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Easywalker Buggy Trolley Test Review

Easywalker Buggy is a stroller that has been accompanying us from the first months of Maks's life, we also took her to Rome, where we spent the whole family up to a month, every day using long, often over ten-kilometer walks. How did it work for us?

MINI by Easywalker Buggy - a stroller with a rain cover weighing only 6,5 kg.

Looking for the perfect stroller, we decided to test the Buggy stroller from Easywalker. I ride my beloved MINI every day, why should I refuse a child? 🙂


Due to the fact that the stroller is suitable for a child from the first week of life up to 20 kg of weight, it can be used by both a few months old Maksymilian and a three year old Mikołaj.


It also has a certain feature, thanks to which it leaves the competition far behind - car seat adapters. Completely unique functionality in strollers, which makes the stroller last from birth to the end of the stroller period.


Frame and wheels

The frame is made of aluminum, thanks to which the frame of the trolley is light - it weighs only 6,5 kg.

The trolley wheels are very easy to disassemble and clean, so there is no problem in keeping the trolley clean. Thanks to the MINI logo on wheels, my child's vehicle looks almost like mine 😉

Buggy Easywalker Mini umbrella stroller Buggy Easywalker Mini stroller pram



MINI by Easywalker Buggy is described as city ​​and off-road trolley. In my opinion, it is perfect for the city - also thanks to its small size when folded. Historic Rome is mostly pavements and streets lined with cobblestones, I can't imagine any stroller without amortization, and this one really managed.


However, on a sandy or pebbled road it is a bit more difficult - fortunately, the trolley is already available in the Buggy + version with much larger wheels and adjustable handle height, today I would definitely choose the "plus" model.


The trolley runs very smoothly - it is light and very manoeuvrable. She made me happy the front wheels can be locked straight ahead, so I can put my child to sleep.

Easywalker Buggy



As it is an umbrella-type stroller, it does not have one handle, and two - both contoured, well-fitting in the hand, covered with ecological leather for comfort. In the new Buggy + model, they are adjustable in height, so if you happen to kick into the stroller during a fast walk, in the model with a plus, you will pull out the handles and that's it.

Mini by Easywalker review



Brake pressed and released by pressing the foot at the right angle, which is the best possible solution, especially in summer, in flip-flops or sandals.


Shopping basket

The basket under the seat is really spacious - up to 5 kg! I successfully fit a carrier, a blanket, sweaters and snacks in it. The basket takes up practically the entire space under the seat, thanks to which it is fully used.

Mini by Easywalker reviews



Perfect! The canopy is foldable - in the folded version it protects against the sun and wind, and it is enough to unfasten the zip and when folded it allows the child to sleep well. There is a peek-a-boo window above the booth, allowing for constant contact between the parent and the baby. There is also a rain cover attached to the trolley - the perfect solution for treacherous weather.

Folding stroller



It is possible to set the seat in four points - from sitting to lying down, all with a single, smooth handle.

Easywa; ler Buggy reviews


The seat upholstery is łatwozmywalną and soft, and even under the baby's head small pillowthat can be easily detached. You can also take off the cover and take it easy machine wash.


Easywalker Buggy stroller


The trolley is equipped with five-point seat belts - very easy to fasten and unfasten for a parent, and difficult to unfasten for a child. And that's the point, isn't it?


easywalker buggy



The headband in this stroller is an option to buy, but we like it very much - Maks is too. He likes to grab it, lean out and look around. The stroller can be folded despite the attached headband, and the headband itself, instead of taking it off, can be lifted up so that the child can get into the stroller - it is a very convenient option. Mikołaj himself approached the pram, lifted the headband and slipped inside 😉

Easywalker Buggy stroller reviewEasywalker Buggy stroller test



It is foldable, it is used by both Maks and Mikołaj.

Mini Easywalker Buggy reviewsfolding pushchair



The whole pram style, colors, logo on the wheels refers to a MINI car. And because I drive this car myself, I like the stroller the same way 🙂 Mine is black and very stylish, and on the booth there is a leather motif with the flag of Great Britain.

