Winter stroller tuning, i.e. a sleeping bag for a stroller

sleeping bag for a stroller

All last winter, Mikołaj rode in a gondola, so the choice of a sleeping bag was simple - I chose a tiny one that perfectly fit into the gondola, inexpensive, because I knew that it was Miki's first and last season in this form of a pram.

This year, the choice of sleeping bag is much more difficult, especially because Santa is already taking his first steps, after which his shoes tend to be muddy, so my choice of sleeping bags is limited to those with an unbuttoned bottom, so that in the case of muddy shoes they can be put out except for the nice and clean material.

So I have prepared for you an overview of sleeping bags for a stroller, and each of them allows you to put dirty shoes outside.

the best sleeping bag for the stroller pram
1. YES> click
2. BabyMatex> click
3. Orbit> click
4. Lodger Explorer Shell> click
5. Samiboo> click
6. La Millou> click
7. Skip Hop> click
8. Kees> click

My choice? If I were to follow my heart (and my heart loves nice gadgets) I would choose La Millou sleeping bag, necessarily with muffs to complete - would fit perfectly in our pram Peg Perego Completo Avana.


sleeping bag trolley la millou pure bears


And which would you choose for yourself? Or maybe you already have a sleeping bag - be sure to write what and if you are satisfied!



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  • Martuni

    we chose a sleeping bag from Bliblo 🙂 after two years it looks the same as on the day of purchase, and the colors did not match

  • Magda

    What insert would you recommend? I have a warm blanket la millou and I wonder whether to invest in a sleeping bag or just in the insole. I understand that you didn't buy the sleeping bag but the changed stroller, right?

    • 07.11.2016

      Magda, I had a warm, la millou blanket, but the smallest one. I bought an insert for it, but it turned out to be as thin as possible - it simply serves as a decoration. I also had a Samiboo insert and it was much thicker and it was much better as a warm lining - then I rolled the blankets under it, it was fine. Until the Toddler started to dig up to the fullest, then we changed the pram and I wrap my son with a blanket, I pull the cover on and it's great. Although I am thinking about buying a sleeping bag for another season 😉 and probably with my knowledge I would have bought it a year ago - now we use the stroller much less so I will probably stay with the blanket 😉


    7 I would take if I needed :)

  • 06.11.2015

    I would also choose La Millou. First of all, it is beautiful, and secondly I know the quality of their products. But unfortunately this one wouldn't fit our red trolley at all; (
    And so completely different from the topic. How many months exactly is Santa? I recently found your blog, so I still have to catch up 🙂

    • 06.11.2015

      But you would definitely find one that goes with red 🙂
      So far, today I have apologized with the stroller insert and with the blanket from La Millou and are again in our pram wóz
      And Mikołaj has recently finished 13 months 🙂

    • Milka

      I am just going to buy a la millou sleeping bag, but for a few days I have been wondering about the size, the baby girl is about to end one year old, probably M would be appropriate, but her cousin is walking in S and it does not look bad ... What is your choice?

    • 23.11.2015

      I would personally take the M - 100% longer, and the price difference is not high

    • 13.11.2018

      A very nice article. I like the mistake that I am going shopping with the sleeping bag 🙂

  • cosmomama

    6,7,8 I can't choose one 🙂