Children’s corner in the office

Children’s corner in the office? I used to say that it is impossible with us, but since we are struggling with the pandemic, closed schools and kindergartens, children are more and more frequent guests in our office. They visit us at work or spend their free time with us here. It also often happens that they come to the office children of our clients or co-workers. And if so, we wanted them to have their place here! Without a doubt, with such a corner we work several times faster than when bored children wander around the office … and we follow them.



Children’s corner in the office


This place became extremely useful during the pandemic, when we had to limit the number of places we visited. The boys often spent almost whole days with us, absorbed in playing and studying, and we devoted ourselves to our daily duties in the office.


On the first floor of our office – right next to the conference room – we have arranged a children’s corner, for relaxation and fun. On the one hand, we wanted it to be filled with fairy-tale characters, and on the other, that it should not dominate the office space.


Furniture in the children’s corner


We moved the furniture here from our attic – a table with chairs by the French brand Janod from the Arctic collection perfectly matched the colorful atmosphere, without taking up too much space. We also separated the space optically with a jute rug.



Janod Arctic 3-piece table with chairs



And the leitmotif? Recently, Moomin appeared on Canal + in a new edition, which my children loved, and after watching all the episodes, we started with the old episodes – exactly the ones I watched as a child. So we invited our loved ones to our children’s corner  Moomin – characters you see both small and large guests of our office smile. Most importantly – in such an arrangement, every toddler feels great, and we do not get nystagmus, which often accompanies children’s play corners.


A rack on wheels for toys


There is also a table with chairs in the children’s corner bookcase on wheels filled with books, puzzles and toys, which helps us keep order here after play, and most importantly – children’s topics can easily go aside if more space is needed in the office.


children's corner bookcase


With the onset of spring aura, on warm days, we set up the boys’ favorite hammock on the terrace, which always reminds them Daddy Moomin’s fairy-tale hammock.


children's corner hammock



And since we already have such a fairy-tale atmosphere, it is impossible not to agree that our little guests should be entertained with drinks adequate to the seriousness of the whole situation. Surely you are asking yourself what do these fairy-tale characters have to do with tea? Moomin teas they are packed in wonderful, colorful cans, and each of them shows the character of the main character of the fairy tale! You will find different flavors and designs in the store coffeedesk  – and here you will find the Teministeriet tea collection with Moomins – I am sure it will awaken the childhood memories of many adults.




children's corner


As you know, I am a huge supporter of ecological solutions and reusable products, and cans of these teas can be a beautiful decoration for a child’s room, desk or magic kitchen – so they are 100% reusable. These metal cans are not only very cute, but also help to take better care of our planet.


moomin tea



Not only the packaging is fabulous. Each of the teas contains different types flower petals, berries and fruitwhich provide teas with an amazing aroma and a wonderful, sweet taste with no added sugar, which is a huge plus in the diet of our children.



There are two ways of making tea, using warm or cold water. Our children love the latter way, and thanks to this we can weave a healthy drink containing many vitamins into their diet. Undoubtedly, ice cubes also add charm, which turn it into the real ice tea:


children's corner iced tea



As I mentioned earlier, tea also interested the older group of connoisseurs. Not only do I love it, but our entire team and, of course, the guests – also adults. Here’s a portion for Mom!


children's corner 



Following this step, we use to serve tea (especially coffee to go in the car) KEEPCUP cups made of durable glass (see). Tight cover made of non-toxic plastic and cork headband make the mug amazing bezpiecznyboth for our children and on the desk next to our computers. Anyone who has flooded a laptop once will certainly appreciate its advantages.



children's corner



Even if the closed cup tips over, the tea or coffee stays in place – it is completely tight and resistant to breaking, and therefore super safe not only for our children, but also for exits – especially now, when we mainly drink coffee instead of in a cafe.



children's corner table



Each sip of tea guarantees us a journey to the world of Moomins! It has become part of everyday life in our lives. It also works well as a great gift for both children and adults. It not only tastes good, but also charms with its wonderful, fairy-tale packaging, which, after drinking the tea, will 100% stay with the recipients for longer, evoking warm thoughts not only about the Moomins, but also about yours 



children's Corner


I am curious if you appreciate child-friendly places and how do you like it with us? Are you coming over for tea?


children's Corner

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