Easywalker Buggy colors


Colors of the Buggy + model:


Easywalker Buggy + colors


I also come in beautiful colors without MINI branding:


Easywalker Buggy Plus Mini colors


Folding and size after folding

The unfolded MINI by Easywalker Buggy has the dimensions 48 x 76 x 103 cm.

The folded stroller is only 100 cm long and 24 cm wide.

The MINI by Easywalker Buggy folds very easily and quickly into an umbrella, it also has an automatic lock that prevents it from unfolding automatically.

The stroller fits easily in city cars - even in the trunk of a micrus such as the Fiat 500 Cabrio.

easywalker mini folding buggy



As I mentioned above, thanks to the low weight of the stroller (6,5 kg), carrying it does not cause major problems, and it is also made easier by the anti-slip strap that we can wear on the shoulder. It is absolutely not a concern to climb or descend stairs with a pram, because you can easily hold the child on the hip with one hand, put the folded stroller on the other shoulder and carry it up or carry it down the stairs - after all, it is an umbrella stroller.



A range of accessories can be selected for the MINI by Easywalker Buggy stroller:

  • adapters - thanks to them, without waking the child sleeping in the car seat, I could easily transfer them to the frame of the stroller and go from the car to the store or vice versa Despite the fact that the seat does not fit perfectly with the adapters - when you fasten the seat you do not hear a characteristic click, nevertheless, gently securing the baby, I am ready to go quite a long distance with it; the solution is perfect for holidays, on the way to the car rental company or at the airport; these adapters make the stroller second to none,
  • bail - I wrote about its advantages above;
  • tray - great for older kids;
  • cup holder - in response to a call for help with a cup of coffee 😉 - it was theoretically, because in practice we usually have a children's water bottle there,
    easywalker buggy water bottle cup holder
  • trolley bag - thanks to which the stroller in the car seat does not dirty it, and above all protects it when traveling by plane


The price of the MINI by Easywalker Buggy starts from PLN 970, it is not the cheapest stroller on the market, but in my opinion it is worth this amount, because it will last for the entire period of a child's stroller (and even two or three), it is really comfortable in everyday use.


Buggy Summary

Weight 6,5 kg
Folded dimensions 100 24 cm x cm
Dimensions when unfolded 48 x 76 x 103 cm
Shopping basket 5 kg
Maximum child's weight 20 kg

Summary of Buggy +

Weight 8 kg
Folded dimensions 107 24 cm x cm
Dimensions when unfolded 79 cm x 47 cm x 107-110 cm
(adjustable handle height)
Shopping basket 5 kg
Maximum child's weight 20 kg


Mini by Easywalker Buggy this is a perfect stroller, and its possible disadvantages, i.e. relatively small wheels and low handles, were corrected in his successor, who just hit the stores: Easywalker Buggy+ that he just has larger wheels and adjustable handles. It's a stroller, which thanks to the flat folding seat Suitable for children from birthand it is enough until until the end of the trolley period Children, thanks to the large size of the seat and extremely durable materials - we have made hundreds of kilometers with our stroller on Roman cobblestones and Tuscan roads, we have already flew several times by plane. Car seat adapters make it unmatched on the market. Thanks to the original design in many colors, I am sure that everyone will choose something for themselves.



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  • 04.04.2019

    I chose gray I hope it will work. PP

  • anna

    For me, the master cart was Massimo, it is great, and they added a lot of additions to it, I do not know if this is also the case, but in mine, these additions are very useful, e.g. mosquito net or changing table, and we would probably have to buy them

  • Mariolka

    Great article 🙂 I also use the easywalker buggy xs stroller, ultra light and nimble 🙂 Super that you can fold it with only one hand 🙂 I can honestly recommend it to every mother!

  • Monika

    Hello. How can the wheels be dismantled? I watch and watch them and I still have no idea how to do it

  • Iwona

    For a 6-month-old child, do you recommend a more "standard" Buggy or Buggy xs as a second stroller?

    • 22.06.2018

      As the second stroller, I would choose the Buggy XS - it's easier to drive, but 4 larger wheels than 8 smaller ones, the difference is clearly noticeable. It also has a great shopping basket, a roof, it can be guided with one hand and is visibly smaller when folded 🙂