The best stroller - how to choose the perfect one?

How to choose the perfect stroller

Very often, Wojtek and I wonder how amazingly our world is built. In Poland, you can easily buy a few hundred, and probably several thousand different prams, and each of them finds its recipient, who, after all, is trying to choose the best product.


To start choosing the best stroller, we must first answer the question: what a perfect stroller is for usand only then can we deal with how to choose the best stroller.


When setting requirements for our stroller, we should get out of restrictions, i.e. what features a stroller cannot have. At the outset, this will allow us to narrow down the circle of research.


Our restrictions were as follows:


  • trunk size - when folded, the trolley must fit into the trunk, ideally as if there were still small purchases or a bag; it was important for me that the stroller seat should be folded together with the frame; here most of the trolleys with an L-shaped frame have fallen off (e.g. Mutsy Igo)
  • lifting - I could not lift, and the trunk in the car is quite high, so I wanted the stroller not to be too heavy; our limit was 10 kg; I think all the trolleys with pumped wheels fell off immediately


But restrictions can be completely different, for example:


  • teren - if you live outside the city and move mainly on unpaved roads, then you must choose a stroller that will best absorb these inconveniences; the same if you love walking in the woods, you should look for a stroller on large, preferably pumped wheels
  • budget - if you can spend a really small amount on a stroller


Our must-have, which is what the stroller can not miss:


  • postponed seat - during walks, we love to have eye contact with Miki, then we can laugh, fool around, I can show him the world and tell him about everything; probably when he gets older he will prefer to drive facing the world, so a rearranged seat is a must
  • unfolding seat flat - we live by the sea and, especially in summer, we spend long hours outside, thanks to the flat-folded seat, which is additionally wide and comfortable, Santa can sleep in a stroller like in a gondola and take various positions, e.g. sleep on the side, which he loves
  • huge shack - as protection against wind and sun, we already had a stroller with a symbolic doghouse (Mutsy Evo) and we know that a decent, large shack is a must
  • single wheels, swivel at the front with a lock function - we will also drive the stroller in winter, and snow and mud enters the double wheels, which makes it very difficult to drive such strollers when there is snow or slush outside the window; I also have to be able to block them, which is useful in areas with holes, paving stones or putting the child to sleep by waving the stroller back and forth
  • adjustable footrest - a comfortable sleep is very important to us, as well as the comfort of a child up to a year and a half whose legs are too short to rest them on a non-adjustable footrest
  • the bag can be hung on the trolley handle - many models near the handle have an inscription that you must not hang a bag on them! I would almost buy such a stroller myself (Baby Jogger City Mini), and even today we are going on a trip to the center of Gdynia with Santa Claus, a bag fully packed, so it's obligatory for us!
  • the possibility of driving the trolley with one hand - how else could it be? 😉 all umbrellas fall off (we don't want to use connectors)


Your must-have can be very different, for example:


  • design - perhaps you cannot imagine buying a "ordinary", "average" stroller ... you prefer to bet on something eye-catching, something beautiful with a modern or old-fashioned look, even if it is followed by less comfort, more space, heavy weight or high price
  • sporty character - if running or roller skating is a permanent element of your every day, or you want it to become one
  • ultra light weight - if you travel a lot or are looking for a second stroller for small trips
  • bucket seat - I do not understand this phenomenon and at the moment I did not take such prams into account at all, because my priority is a flat-folded seat, but I know that many people choose only from among the bucket seats; bucket seats also take up much more space, because they are not folded




  • parent console - I love our Chicco stroller, which we got from my Sister's children, I have to admit that it raised the bar very high, basically having two major drawbacks: no foldable seat and double wheels. It is thanks to him that I fell in love with such gadgets as a console for a parent (you can put a phone, change, and a drink), a console for a child with a removable tray, with a place for a bottle or a non-spill cup. Therefore, a parent console would be a huge plus.
  • console for the child - as above
  • nice design - it is not without significance to me
  • decent price - I would not like to pay more than PLN 1500 for a stroller
  • additional accessories included - rain cover or a cover for the legs, which will better protect the child from unfavorable weather
  • large shopping basket - and one that doesn't scrub the ground


You already know my guidelines under which I chose the stroller.


On this basis, we decided on a stroller Peg Perego Book Plus in Avana color.

We loved strollers and testing them, and with the growth of the child and subsequent prams our requirements have changed, so if you are looking for the perfect pram, be sure to check out our other baby stroller tests:


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And what are your requirements for the stroller? And what choices did you make?


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  • Charles

    I needed a small, lightweight one and I recently bought an x-follow xlander and it's not only pretty, it's also really cool to ride 🙂 folded with one hand, big plus for that

  • Amelia

    I am fresh out of buying the X-lander X-fly. A tiny stroller, super light. I was looking for a pram for about 2 months and it finally fell on this miracle. First impressions great. It is very easy to drive, it has nice cushioning which I was afraid of. Small wheels can handle it not only on smooth asphalt, but I can also recommend it

    • To give

      The comfort of the baby and mother is very important.

