We test – Cleaning – Cillit BANG Active Foam

As I thought about the name of my blog, I considered titles like:
“I don’t like cooking”, “I don’t like cleaning, cooking and washing”, “A very imperfect housewife” …

So, as you can guess, I don’t like cleaning (although I like to have it cleaned;)) that’s why I am very inclined to use any inventions that can help me take care of order less frequently or lightly.

Of course, I was captivated by the Cillit BANG Active Foam advertisement – Osady z Mydła i Prysznice.
I went, I bought it (PLN 19,99, not a little …) and test it on my bathroom faucets.

The instruction tells you to spray the surfaces from a distance of 30-40 cm, wait 2 minutes – in case of heavy dirt – 10 minutes and rinse.

The first step was the basin faucet, obligatory for 10 minutes – I was pessimistic, so it could not be worse 

As you can see, it is hard to hit the battery itself and the foam got everything within a radius of 


10 minutes passed, I rinsed off the foam, wiped it with a paper towel and …



Ulala, satisfaction has reached its zenith 
I admit, I did not believe in the success of the action … but the effects are fully satisfactory!
It was the turn of the shower faucet. She looked like this before:
PS! The faint of heart are asked to stop reading and not see the photos below !!!


I read the instructions again, I spray from a distance of 30-40 cm … and there is no foam … I shake it, do not mix it, a liquid, no foam, drips down the battery …


Okay, another chance, I still shake, I piss from a distance of 5-10 cm, it’s better:

I wait 10 minutes – finally I treat heavy soiling with this agent.
I rinse, wipe dry and here is the effect:

At first glance – great, I look closer …
– PLN 19,99 spent
– half of the packaging used
Duration: 2 minutes of pumping, 20 minutes of waiting, 2 minutes of rinsing and wiping dry
– effect – very satisfactory from a distance



Cillit BANG test, result: satisfactory
I will run out of packaging until the end and decide if I will buy another one.

And you? Do you have experience with Cillit BANG Active Foam?
Or maybe you have better ways to remove stubborn dirt on bathroom faucets?

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