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peg perego book plus reviews

Is the Peg Perego Book Plus stroller the perfect stroller for you? About how to start preparations I wrote a separate post to buy the perfect stroller, which can be summed up so that when trying to buy a stroller we should always start from our priorities and restrictions.

When we bought the Peg Peg Perego Book Plus, our priorities were:

  • large and comfortable stroller
  • foldable seat - enabling the child to be carried both frontally and backwards to the parent
  • flat folding seat, necessarily with a movable footrest to create a long and flat place to sleep, also on the side
  • large booth, protecting against sun, wind and rain
  • stroller folded together with the seat
  • folded, fully housed in the trunk of a compact + car in the hatchback version
  • option to buy a gondola if a second child appears

It turned out that the choice of a stroller meeting the above requirements was not easy at all, we visited many stores and eventually decided on the Peg Perego Book Plus stroller in Avana color with a reclining seat and rain cover included.

peg perego book plus review


Rack, handle, brake, handle

pegperego book plus a trolley

Everyone who pushes this wheelchair for the first time is delighted easy running. It is thanks to the wheels with bearings that the effect is truly unique. The stroller is very agile, it is just wonderful to drive. The rear wheels (25,7 cm) are slightly cushioned, the front wheels (17 cm) are rotated, but they can be locked very easily, and most importantly - you can do it without using your hands, which is very convenient because you do not have to dirty them. Both the front and rear wheels are foam, and the frame is available in two colors - silver and black. You can order a stroller with pneumatic rear wheels for an extra charge (then the handle is leather), but we did not have such a need. The stroller also works well in snow, but you have to remember that it is a city stroller and the shock absorption is not the best.

Brake The foot pedal is mounted centrally in the center of the rear axle and works flawlessly. Unfortunately, to unlock it, you have to pull it up - personally, I don't like this solution, because it often just stains shoes, not to mention the comfort of bare feet in the summer.

holder has an unusual shape - because of it, we had to replace our muff with one in the form of single gloves. It's nice that the handle can be set really high and you can drive the stroller comfortably. However, you must remember that I am short and before buying a stroller it is always worth trying it on in the store, because if you are tall you may have different impressions and maybe kick the brake.

peg perego trolley

The frame looks extremely delicate, but we have been using it for almost 9 months and apart from the impression and lightness I have not noticed any negative features of this delicacy.


Personally, we didn't have the opportunity or the need to try the carrycot for a stroller, but this stroller can be purchased in the 2w1 version.

In contrast, the gondola promises to be very interesting, because it is characterized by:

  • Styrofoam cover regulates the temperature - in the summer it does not heat up, in winter it protects against cold;
  • adjustable booth, the ability to move some material to reveal the mesh - increasing airflow on warmer days;
  • convenient, independent of the visor handle for carrying the gondola;
  • inside there are pockets for small items necessary during the walk;
  • adjustment of the child's position - you can raise the head and lower the legs slightly;
  • when removed from the frame, the gondola can act as a cradle;
  • additional legs that can be mounted after unfastening the gondola - the function of a travel cot;
  • toy confessors at the top of the booth;
  • the upholstery can be easily removed and washed.


Stroller seat

They appear in the Peg Perego Book Plus stroller two types of seats: XL or pop-up. We decided on XL, because it is wider and taller and seemed more comfortable to the child, although visually we liked the pop-up seat more.

trolley peg perego XL completo
peg perego stroller

Most importantly, the Book Plus model - as opposed to the Book model - the seat is being moved, so the child can travel both to the parent and to the world. For us it is an absolute priority, because our Son is almost 1,5 year and he still travels mainly in front of us and this contact and playing together in such a setting are very important to us.

The seat is also relatively high for a stroller, so the child is closer to us and there is no impression that we are shuffling the seat against the ground.

The shopping basket is huge, every mother will love him, who loves to combine walks with shopping, it will also be great for longer walks when you want to take more things with you.

seat it is really big, it is heavily built-up, thanks to which everything does not fall off the knees of the child, unfolds completely flat allowing free ventilation and sleeping on the bacon. It was important for us especially in the summer, when we were sowing to go out with the child in a pram for the whole day and this pram had to fulfill many functions. With prolonged use, however, I began to wonder if the child does not slide off the seat, because if the belts are very loosely fastened, the child seemed to slide off its original position, but I do not know if it is the fault of the stroller or the child's preferences.

peg perego flat fold stroller

An additional advantage is movable footrest, which together with the flat seat creates a really large flat sleeping area, ideal for children who love to sleep on the side like our Son.

The seat has 5-point seat beltshowever, they can also be used as 3-pointers, just unfasten the harness at any time. The clasp works really well, it never opened by itself or it was not possible for the Child to unfasten it - which was the case in our other prams.

The set includes a seat bail, but if you want to use the stroller in a version without a handle, you can easily detach it and insert into the holes special plugs included in the set.

The stroller is great booth, which wonderfully protects the child against wind, sun and rain - in the sitting position, we can slide the booth over so tightly that we do not need any rain cover. Unfortunately, the Child does not see anything then, so not every Toddler will allow himself to do so - ours will certainly not, although when he was smaller he had no problems with it. The canopy can be unfastened and used to create a sun canopy, and provide the child with airflow.

