Maltese – the dog that changed our lives

Maltese – how did the dog unexpectedly appear in our lives? I must admit that during the last very intense professional and family years I could not imagine a dog in our life. Even though I care a lot about work-life balance, I still have the impression that it fastens too often with very thin threads. The children are small and demanding, both Wojtek and I have irregular working hours, we often leave … I have not seen a place for a dog in our lives. By the time.

When I became Maks’s mother 3 years ago, it coincided that my sister Ania became the dog of the mother of the Maltese Molly. I learned to live with two children, who initially became so overwhelmed by me that for several months I was not even able to leave the house with my two children. If a dog were to be with us, it would be outer space – I felt that it would definitely outweigh me …



So despite frequent mutual visits, I tried not to fall in love with my sister’s dog. Firstly, because I fell in love with my son at the time, secondly, I didn’t want to hope for any pet, when I saw that there was no place for him in our life, and thirdly, I knew that one of my little boys is allergic to cats .


For these reasons, at the beginning, I “tried” a little with this dog, whether my children would suddenly start to suffocate because of his presence or have a constant runny nose. However, Molly has been in our lives for 3 years, so all kinds of family celebrations, trips, holidays or just weekend trips also take place with Molcia, fortunately there were no allergic reactions … and the boys said goodbye to allergy some time ago.


As I mentioned, due to the allergy necessarily our children were not raised with animals – during the first years of Mikuś’s life, we did not visit friends who have cats, because it could have ended with a visit to SOR … Even a visit of a friend who has a cat resulted in a week’s runny nose – for the parents of such a baby it is too much. So my children were not initially delighted with Molcia, they were even a little afraid of her – no wonder. When Molcia licked them, it was not a nice feeling for them, it was not a joy, so the topic of having a dog was simply not at our home.


By the time.


3 weeks ago my sister called me to ask …


“Listen Aga, we are going on holiday, you cannot take your dog with us. Maybe you could take care of Molcia for 5 days, 4 nights. It could be a fun adventure for you. ”


On the one hand I was excited and on the other … a little scared. In the end, I decided that we would take the doggy to the test. They were not supposed to leave until a week, so she told Ania that we would come for Molcia on Saturday and that she would stay with us until Sunday, for one night, so that we could check if we could make it.


Ania replied that she thought she would be pleased, that I would immediately agree, without hesitation, that I would be glad, that without all the obligations of having a dog, during these few days we would be able to feel like we would really have a doggy …


However, she added that if I have doubts, there is no topic – the dog will stay with her friend who is waiting for him.


I thought it over and had to admit she was right: hardly anyone has the opportunity to check how it is to live with a dog without the need to buy a dog, with a dog already reared – a dream! So I answered her, without hesitation, that we would be happy to take care of Molcia for these 5 days (in the hope that we could do it) 


I went to Wojtek’s with a smile on my face and said that we would have a dog at home for 5 days. Wojtek shook his nose a bit that it was a weekend, that we would not go anywhere, but I convinced him with Ania’s words that it was a special occasion for our family.


So we started prepare with the children to welcome Molcia to our house. We decided to teach children that a dog is not only a great joy, but also a duty, so we had fun buying bowls, treats or toys. As parents who once prepared for the arrival of their children, we know that such preparation itself is a joy. We wanted and our sons felt the joy of waiting for a new family member to be welcomed into our home – even if only temporary.


I went to Ania for Molcia, and when I brought her home, I was very surprised. Our childrenwhich during all my meetings with Molina at my sister’s, were not too effusive, now, in their safe area, they totally opened up to this dog.


From day one it was hugging, caring, feeding, following the dog and treating him with treats, stroking, expressing feelings, going for walks – including pulling each other’s leash… In the evening, the boys invited the dog to bed, of course, to hug him before going to bed – I was not going to forbid them.


Even in my wildest dreams we did not expect that they would react so openly to doggy style. It is also amazing how my husband opened up to the pooch, seeing how our children behave towards him. In the evening, he let her get on his lap, stroked her, played with her paws …


It all really became a beautiful adventure for us and I realized that we are in a very comfortable situation. After all, we work a kilometer from home, go to work along a beautiful alley among the trees, and when it rains, we drive up the car. We work at home, so it is also no problem for me to go to work with my dog. Therefore, throughout Molcia’s stay with us, I went to work with her. The approach of all the employees to the dog was also great, as they willingly petted and licked him.


I was calm, I kept explaining to myself that it was probably the first day, I didn’t expect it would be like that for the entire 5 days – nothing could be more wrong. The attitude of Maks and Mikuś to Molcia was still the same and it was nothing but mutual delight and selfless love.