  • Maja

    the new stroller is very happy, we also recently bought the Euro-Cart Volt Pro model - as many as I read opinions about strollers before I bought my own, it's a small head, how many strollers are there so many opinions and I was already stupid and did not know what to buy. so I bought one like my neighbor from the apartment block, she said that she was satisfied. I stopped reading reviews and chose live recommendations 🙂

  • 04.06.2020

    Hello, I recently bought an X-Cite from an X-lander. I made the purchase through online presentations, because today the baby was born in the times of the crown .. the stroller exceeded my expectations. The X-Rest insert we bought made the daughter ride this trolley to the end. It is very shapely, because the gondolas seem crude and I don't like them. This one thanks to the insert serves us from the first days of my daughter. A great option with this insert.

  • karola

    I put on a roadster in the countryside and bought x-move and will probably travel after every verse, I thought about anex but somehow convinced me more x-lander 🙂

  • monument

    I needed a shapely stroller and wanted to buy a 2in1 set and although I heard that there is no cool stroller from the set, I found it! I bought an x-pulse x-lander and I love this stroller. The gondola was great, now I go for a walk and it is fantastic, a big plus for the fact that I can fold it in one part and this look! aesthetically made stroller, functional, I can confidently recommend 🙂

  • Basia

    I read many reviews on the internet and found nothing about the Larktale stroller. Despite this, I took a chance and I can safely recommend 🙂

    • KasiaD

      and how? say something more. how is it used is it easy to fold and transport by car?

    • 19.10.2019

      I raise the question 🙂 I also think about it and look for some opinions about it

    • Greece

      I also have a stroller from this company. It is very solid, but very light, manoeuvrable and very easy to fold to a small size 🙂 Worth your money

    • Aneta

      Folds in a few seconds and weighs about 6,5 kg. It does not take up much space, it is also suitable for a car

  • jula

    Cybex Priam is my favorite. We bought it on promotion at the Tosia store and it's beautiful!

    • Maria

      We also bought Cybex in the Tosia store and I am enchanted by it - not only practical, but also beautiful!

  • Paulina

    Our stroller has been anex x air stroller. It works great for us and gives advice during travels.

  • Marcela88

    I had the exact same thing, I couldn't decide on a stroller. In the end we bought an annet pram from lionelo and we don't regret it. It meets all our requirements. XXL has a huge plus for me 😉

  • kolorova

    Many of these questions arise when choosing a stroller. I admit, I went to the easy way, I consulted a shop employee with carts and immediately led me to carts from Adamex. I chose one of the models (I won't remember my name in my life) and I'm a happy user for 12 months. I don't regret 🙂

  • 09.11.2018

    Hello, and will you review the novelty from hauck?

  • Agnieszka

    Hello, I'm just looking for a stroller and you perfectly hit what she expects from her 🙂 do you know where stationary you can buy this stroller?

  • Laura

    First, I love your blog! I learn a lot about motherhood and the world of our little toddlers. I am writing an inquiry regarding the perfect stroller ... if it exists.
    I read about all the pushchairs you have tested. But I still can't choose ... I want a fairly light stroller and rather smaller dimensions (I have a small car), I plan to travel a lot with our daughter (currently she is 4 months old). Could you advise which of the strollers would you recommend more: Easywalker Buggy XS or Peg Perogio Book Plus, or maybe Mamas & Papas? I would like to invest in one decent stroller, until my daughter just wants to walk on her own legs. I dream of such a stroller both for summer and winter, practical, advisable on Polish pavements and cobblestones, and most importantly, that it should be comfortable for a child.

  • Werson

    With such good strollers that work, for example in the summer, we have Minima with Easy go. From the beginning I fell in love with its design, and when it comes to use - it is pleasant, light to run, easy to fold. The model is minimalistic, not everyone will like it, but I'm in love with it 🙂

  • Karolina Stefaniak

    I often go for walks with my son, so the investment that was a pram was very important to me. My husband and I chose the Adamex Vicco 3w1 stroller and we are very pleased. It is very quick and easy to go from the gondola to the stroller. The stroller has great shock absorbers, which greatly improves ride comfort, plus tubeless gel wheels

    • iwona

      we are currently considering buying vicco from adamex. I came across opinions that the deep pram is very good but the baby strollers grow up very quickly. Has your child already moved to the stroller? I ask for advice.

  • Paulina Tokarczyk

    I have the 2w1 Barletta stroller from Adamex. From the gondola I can quickly go into a stroller, which is not a problem for me. The stroller has additional shock absorbers, which greatly improves driving comfort. I am very happy with it and my friend recommended it to me 🙂

  • Catherine-1997

    I would like to warn everyone who plans to buy a stroller, car seat or other items from the TRAST store of J. Mędral from Allegro. The products offered by the baby-coo store are of very poor quality. At the time of the (statutory) return, the seller reduces the value of the item by an average of 1 / 3 and does not make a full refund. CAUTION FOR A FAULT SELLER

  • Wojciech Lipowski

    Test, test, ask. In my opinion, friends are a mine of knowledge. And for technical matters: certainly the solidity of the structure, type of folding, turning of the wheels, assembly of these whole rainproof accessories. We chose Euro-Cart Crossline (Polish company) and we are satisfied (recommendation from friends).

