A year ago we went to Rome for a month, where am I going now?

I have dreamed of going for a similar trip for years, I try not to have high expectations, but emotions in me cannot fall.

I love signposts in my life

2 years ago, after careful analysis, I identified 3 main, i.e. rodzinahealth i securityand as the fourth I added personal development, provided the first three are met. I would not like to make a career or look for myself in a way that would endanger our family or threaten to lose my health, I value life balance very highly.



However, since I read the book “Eat, Pray and Love”, I could not stop dreaming about go to India alone – in search of oneself. Only this ends my similarities to the main character of the novel, because I love my husband and children to kill, I do not intend to divorce or leave my family and company, even for a month, so such a trip is now completely out of my reach.



Our month long trip to Rome was a great adventure, we brought back wonderful memories, but also an important lesson and development for our whole family – without a doubt, the quickest thing I noticed was that no matter where we went, our problems would go with us, and in the light of giving up home comforts (such as a comfortable home or kindergarten under your breath) many of them, especially the mundane ones for parents of a six-month-old and three-year-old child, may even intensify.

This lesson allowed me to understand that nie so much important where, Co with who i co.

Recent months have been extremely religious for me (but I will tell you about this sooner when I am ready). I am glad that I am coming back to my strength, but no experience affects us. I obviously needed a painful lesson, because it turned out to be a big mess in my mind and to start another process of my development.


The more I appreciate myself and try to make friends and fully accept myself, the better I see how much adversity is in me.


I love the speed of big cities, hundreds of people pass by on their streets every day.

I love the silence of the countryside and seclusion from the crowds.

I love to set the bar higher and higher, constantly invent something new, do more and faster.

I just love being and doing nothing, being happy to be just and feeling the great value that comes from it.

I love screwing myself and challenging myself.

I love to take it easy.

I love the company of friends and acquaintances, students, clients and all of you.

I only love being with my husband and children.

I love sharing my life with others.

I love privacy.

I love to cross my borders.

I love to feel safe and give up some activities.

I love comfort, convenience and being surrounded by beautiful and functional things.

I love minimalism.


And although it may seem very strange to you, I do not like any of these things less than others.


Or maybe you know this feeling?


I have a huge need get to know each other betterlisten better to your needs, trust your intuition morere-evaluate maybe a bit to have very much solid foundation to make your daily decisions in line with my values. I want better organize your inner world, it’s better to deal with the amount of information and emotions that bomb us every day.


Type strengthen this strong woman, which I increasingly consider myself to be a stronger Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Businesswoman.

I would like to better deal with the tensionI sometimes feel when I see how many different desires and needs I have and I want to accept them with full acceptance, also when life is not going my way and I feel pain and fear instead of peace.
Therefore, after several conversations, we decided with Wojtek that I will go alone this year – not to India, but to Poland, not for a month, but for a week – for a retreat for which I don’t take my phone or computer – I take the old phone without any applications and a new number that only Wojtek knows, so that I can call him and the children in the morning and evening, and all day under the supervision of the teacher I will develop my sense of value and strength, meditate and learn to reduce stress and tension, and above all breathe consciously and relax.
I believe that Children are already big enough to cope with separation by this time, having each other and my beloved Dad at their side.

I’m going to support my inner strength, to be able to draw on it throughout my life, and to share it with others.

That is why for the next week I will not be here or in social media – it will be an extraordinary experience for me and although today I feel a certain level of anxiety related to the fact that I will not answer dozens of phone calls every day, not several hundred e-mails, messages, only my team will have to advise himself, ufam him and I know they will do their best. I trust Wojtkowi that he would look after the children best, so that I could come back to them stronger, better overcome everyday adversities and return to full strength.
When this post is published, I am in retreat.
And you, would you feel like and courageous for such a lonely trip? Or maybe you already have one behind you?
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