Relaxation for sleep

Relaxation for sleep is something that makes me clear my head of all thoughts, impressions, stimuli and emotions that have accumulated in it throughout the day. For what? First it gives me great relief, I leave the past behind, I stop digesting the same events from the past over and over again, wondering what is and what I would like it to be. I stop analyzing the scenarios and also do not look to the future. It makes me feel real, internal calm, I find relief in myself, I fall asleep easier, and in addition I have the impression that fewer hours of sleep give me a better rest. After relaxing in the evening, my sleep becomes deeper, I wake up less often, and in the morning I am more refreshed. Find out about 3 simple ways to apply – immediately.

Relaxation for sleep


I relax in three ways before going to bed. When it is very late and an important day awaits me the next day, I only use one of mine three ways to relax for sleepbut I see the greatest benefits and feel best when I get to use all three. What can I recommend to you?



3 ways to relax and sleep

1. Magnesium bath

I like to relax in magnesium bath – magnesium is also called the “element of life” – because it is responsible not only for the proper functioning of our muscular system, including our heart, but also for countless other processes in our body.


Magnesium bath is a universal form of therapy, each of us can bring a lot of health benefits – if you want to explore the topic, I recommend you the book “Magnesium Treatment” by Dr. Mark Sircus. In it, you will learn what a great way to supplement the bath is, how much it is beneficial for our immune and endocrine systems.


Magnesium beautiful takes care of our nervous systemby shielding cells from harmful oxidation, thanks to it our cell membranes have the right permeability, and by doing so much good it helps us reduce the risk of neoplastic diseases. Magnesium is also responsible for many vital functions, including the proper functioning of the muscular system. That is why our hearts need it so much.


Magnesium chloride therapy – the transdermal one – is used in sports, helps heal injuries, pain and inflammation, accelerates the regeneration of the body.


We will feel the influence of magnesium on us after the first bath – it relaxes us noticeably and helps to calm downthat is why such an evening magnesium bath is the best therapy you can treat yourself to a few zlotys.



Recipe for a magnesium bath

On the Internet, usually on Allegro, I buy by kilograms magnesium chloride hexahydrate and baking soda.


I add warm water to the bathtub 1,5 cups of magnesium chloride and 5 cups of baking soda and nothing more.

It’s enough! During such a bath I do not use (and you do not use) any gels or liquids – I focus on pure detoxification of my body.


I try to spend some time in such a bath – it is worth using it at least once a week.


What if you don’t have a bathtub?

Make a relaxing bath for your feet! Pour warm water into a bowl and add 3 tablespoons of magnesium chloride and 1 tablespoon of baking soda.


You can also soak your feet for about 30 minutes – I like to put a kettle with boiling water next to myself and add hot water as it cools.


Personally, I take such a magnesium bath quite often, almost every day, and I had the impression that the skin was a bit dry after them, so at the end of the bath I get up, take a small amount of a gentle bath lotion, soap my body and rinse it.


Usually my husband invites me to take a bath, we like to sum up the day, make plans for the next one … relaxing music and I let it flow through my body. You can find one of my playlists here.


A magnesium bath in combination with such music is a fantastic relaxation for sleep, followed by I dress in my favorite, beautiful pajamas (I love having nice pajamas, wearing them so ironed, I feel important to myself thanks to them) and I go to the bedroom, where I start a beautifully fragrant natural candle. And I indulge in meditation.


And that’s my second way!


2. Relaxation by the candle


I have already written to you about the beginnings of my meditation here I just started staring at the candle flame.


To this day, I love candle meditation, although I do not use it every day. More and more often the relaxing scent of a candle is enough for me, I put cream on …


Today I laugh that I have such a Pavlovian reaction, i.e. unconditional, that when I enter the bedroom, in the middle of the day or in the evening – there is always the smell of a candle burning the day before … and my brain relaxes right away! I light a candle however, only when he is home nice and quiet.



How not to poison yourself with candles?

This title is unfortunately no bad joke and unfortunately for over 30 years of my life I was not aware that a romantic bath in the bathroom or a date in the bedroom among 20 candles can be harmful.


Most of the candles we deal with are paraffin candles – the effects of burning them have been investigated American Chemical Society in Usa.


In captured when burning paraffin candles particles were found, among others carcinogenic benzene and toluene which causes dizziness. Then we read about the comparison of these toxins to passive smoking …


The first time I read about it was in the instructions for a cozy, Danish-inspired atmosphere at home… with an emphasis on ventilating with and after burning candles – and it wasn’t necessarily just about burning oxygen in the room.



Less but better

When I chose this slogan as my watchword for 2020, I didn’t think that it will also move to my… bedroom!


But today, instead of 10-20 paraffin candles, we fire 1-2 natural candles – are made of 100% biodegradable ingredients (beeswax or soy wax), which they smell so long that when I enter the bedroom the next day after work, I can smell them – even though they are not even fired!



This scented soy candle – my company MYS is in a wonderful ceramic pot in which – according to the spirit of zero waste – I am going to plant succulents later. Such a natural candle burns longer than a paraffin candle has clean, yellow flame without soot and smoke and… it smells great! This scent hangs in the room long after you go out, so if you light the candle before going to bed and then put it out, you will fall asleep in a fragrant mist … and natural!


I can’t choose my favorite fragrance, so I have 5 of them, but if you would like to give someone – or maybe yourself – a relaxing Christmas gift, try it with “cinnamon rolls”. It smells… like Christmas! The holidays I look forward to  The fragrance is also brilliant “macarons“And”Dark chocolate”By this company – although I do not like sweet fragrances, these are beautiful – not too sweet, not too bland, just perfect. Perfect for a gift for lovers of these small almond cookies or dark chocolate for a relaxing bath after a long day, an evening relaxing with a book or … for meditation.



Did you know gazing at a candle flame is the perfect first meditation lesson?

This is how I started when, at the age of 22, due to my stepfather’s illness, I was able to use (for free – for the National Health Fund fund) a brilliant, perfect for me, 2-year ACA therapy. We’ve just been given this homework assignment – look at a candle flame, feel its warmth, and focus your thoughts only on it.


This first meditation task was staring at the candle flame while focusing on your breath. We got instructions that it can be tedious at first, even tiring – but it’s important not to give up!


And the most important thing is not to worry about the fact that a thought will flow in our head every now and then, or 5 at a time … just let them pass and come back to thinking about the candle flame.


If you feel like it, try it! Light the candle, start with 3 minutes a day and add 1 minute dailyor try it in the morning and in the evening.



You will see how day after day the racing of your thoughts will slow down and you will feel “here and now“. You will begin to feel calm, safe … Your breath will become deeper and fuller.


Staring at a candle flame is about an “anchor” – an anchor point that you can gaze at to make it easier for you.


Don’t be discouraged by failures! Practice, practice, practice … until you develop a routine … not looking at a candle, but letting my thoughts flow … I imagine them like clouds in the sky, I let them swim instead of catching them in a net and “admiring” them like butterflies.



3. Meditation with visualization


The third of my sleep relaxation methods is listening to relaxing recordings of guided meditations. I use this method when I am already in bed. I then lie down comfortably, arms loosely along my torso. I turn on the recording, close my eyes and follow the instructions. I let all the tensions in the day go away… so that my body, especially my mind, rest and calm down. Are you looking for something to start with? Yesterday she put me to sleep Klaudia Pingot with this recording.



How do you like my 3 ways to relax before bed?

Will you try any of them? Or maybe all of them?

I hug: *

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