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Cybex Cloud Q accompanies our family often – we travel a lot and the safety of children is our top priority. Does this seat work for us?

When buying a child seat, you should look primarily at the tests. We chose the five-star Cybex Aton Q for the first child. We were satisfied with it, but it had one – at least for us – disadvantage: it did not fold flat, which is a very useful feature. A moment later, Aton’s younger brother, Cybex Cloud Q, with this functionality, appeared on the market and it was a bull’s eye!


When Maksymilian was born, I didn’t think long – Cybex Cloud Q it was our choice. What is the?


Cybex Cloud Q


Primarily –  adapting to the size of the child. It will be perfect for a newborn as well as for a one-year-old child and will perfectly ensure his safety, all thanks to the inner insert on the bottom (when it is added, the baby lies shallower and tighter in the seat) and the adjustment of the headrest connected with the straps on 11 levels !! We are not using the highest one yet, and Maks is one year old, so we will use it a bit more.


By the way – you know that the child does not grow out of the seat when the legs stick out? Legs sticking out of the car seat are normal. Baby it rises when the head is sticking out or the shoulder straps are well below the shoulder line.


seat he swings gently, so we can rock the baby to sleep while at the doctor’s or friends’.



What else I really like about the Cybex Cloud Q car seat stiff visor holding its shape. It is not – as in most car seats, provided they have this function – a sheet of fabric that is tied up, then rolled up and hidden. Here the canopy is hardened with an internal soft frame, folded and unfolded like a shed in a pram. Thanks to this, it is very easy to hide and unfold, which is extremely helpful as protection against the sun or wind or when the car seat functions as a gondola on the pram’s frame.


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The Cybex Cloud Q car seat is not only equipped with for child safety three-point belts, but also telescopic “bumpers” for the car, which additionally protect the seat and the baby in it against possible shocks, taking them over.


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cybex cloud q review


It’s like a car seat perfectly unfolds to a flat positionI showed you in my video about how to prepare for leaving the hospital with the newborn. Due to the fact that it unfolds to an almost flat position, it makes the baby’s delicate spine in a straight line.


As I said in my post about leaving the hospital, it should be remembered that a baby up to two months can sit in a car seat for a maximum of 30-60 minutes. Why? In this position, the heart rate and number of breaths of the child increases, and oxygenation of the body decreases. That is why it is worth taking a break from your journey, drinking coffee, and giving your child a rest by unfolding the armchair.


When mentioning the possibility of unfolding the Cybex Cloud Q almost flat, it is worth mentioning that the seat “reminds” us that it is not adapted to driving in this position – it extends blockade preventing belt attachment.


I use the car seat option in several cases, including when Maks fell asleep in the car seat and I’m at friends’ or at the doctor’s. Especially, however, when, as I mentioned above, I’m on tour, the child has fallen asleep, and I want to give him a rest without lying up so that he lies flat. Thanks to this function, you don’t have to carry your baby from the seat to the gondola and vice versa.



The seat handle is locked in several places and made of durable, scratch-resistant plastic.


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Cybex Cloud Q can be bought in several colors: Autumn Gold (it’s our color)Olive Khakiroyal blue, mars red, Princess Pink, Happy Black, P.Gray counts i Manhattan Gray




We have classic adapters for the seat that match Cybex, Maxi Cosi and Kiddy. We use ours in 2in1 trolley and ours umbrella.




Cybex Cloud Q has one drawback, viz is quite heavy: weighs 5,7 kg. However, there are also those that weigh almost 10 kg! Maybe the fold-out ones weigh more because of their additional function?


Fortunately, I also have a shoulder strap for the car seat, which relieves our spine a little when you need to move the car seat.


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After Cybex Aton Q, I promised myself: No more heavy seats. However, I analyzed its functions and found that the advantage of folding the seat almost flat is much more worth to me than the only drawbackwhich is the weight. It compensates for everything.

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