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Starting the series of posts about pram reviews, I couldn’t help but start with the first stroller that came to our home – the Mutsy Evo in the 2in1 version, i.e. a deep stroller and a stroller in one, so a gondola or a stroller seat can be mounted on one frame.

When choosing the first pram, we were primarily focused on ensuring that it had:

1. Small size after folding – to fit in our small trunk – both the frame and the gondola
2. A large gondola – enough to accommodate a Child up to 6 months
2. The adapters are Cybex car seats/ Maxi Cosi (these are the same adapters) – so that when you go to the doctor or shop for a while, you can mount our car seat on the frame
3. Low weight – was relatively light
4. Folding seat flat, in addition with the possibility of transporting the child both front and back, so-called interleaved seat
5. Simple, elegant design

Mutsy Evo is one of the few models of the 2w1 strollers that can be freely combined, so you can freely choose and buy separately a frame, a gondola and a walking seat, in various colors. Although we bought the Mutsy Evo stroller in the 2-in-1 version, i.e. frame + gondola + stroller, you can buy this stroller in a different configuration, for example only the frame + gondola or only the frame + stroller. That is why I decided to separately review this stroller in the deep and walking version, as two separate products.

Mutsy Evo trolley frame

Unlike other Mutsy models, the frame of the Evo stroller when folded has a broken construction in the middle (it does not look as beautiful and modern as, for example, the Mutsy Igo model, which frame resembles the shape of the letter L), thanks to which the frame after folding takes up much less space than the other products of this brand.

holder has adjustable height, which makes the stroller comfortable for both short and tall people, I’m afraid that a really tall person can kick the brake with a high raised handle. The foot brake was comfortable, although to unlock it you had to lift it up, so in sandals or elegant clean entities sometimes you had to get tired. I love the brakes on prams, which are also released by pressing the sole of a shoe. The stroller handle is finished in one of two leather colors, black or brown and depending on which skin color we will choose accordingly we have available rack colors:

  • brown leather, so-called Nomad / Industrial version: black, silver or dark gray frame
  • black skin: black or silver frame

Our frame and leather were black, the gondola and stroller upholstery was also black.

The stroller is pretty cool cushioned rear wheels and no depreciation in the front wheels. The frame is fitted with foam as standard wheels, but for an extra PLN 260 you can buy rear inflatable wheels. We did not use this option in order not to increase the weight of the trolley, we decided that since these wheels can always be bought, we will re-filter the foam first and if we are very dissatisfied we will think about replacing them.

Front wheels trolleys are torsionbut you can do them block – unfortunately you cannot do it with your foot, you have to use your handswhich becomes troublesome on rainy days. Alone the trolley runs great – he is very agile and light in handling, he also raises quite decently.

It is hung on the frame open basket – a big plus for its size, minus the fact that I think that hung too low, which means that during the walk sand pours inside, and under quite light weight it can scrub against the ground, so be careful to evenly distribute objects inside.

You can choose a gondola or walking seat in one of the prams 10 colors:

Mutsy Evo Stroller colors

Mutsy Evo deep pram or so-called gondola

mutsy evo review reviews

mutsy evo reviews parenting blog review

Choosing the stroller gondola, I followed her length. We used the stroller in this version for almost 7 months, so we managed to go through the whole winter and early spring – exactly as I wanted. Thanks to this, I did not have to move my baby too early, who, for example, does not sit down on his own yet, into a stroller and provide him with protection against wind, sun and rain during this period. The cover of the gondola could have a slightly higher stand-up collar, and the hood could have an additional canopy to provide perfect protection, but I easily dealt with it by throwing a muslin diaper on the pram. Although it is not the largest possible gondola on the market, it was enough for us for such a long period. This is also influenced by the individual sizes of each Child – some Children will fit in this carrycot longer, and others for a shorter time.

As I wrote before, I really wanted to the entire pram fit in our small trunk and the Mutsy Evo was the only pram model we saw, which in its entirety, i.e. the frame + gondola, fit in our trunk and this left the competition far behind.

