A small garden with a terrace

New arrangement of a small garden with a terrace. See how I was able to transfer the maritime atmosphere to our green oasis of peace at the back of our house.




A small garden with a terrace

With the first signs of spring, I couldn’t wait to “fire up” our little garden with a terrace next to the townhouse in which we live.


I love the summer face of our “oasis of peace” (oasis of course is after 21pm when children sleep) where we go crazy every day and then relax. While planning it, I couldn’t forget that it is also the kingdom of our boys who love to spend long hours there filled with various games.


And when I was invited to the summer arrangement of this space by the long-awaited Jotex store in Poland and also with a code:


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I couldn’t be more happy 


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Preparations for the implementation of inspiration and ideas for the transformation of a small garden with a terrace, I started with maintaining separate zones so that every user would be satisfied and find something for themselves! I wanted to maintain consistency in the whole arrangement, but also about intimacy. While it may seem impossible, since it is a row house after all, it seems to me that we have achieved the intended goal.







It was my great dream to fill the space with greenery. Beautiful, flowering plants set in every corner of a small garden with a terrace. Due to our dog – Zuma, only potted plants were available. The kind that she couldn’t dig up or be dangerous to her. I love bright colors so I chose such flowers. The pots from the series turned out to be beautiful and both very practical Fiefs and ALTEA of Jotex. They are made made of ecological materials – they are very light – so I can go crazy shifting them back and forth whenever I want – it is completely different with our last year’s clay pots, when full of earth seem to be embedded in the terrace – and they work well both outside and inside. I am very happy because I fell in love with their appearance and I will gladly use them in the interior of the house after the end of the season.





For now, together with wonderfully flowering hydrangeas, they will decorate our small garden with a terrace until the last warm days of the season. Floral compositions decorate not only the terrace but also the area where the hammock is located – here I focused primarily on flowers on the pedestal so that they can be seen from behind the garden sofa.









The first leitmotif that came to my mind was nautical style. I was inspired primarily by the sail stretched over most of the terrace, under which we shelter from the sun’s rays on hot days, and the fact that we live by the sea!


He had already crept into our little garden with a terrace a sea accent in the form of sand. As you might guess, it’s the boys’ favorite playground. It also works perfectly as a place for ours hammock. Nothing stimulates the senses like relaxing in a hammock on a sandy ground on warm days. A children’s zone, which we transform in a few moments into a resting place for the whole family.








Our garden furniture is probably already with us last season – after a few years, more and more cracks start to appear on them – and Maksio will jump with his heel on the seat without cushions, and this something will crack after frost. But I wanted them revive, give them a new version. I decided to implement it with accessories in the form of decorative pillows. I chose gray-blue pillowcases from magnificent linen and cotton with a plant print. A small touch that gave new life to our chain lounge set.






It was my dream outdoor carpet that I can lay on the terrace. This element incredibly warms the decor. It made our rest area even more cozy. I chose our terrace carpet Olina in broken white colors combined with timeless turquoise. It fits perfectly into the nautical decor.




Family relaxation zone


I love our family gatherings at the table in our small garden terrace. Shared lunches, breakfasts or dinners in the open air. The table turned out to be the perfect place, which is a real icing on the cake. Integral place of the terrace. In order to maintain the consistency of our lounge area, I decided to go to blue-gray tablecloth FERN with the same print as on one of the pillows. Cotton fabric pleasant to the touch made the table setting very elegant.





While looking for accessories that I could put on the table, I found wonderful and super original ones decorative bowls WAVE. They are unique as they have been handmade. In order to achieve a maritime atmosphere, shells could not be missing in our small garden with a terrace. For me, they worked perfectly as decorative pots for tiny surfinia seedlingswhose white flowers wonderfully decorate the table. They create a perfect contrast for the tablecloth and blend well with the decorative ceramics resembling their shape sea ​​coral.


To decorate our small garden with a terrace, I used:

Carpet Olina
Flower pots Fiefs and ALTEA
Decorative bowl WAVE
Decorative pillowcases FERN and HEDDIE
Tablecloth FERN
Decorative ceramics CORAL
Shell candlestick BLOWFISH 
NAMASTE candlestick in color golden and gold-white


How do you rate the transformation of our little garden with a terrace? Do you like sea accents?

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