I was also not indifferent to Molly’s charms – I noticed that she gives me great joy, She also showed me an amazing thing: the ability to distract me. In my head there was such a place for Molcia that even in more difficult moments, stressful moments at work, I just looked at this dog that was lying quietly at my feet or on the contrary – he was jumping on my lap – and I immediately calmed down. He was such a shock absorber of bad thoughts and stress – the fact that I was distracting from work and going outside with my dog ​​helped.


When writing about going out with the dog, I must also add that what I have always associated with an unpleasant duty, i.e. going out every morning and evening, has become a pleasure.


Well, maybe I still have to get used to going out in the morning ;-), but these evenings … at 21:30 you can go out by yourself or make an appointment with a neighbor, someone who also has a dog, to let the dogs play with each other … 90% of those exits were without a phone – just the dog and me. I realized this the dog forces me to do things that he likes very muchę, but which I always had to plan in my orderly life – meditation, walk – and now I realized that the dog is planning such a meditation in motion alone. And I am very happy about it.


I also discovered that even a small rain does not bother me (as long as I do not have recordings or meetings later ;-)) and this rain … gives me a lot of fun, I like getting wet a bit! WITHI started to point out that sometimes it’s nice to get wet, especially if it’s rain after a hot day.


In the end, we got to the rhythm of the day that the morning departure with Molcia took place while taking the children to kindergarten, and in the evening it was time for a quiet walk for me, and if I am alone with the children – we still had our small garden at our disposal, where the dog could go or play with the boys while I clean the house.


codziennie after work we started going for long walks with the dog. And the happiness we experienced during these long walks was extremely uplifting for our whole family. Obviously, we should also go for long walks without a dog, but let’s face it that more often the mass of things that need to be done at home and at work is lost with a long walk. However, thanks to the presence of Molcia, we found time for it, because we had to – without discussion. And it turned out that it was possible. These walks were a great experience for us. And every day, when we picked up the boys from kindergarten, we were greeted with the question – what will the walk be?


I realized that this Mr.iesek was like some… missing element of our family. Something I totally did not expect. So much so that when my sister came to pick up the dog on Sunday, I… cried for him. I felt a void – I realized that this was what was missing in our lives. When a few days later Ania needed help with Molcia, because she had other duties, I immediately offered my help and we took the doggie for another week.


And again it was an amazing time and we realized that … it’s time to look for a doggie for us.


I hope we have all the conditions to be able to have a dog. And after all this time with Molcia, I think it is. Even when we go to the office, we go away for the weekend, and our children have to stay at home, they are always looked after. So we already talked to my mother, our nanny, my sister or friend and each of them offered to help when needed.


I think that were it not for the fact that everyone saw how we looked after Molcia and how much fun it made us, probably hearing about the idea of ​​having a dog, they would have considered it some kind of whim, for which we will definitely not have time, a toy that we like he will get bored in a moment. My mother was never a dog fan and always said it was a duty I would take on my head, that we don’t have time for it – when my sister bought a dog it was the same. However, when she saw how much fun I was having Molcia at home, she said herself that I should have a dog, because it affects me so well, it affects us – I couldn’t believe it.


I was surprised, how much the presence of Molcia in our life changed my mind, how much she opened my distant husband and my children not used to dogs.


And here’s where this quote works great “What you think – you create, what you create – this is what you become”. When you think you are happy and thankful for it, you create it – you see more things to be thankful for, and that makes you happier. And by creating gratitude – you become that gratitude.


The decision to have a doggie was something that came out of me … and was accepted by the whole family, often before I told them about our plans. In my life I have appreciated my intuition and I trust it quite strongly.


Really I did the best things under the influence of strong emotions related to my intuition – and not unpleasant, difficult emotions, full of anger and regret, but the pleasant emotions – I will certainly write a separate post about it, because perhaps I will inspire you to such a journey into yourself.


We have created a list of features that a dog should have to perfectly match our family, about which I will prepare a separate post. I hope you will accompany me on this journey – I myself am curious if we will have a new family member on all fours or not.


Maybe you have some tips for me, what guided you when choosing a dog? Or why didn’t you decide to get a dog? Or maybe how long did it take for you to take the dog? Be sure to let me know.


Also let me know if you had the opportunity to try before – like us – how to live with a dog? Or maybe you took the dog into your home and regretted the decision?


I will be grateful if you help me and tell me how it is with you – do you have children, how you cope in difficult times and why you made such a decision and no other.


What’s your story?




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