Student’s sea room

Staying in a maritime atmosphere, we upgraded Santa’s room from a kindergarten’s room to a student’s room. On the other hand, introducing a desk into a long and narrow room turned out to be very difficult and forced changes in the entire organization of the room. How did we do? Check!


This is the first version of Santa’s room in the version with a desk – we really wanted the desk to have access to natural light on the left side, so unfortunately we had to change the position of the bed, and with it the chests of drawers and wardrobes, so nothing is as it was before.


Desk and chair


desk minko ice blue


The culprit of all the confusion is desk – atypical, because for children, only 65 cm high, with a retro chair – which are height adjusted to children aged 7-10.


We knew from our physiotherapist that for a child of primary school age a chair on wheels is a bad idea – it is impossible for the child to maintain the correct position on it, and we want both feet to stand freely on the ground, so that the child can sit comfortably on such a chair and sit in a stable position – and not swing, twirl – which unfortunately usually happens – and perpetuate an inappropriate posture.


Hence high chair of the French brand Les Gambetles Colette model – it’s so a school classic from years agoretro design and extremely comfortable constructionbeautiful in its simplicity and decorative at the same time, something just right for amateurs of design.





Do you lack space to store toys?

Play & Go bags are the perfect solution – we keep here Lego, Lego Duplo and toys not categorized into the previous two groups.. To take out the toys, just remove the bag and spread it on the ground – you will create a nice play mat, and after playing, throw all the toys on the mat, pull the string and hang the mat. Isn’t it child’s play?





Santa’s bed is classic lounger from Ikea – Hemnesthat landed on the other side of the room. At the moment, we have removed the canopy, so the previously hung single poster just looked “bald” above it. So we decided replace the white frame with a wooden one and add posters that will create a beautiful sea collage.



A collection of sea animals hang in oak frames – you can find my favorite posters hereand with a discount code 30AGA you will get a 30% discount on posters* in Desenio until 16.12


Do you want to see more poster inspirations? Check out the profile @desenio on Instagram you will find more poster inspiration.

* Excluding frames and posters from the Personalized category







Why is the bed in the middle of the room and not, for example, under the window? Unfortunately, a large radiator hangs on the wall by the window, which we decided to install with a rack for books, games, puzzles and all school supplies. Unfortunately, at the moment the lower cabinet has a brown door, instead of a sea one, and the sea side is missing – any day a carpenter will correct it and it will be perfect.






The last, least developed corner of the room is simply a wardrobe and a chair, which we place on Santa’s bed in the evening and serve as a bedside table for a book, a LED lamp and a glass of water.



Unfortunately, this wardrobe turned out to be completely unstable – I only keep light children’s clothes in it and we really do not have many of them, and the lower shelf has already bent, so the drawer does not want to slide out or slide in, so we’ll see how this corner will go.


And how do you like us?



The post featured:

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