Ride-ons or scooters? Or maybe 2 in 1?

The changes have come. The younger Maksio turns 2 soon and a stroller walk is only possible when the stroller is driving next to it and serves as a lifeguard for tired legs, although they can literally walk kilometers. Mikołaj, as befits a boy, loves scooters to such an extent that …

… the previous one he bought in Decathlon was simply loaded! The other one also had such a disadvantage that if he put the foot too close to the handle, it … would fall forward. We had to paint a line on the step that he couldn’t cross with his foot, but let’s agree – this is not a perfect solution.


The second thing is that a walk with two boys and one scooter means a real game of thrones. We decided to end the war and make them 2 identical racers. But you are about to ask – Is Maksio too small for a scooter?? The choice fell on “Something” that “grows with the child“, That is, first it is a 3-wheeled scooter with a seat, which can then be” transformed “into a three-wheeled scooter. This clever “something” is SCOOTANDRIDE Highwaykick 1, or the mysterious ride and scooter 2 in 1.


2w1 scooter2w1 Scootandride scooter and scooter


And so our family on the walk now has 6 wheels and 8 legs. The ride-on scooter can become a scooter, and the scooter can become a scooter in just a few seconds and without any tools.


A four-year-old easily turns a ride on a scooter completely alone:


Children’s creativity knows no bounds!



And less than two years old when assembling elements to his ride, he will gladly use the help of his older brother.



And that was all he saw 



The boys call their scooters transformers – and it’s hard to disagree with them 


bike and scooter in onescooter for 2 summer


And my heart is bursting with pride when it has such a view!


scoot and ride scooter for children


Thus, we also solved the problem of colors. Usually, “the neighbor’s grass is greener”, so the guys can switch scooters and transform them quickly, adapting to their age.

You can see what scooters look like in other colors here.


The height of the steering wheel / seat is also adjustable in 3 degrees – we do not need to use any tools for this, which is a great advantage on a walk.


scoot and ride scooter for children


An interesting option is retractable “Nose”, the so-called safety-pad on the front of the scooterthat minimizes the possibility of the baby tipping forward when it encounters an obstacle. Yes … we found out about it with the first scooter, which did not have such a thing … Of course, it limits the rider a bit in evolutions, so in such an experienced scooter as Santa, the nose is already hidden.


2w1 Scoot and ride


Where did the idea for such contact sheet (read shoes) come from? Mikołaj grew up from wellies from last season, and he couldn’t miss his favorite fun!


2w1 scooter and Scootandride scooter


The scooter and the ride-on also have a different turning system than “regular scooters” – it means that we do not turn the steering wheel, we only lean from side to side and then the wheels turn. It’s about body balancerather than shaking hands, which supports motor development and teaches you to keep balance. At first, Mikołaj was a bit surprised, but when he caught how it works, he controls where he is going with great precision.



It is of course also rear wheel brake, to be used only when this children’s vehicle is in scooter mode. The brake also acts as a fender.


It is worth adding that it is a very solid structure – the manufacturer gives the rider’s weight up to 20 kg on the seat and 50 kg in the scooter option, but my husband (95 kg) has already tried it too … of course I ride regularly 


The manufacturer gives the age of the child from 1 to 5, but it is best to take into account the motor development of the child and his height 82 – 118 cm – that is, our children aged 1-5 will have a wonderful toy for many years.



And if we are talking about long years – our boys they drive safely, i.e. in helmets.


Maksio goes to Scoot and Ride helmetwhich is also great light integrated in the back.




And Mikuś rides in helmet for senior from 47 to 53 cm Janod.



Without helmets, we do not go on scooters and … bicycle trailers (I will write about the trailer when we have more trips, because it is another sensational way to spend time actively with children).


Scooter Highwaykick1 2w1 Ride and scooter 1-5 years Scoot and Ride

Max’s helmet less than 2 years old 1-5 children’s helmet Scoot and Ride

Mikusia’s helmet less than 5 years | Children’s helmet 47-54 cm Janod


How do you like our transformers?  

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