How to organize a breastfeeding corner?

When I was pregnant, breastfeeding seemed abstract to me, to say the least… I couldn’t imagine it or wanted it to. However, I knew what a salutary influence it can have on the Child, so I decided to learn as much as possible about it and how to best prepare and organize for it. Immediately after the wonderful workshop “Just a midwife” with Agnieszka Maciąg, who talked so beautifully about childbirth and breastfeeding, I knew that I would do everything to make breastfeeding successful, so I started organizing a nursing corner.

1. A comfortable place to sit

best breastfeeding chair

I knew that in my case it cannot be a bed … I did not want to pack into bedding every 2-3 hours during the day, and risk falling asleep with a newborn in my arms at night. Therefore, having a free place in the children’s room at my disposal, I decided to arrange a feeding corner there, the main element of which was an armchair. You can read about how we chose the only feeding chair here. Ultimately, we decided on the Strandmon armchair from the Ikea store. When choosing the armchair, apart from the fact that it is to be absolutely large and comfortable, I was also guided by the fact that it would someday find application in our home. This armchair will someday stand in the bedroom, and I will spend the evenings reading a book in it. Our armchair turned out to be so comfortable that I spent a lot of time in it already pregnant!

If there is an armchair, it must be a footrest – I did not think about it myself, but I used the footrest in the hospital and it worked great, we had the same one at home – you can buy it for only PLN 9,99 in Ikea.

2. Feeding pillow

motherhood croissant pillow for breastfeeding

Since we are comfortably seated, we must also comfortably feed and cuddle the baby. In order not to hold it on your hands in the air, you will need a feeding pillow. It can be an ordinary home pillow. I was in the hospital and barely moving after the birth, feeding on the hospital bed without supporting my back, I couldn’t cope with their pain, which I had from holding the baby or leaning towards him, so I asked Wojtek to give me a nursing pillow. Wojtek chose a special crescent-shaped pillow for me and it was wonderful. I would put my baby on it, hug it, stroke it. If I was choosing a pillow myself today, I would have chosen a bigger / higher one, I had to put a pillow or two under my pillow. But she was still wonderful! Therefore, it is good to take the feeding pillow to the hospital.

3. Table

breastfeeding gadgets breast pump medela mini electric

And on it all the necessary accessories – each mom will have different. There was a notebook on my notebook, in which I scrupulously wrote down how much time and from which breast the baby was eating, I also had breastfeeding covers ready for breastfeeding, especially at the beginning. Our each feeding took between 40 and 75 minutes… so now you know why. I also liked having 100% lanolin in the tube – I chose the Medela company, as did the feeding trays.

4. Blanket

As for a girl “under the blanket”, the blanket had to be. Especially at night, when I was getting out of a hot bed, I was taking a hot baby into my arms, the blanket warmed us both perfectly.

5. Clock


Everything was complemented by a clock on the wall … and melodies in the background …

6. Additional accessories

Undoubtedly my favorite among breastfeeding accessories that I recommend to every future mother is breast pump. It was thanks to him that I was able to quickly cope with the lack of food after cesarean section – I started using it in the hospital. It was thanks to him that I was able to express my milk before leaving the house and leave it in the bottle to be served by my dad during my temporary absence. It also helped me solve other feeding problems that I was having a hard time having.


I decided on electric breast pump Mini Electric from Medela, but for the second time I would consider adding to the higher Swing model, because… when I turned it on for the first time, I thought it was broken! It made noise like a tractor! The higher model also has an additional function to stimulate lactation. However, if you want to pay so much for a breast pump, I will reassure you that the noise of the cheaper breast pump does not bother the baby, it does not wake him up – neither does the husband 


If you decide to get cheaper manual breast pump (because I think every breast-feeding mother must have) my friends recommend the one from Avent.


If we are pumping, I will also mention storage containers milk – I chose a set of 10 containers from Avent, it is quite a large one-off expense, but I must admit that it is also very attractive in terms of price compared to disposable bags. I think today I would think about glass jars … the most important thing is that the container should be approved for contact with baby food.


This list could not be missed either breast pads – especially until lactation has stabilized, many moms find them very useful. My favorites are the Lansinoh brands, I put Medela in second place – both models have double tapes and are the best.


Ah … the very thought of our shared moments spent in our nursing corner makes my heart warm … it was in it that Wojtek surreptitiously recorded an absolutely touching film for us, when we first brought Mikołaj home, I sat with him in this armchair and … I cried with happiness to the tune “twinkle twinkle little star” … I dreamed about this moment for the last few years …


PS This post was written in preparation for the birth of my first son, today I am a double mother and you will find my newest feeding corner here.


And how did you organize or plan to organize your feeding?


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