and wind, but I can manage using a muslin diaper.


Walking seat

Maks is still tiny, so we tested the walking version of Dubatti One on a three-year-old Santa. As you can see, this stroller is likely to last us for the whole period of the Toddler’s pram. The seat in the stroller is bucket and postponed – you can mount them and direct the child in both directions – facing the driver and facing the direction of travel. For me, this is an absolutely necessary condition for 2-in-1 strollers – I myself used (especially when the baby had just “changed” from the gondola to the stroller) with the front-facing option to ensure the child and myself constant contact and fun during the walk. Even today, Mikołaj likes this solution, although in the life of every Toddler we can expect a period in which the fascination with exploring the world during a walk is stronger than looking at Mom or Dad 


The seat can be adjusted to comfortable positions in 4 – sitting, inclined, reclining and lying down, both front and rear, and mount at two different heights. This is a great solution when we are in a restaurant that lacks children’s chairs – then we can leave the toddler in the stroller, only adjusting the height of the seat to the height of the table.


The seat is deepwhich I noticed only when I put Mikołaj in it – the child will surely be comfortable.


The stroller in the walking version is slightly more difficult to drive, and all because of it more difficult raising in front of obstacles, which we deal with in a different center of gravity than in the case of a gondola.


Five-point seat belts they are comfortable both for the child and the parent (in fastening and unfastening).


Headband and footrest

Due to the fact that – as I wrote above – the gondola and the walking seat are suspended on the same frame, the headband fits both the gondola and the walking version. Personally, I did not like to use it in the gondola, because it made it difficult for me to put my baby in and out of the stroller (of course, it can be unfastened and folded back on one side, but these are additional activities that I did not need). However, since Maks is playing with toys, I apologize more and more often with the headband and hang my son’s toys on it in the gondola.


Unfortunately, the footrest is not adjustable. It has been lined with a special material that is easy to clean.



And here’s the great news: no two (I think) are the same Dubatti! You will definitely not bump into a friend with the same pram  I am laughing that everyone can have their own unique Dubatti, because we place this trolley to order from scratchby selecting:


– type of suspension: all-terrain or city line
– frame color – 3 colors (white, black, aluminum)
– leather trim color – 3 colors (black, dark brown, cognac)
– the color of the upholstery of the gondola and the walking seat – 9 colors (off-white, gray, sand, stone, navy, black, navy melange, gray melange, anthracite melange)
– color of the booth – 10 colors (off-white, gray, sand, stone, navy, black, navy melange, gray melange, anthracite melange, red)


And that gives as many as 13 combinations!


Folding and size after folding

To fold the pram, the gondola or walking seat must be removed.

We fold the frame by pressing the button and pulling the handle – it is an extremely quick solution. The frame does not stand on its own after folding.

After submission the gondola fits well into the frame contour and our station wagon enters easily, occupying exactly half the luggage space. However, in the walking version, which is based on the same frame as the gondola, it bothers me a bit that the stroller is still two-piece and it cannot be folded and put into the trunk in one piece.


Interestingly, if I remove the wheels, I will fit the trolley frame even to my Mini Cooper. Then I don’t take the carrycot with me anymore, I use the adapters to mount the car seat on it (I have a car seat with the function of folding flat, so it’s a very practical solution). Of course, I could put the gondola in the back or front seat, but the solution with the car seat is enough for short trips around the city.

Dubatti One car seat adapters



The stroller in the off-road version weighs 12 kg, and in the version with a gondola – 12,5 kg.
The stroller in the city walking version is 11 kg, and in the version with a gondola – 11,5 kg.
Certainly it is not a featherweight trolley, despite the heavier off-road version, I handle it quite well, and I often unpack it and unpack it from the trunk every day. Thanks to the special handle for folding and carrying the frame, it is comfortable to carry despite the considerable weight.




A raincoat is included, but you can choose a number of additional accessories:

  • trolley sleeping bag,
  • sunshade,
  • care bag,
  • shopping bag

– and all this in a color matching our stroller, or in a contrasting color, if you choose.


We can of course also buy

  • car seat adapters,
  • additional wheels.

accessories for dubatti stroller, review

Personally I decided on a trolley bag, adapters for a car seat, and literally a few days ago for a large XL shopping bag. My husband especially liked the trolley bag and he is happy to wear it himself when we go somewhere without a pram – it looks like a cool, elegant accessory bag.



Dubatti is certainly it premium class stroller, and the prices of the pram and extras are:

  • 2w1 trolley: 4 301 PLN / 4 527 PLN (depending on the chosen color)
  • sleeping bag into the stroller: 449 PLN
  • umbrella: 177 PLN / 204 PLN (depending on the color chosen)
  • care bag: 494 PLN / 521 PLN (depending on the selected color)
  • urban / off-road trolley wheels: 793 PLN
  • shopping bag XL: 159 PLN
  • trolley adapters: PLN 131


You can buy a Dubatti stroller, as well as accessories for it in the Muppetshop store.


The price of the stroller in this case definitely goes hand in hand with the quality – the Dubatti One is made of durable materials, it performs well in the field, and at the same time is maneuverable. It is very functional – it works great both in the version with a gondola and in a walking version. The manufacturer allows you to freely choose the color of the stroller, as well as purchase additional accessories. The high-quality workmanship and the possibility for the stroller to adapt to a growing child make the Dubatti One suitable not only for one child.


And how do you like Dubatti One?

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