It is included raincover.

peg perego trolley

Peg Perego stroller stroller peg perego book plus

raincover peg perego book plus

There is a trolley in the booth windowthanks to which we can watch the Child facing us with his back. Unfortunately, the window is always open and sometimes the sun shines directly on the child's eyes - then, unfortunately, it is necessary to throw a nappy over the booth.


Folding and size after folding

The size of our trunk leaves a lot to be desired. That is why, before buying, each stroller is fitted to our luggage compartment in a compact + car with a hatchback.

What is a huge plus for me in the Peg Perego Book Plus stroller is that the frame can be folded together with the seat - regardless of whether it is mounted on the front or back. Of course, you can also assemble everything separately, but there was no such need for us.

The stroller is quickly and very simply, literally with one hand - like a book - it's a mode Book after all - just pull the handle on the frame, which is under the seat and the stroller literally folds in half.

In our case, the trolley fills almost the entire trunk, although there will still be room for a trolley bag or small shopping.



peg perego book plus colors

The stroller is available in many colors that change almost every season. The color version of the Completo series comes with a matching color foot coverwhich was very important to me - instead of a sleeping bag, I cover the baby tightly with a blanket and put on a cover that prevents the blanket from falling off, and the cover itself protects against the wind. Personally, I only regret that the casing is so low and practically ends with the headband, although it can be extended a bit by unfastening the headband, and then the Child can use the built-in function muffs.



You can buy Peg Perego Book Plus stroller in the following versions and prices:

Walking version:

  • XL seat and standard frame in Sportivo version (colors without leg cover) or Completo (colors with foot cover): from 1550 PLN
  • pop-up seat and standard frame in the Sportivo version (colors without a foot cover) or Completo (colors with a foot cover): from PLN 1550

extra fee for the frame with pumped rear wheels and leather handle: about PLN 200

3w1 version

  • frame, gondola, CL or pop-up seat, car seat *, bag: from PLN 2400

* I did not own, test or review the car seat included in the kit

peg perego book plus avana


Peg Perego Book Plus is a really nice stroller. It is light, great to drive, comfortable for parents and the child. It folds wonderfully and fits really into a small trunk. Although it is not super designer, the power of its advantages can be compensated by the not entirely fashionable model. However, it must be remembered that it is still an urban stroller and for this reason I have not tested it on forest roads, but even on very uneven pavements it works well. If, however, you are looking for a soft stroller, better look for something else.

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  • 01.01.2020

    Valuable information and tips. It's definitely worth remembering.

  • Ola

    Good morning 🙂 I agree! I have a peg - perego booklet, I can't imagine walking with another pram 😉 Please, reveal - what kind of trolley bag do you have? It looks roomy 🙂

  • Magda

    Hello. I need info about the sleeping bag because I am thinking about buying it for my book from the producer. Please tell me, is it cuenki or gruvy material or tsm is some wadding and is it good for winter? Because the price of 180zl in the Internet at all I can not provide any information on this topic. And I have a pop up seat. Thanks in advance for reply

    • 27.10.2018

      Unfortunately, I didn't have a sleeping bag, only a foot cover. I have Lodger's sleeping bag.

    • On

      I just bought a Lodger sleeping bag for this stroller and I have the impression that it is completely too small (and this is a larger model, up to 36 months). How did it work for you? Did you easily buckle your child in it? Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Aneta

    And I have a question about unfolding the seat to a lying position, and then sitting when the child is in a pram. Is the mechanism used in the stroller comfortable or is it difficult to raise the backrest with the child?

    • 24.10.2017

      I don't have a stroller anymore, but from what I remember it was very comfortable - unfolding is a very important feature for me and I paid a lot of attention to it when choosing 🙂

  • Kasia

    Can you write where you bought the stroller? I am looking for a pram with pumped wheels, I can't find anywhere even with an additional charge, moreover, foam peas are also more expensive than you provide 🙁 what you think about shopping through amazon and e-bay I was looking for joile prams there and prices around PLN 400 lower even at the current euro exchange rate !! greetings

    • 11.03.2017

      I ordered from Mama and I, I got a great price, but there was no color. In the end I probably bought in Tosia.
      And I often buy something on Amazon and I have never been disappointed. If the shipping costs are cool. Only in the case of a trolley there can be a problem with a complaint if something happens - I mean the high costs of shipping to the distributor.

  • Izabel

    And I wanted to ask if this small depreciation is enough? The condition of even city sidewalks can be poor, and I would sometimes like to stray from the asphalt road somewhere in the park? Baby not telephoto ??

    • 02.01.2017

      For us it was enough. The stroller is large and stable, and I personally don't think that more cushioning is needed. I tested it mainly on the pavements and they leave a lot to be desired. On the other hand, it's definitely not a super soft rocking chair. Do you have a chance to see it in the store before buying?

  • Liliana

    And I would like to ask if this profiled handle is comfortable - this is the only point that does not convince me, because I have the impression that I will not be comfortable.

    • 30.12.2016

      This handle is comfortable - in fact, when a person goes and waves his hands to himself, his hands are facing the body so that they fit perfectly and naturally on the handle - I remember it very well

    • Ewelina Buczak

      And how in the park or in the forest?
      is the cushioning hard?

  • Ania

    Thank you for this post - thanks to him the decision was made 🙂