Winter stroller tuning, i.e. a sleeping bag for a stroller

sleeping bag for a stroller

All last winter, Mikołaj rode in a gondola, so the choice of a sleeping bag was simple - I chose a tiny one that perfectly fit into the gondola, inexpensive, because I knew that it was Miki's first and last season in this form of a pram.

This year, the choice of sleeping bag is much more difficult, especially because Santa is already taking his first steps, after which his shoes tend to be muddy, so my choice of sleeping bags is limited to those with an unbuttoned bottom, so that in the case of muddy shoes they can be put out except for the nice and clean material.

So I have prepared for you an overview of sleeping bags for a stroller, and each of them allows you to put dirty shoes outside.

the best sleeping bag for the stroller pram
1. YES> click
2. BabyMatex> click
3. Orbit> click
4. Lodger Explorer Shell> click
5. Samiboo> click
6. La Millou> click
7. Skip Hop> click
8. Kees> click

My choice? If I were to follow my heart (and my heart loves nice gadgets) I would choose La Millou sleeping bag, necessarily with muffs to complete - would fit perfectly in our pram Peg Perego Completo Avana.


sleeping bag trolley la millou pure bears


And which would you choose for yourself? Or maybe you already have a sleeping bag - be sure to write what and if you are satisfied!



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