An undoubted advantage is the implementation of the gondola, the ability to wash most of the elements, especially the interior. We bought a special sheet for the mattress to wash it without removing the original mattress cover. The set also includes a wedge cushion, which we have always used.

The gondola also has two carrying systems: a handle hidden in the gondola kennel and a system of straps fastened with special latches, which we have never used.

When we went out for the first walk with the child in the city, I had the impression that the head of the Newborn is slightly bouncing on the uneven pavement, which was certainly due to the lack of depreciation in the front wheels, so quickly I supplied myself with anti-shock pillow, which completely eliminated this effect and made our satisfaction with the deep version of the stroller very high, because it met all our requirements at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, the stroller in the deep version does not have any additional accessories, such as a raincoat, and their price in the original version is quite high.

This stroller can be purchased in the shop in the reviewed deep version for PLN 1498.

Other combinations are available:

  • 2w1 version already at the price of 2022 PLN,
  • frame from 920 PLN
  • gondola from PLN 578
  • walking seat from 524 PLN
  • pushchair from 1444 PLN
  • deep trolley from PLN 1498

My assessment of the Mutsy Evo in the deep version is 4,4 / 5.

This assessment consists of:

Size after folding: 5 / 5
Driving convenience: 5 / 5
Comfort for a child: 5 / 5
Easy to carry: 5 / 5
Weight: 4 / 5
Price: 5 / 5
Wind / sun / rain protection: 3 / 5
Design: 4 / 5

Mutsy Evo stroller

mutsy evo stroller review reviews

When choosing the first stroller, I was guided by it that it necessarily had the ability to bring the child forward and backwardalthough in my case I should have written facing the parent. I have always liked walks and I knew that I would like to actively use this time with my Child, and thanks to the possibility of carrying the Child both in front and back, I always decide whether we will now have contact with each other. I admit that this turned out to be the right criterion – at the age of 15 months my Smyk was driving forward facing a few times, and the remaining walks were marked by eye contact, laughing, fooling around, singing or telling stories, or simply looking at himself.

The second important criterion for me was the possibility unfolding the stroller flat that is, both the adjustable backrest and adjustable footrestand this cart was almost completely disassembled. From the very beginning, the stroller seemed to be too little sheltered, and the booth too small, but only everyday use showed us how right these fears were.

It turned out that after folding the stroller flat the booth does not protect the child at all from rain, wind or sun. Even a gentle rain landed directly on the child’s face, and on a sunny day the sun did not come off the face of the Malec, who didn’t like it terribly.


In addition, the stroller seat is mounted without adapters, thanks to which it is hung much lower than the gondola, too low for me to have close and comfortable contact with the child. The stroller with the walking seat was also less comfortable to drive and raise than with a gondola.

Unfortunately, the straps in the stroller though 5-points have a tendency to detach with greater fidgeting of the child, which is a huge downside for me.

The trolley frame in this version can be folded together with the seat, however, only in one orientation, I never remembered whether front or back, something always bothered me, so after several such not always successful attempts I always unhooked the seat from the frame.

I estimate the stroller in the walking version at 3/5

This assessment consists of:
Size after folding: 5 / 5
Driving convenience: 4 / 5
Comfort for a child: 1 / 5
Easy to carry: 4 / 5
Weight: 3/5 – quite high weight for a stroller
Price: 3/5 – at this price we have a huge selection of other strollers
Wind / sun / rain protection: 1 / 5
Design: 3 / 5



Summarizing – Mutsy Evo is the perfect deep trolley for people who value simple design, mainly walking around the city or on paved surfaces, having a small or medium city car with a small luggage area.

Mutsy Evo is also an average strollerwhich, in my opinion, does not even provide sufficient protection for the child against wind, sun and rain. Therefore, we quickly changed it to another. What? You will read in the next post.

Do I recommend the Mutsy Evo stroller?

Definitely yes – for the first six months of a child’s life in the frame + gondola version.

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