  • Antosia

    I also had a big dilemma about this pram, because there is so much of it on the market. In the end I decided to volta. After some time of use, I find it was a very good choice.

  • Dorota

    I had a dilemma that was quickly resolved, because after a general talk with my parents-in-law about the need to buy a stroller, I was surprised by the easygo nitro stroller, I will not say that this was my first type when planning the purchase, but it turned out that grandparents succeeded , because after the first inspection and the first walks, the stroller passed my and my daughters tests positively and I conclude that they made this purchase altogether, although next time I would prefer someone to ask me for my opinion on this type of issues ...

    • 28.09.2016

      Oh this is a great gift on one hand, but it would be nice to be able to express your opinion before receiving such an expensive and useful gift. Now only be glad that they hit 🙂 and I understand you perfectly 🙂

    • Dorota

      I haven't looked in for a long time, but I will praise it ... in retrospect, it turns out that the stroller will be useful for a long, long time ... another consolation on the way, it turns out that it is a stroller with perspectives, because apparently it is also suitable for the smallest babies instead of a gondola and it seems in practice, that it may be true 🙂 so in general, double joy awaits me and at the same time double satisfaction with the possibility of "double" use of the gift 🙂

    • Limona

      My congratulations Dorota, great that it worked out so well. And I have a question not about the stroller itself, because we need a stroller for twins, but it caught the eye of such an easy go brand, how do you assess the quality of the strollers of this brand? How upholstery? Doesn't rub, doesn't fade?

    • Dorota

      thank you 🙂 so far nothing has rubbed off and absolutely not faded..I have no comparison with other models, but I can't fault nitro in terms of the quality of workmanship..I don't see any flaws, and you know how it splashes with a child here or yoghurt, here it will crumble, slime and it is generally difficult to predict what will be rubbed into the seat or smeared on the booth .. 😉 so it is important that all these can be cleaned, I have removable upholstery in our model, which definitely helps and so far everything comes off nicely, so the material is probably of good quality, since it does not "permanently" absorb all these stains.

    • Limona

      Thanks for the answer and detailed description 🙂 I just watched our stroller in the store and it looks great, the upholstery also looks fine, we will also probably buy duo comfort.

  • Iwona

    We have a worse thing because I have to buy a stroller for twins, I was not satisfied with the deep one, I wanted to cry when I was supposed to pack it in the car myself, it was heavy and it was difficult to assemble, so the stroller should be with an easier folding system, that's for sure can anyone recommend something?

    • 06.09.2016

      Oh, I've always dreamed of such a stroller <3 My friend has a twin version of Peg Perego Book and she is very pleased, have you looked at it?

    • Iwona

      I also got a little bad health, the choice of a stroller and its purchase fell on my husband, and we have a duo comfort pram, but I'm happy, very nice stroller, in total it meets my requirements, kids like to ride in it and this is the most important, in December we will also go in the mountains there will pass a real test 😉

  • Maja

    I fell into the truck madness on the bank, I already have a 4 stroller, but now it is probably the last because the child already wants to ride on average, although I am the most satisfied with this model, the Crossline model with euro cart

    • 09.05.2016

      this umbrella promises to be very nice, we will probably have to buy a lightweight stroller perfect for travel and quick shopping 🙂

  • EwelinaW

    We chose the Brirax B-Agile. I am very pleased with it, the most important advantages: light, small after folding - (this was one of the main motives, because neither of us has a station wagon), a large shed protecting from sun and wind, maneuverable, quite large foam wheels, large the stability of the stroller (I had the impression that many other strollers "bounce" while driving), very light handling, large seat - even a 3-4-year-old can ride in it comfortably. The main disadvantage - non-adjustable footrest, so our older deep stroller from Tako is better for longer sleeping. In general, we bought the Britax with traveling, city trips and shopping in mind, because it is a typical city trolley. And as a city stroller, it meets my expectations 100%. 🙂

    • 30.09.2015

      We also took him into account, I think that if he had a reclining seat he would be one of our favorites, because visually I like it better. I was also bothered by the fact that the booth after enlargement has this mesh, ah and a footrest. Ah, there are no ideals 😉

  • cosmomama

    I'm thinking about changing the stroller, because my current one is average. And what is the price of this miracle? 😉

    • 27.09.2015

      About PLN 1500 What do you have now?

    • cosmomama

      Espiro evo. While the gondola was fine, I don't like everything in a stroller 😉 or picky I'm doing 😉

    • 30.09.2015

      Oh these strollers is a difficult topic 😉

  • Edzia Pedzia

    We have a bucket seat and it does not take up much space - it is very comfortable. But he really has a kennel not too big and the sun really does hurt. We have a three-wheeler with a double foam rear wheel pumped - it is a very comfortable stroller. And it's super easy to drive. When choosing a pram, we made sure that it was a typical city pram - we are not forest and dirt road

    • 27.09.2015

      Probably the dimensions of the bucket depend on the pram model - my friend has a Stokke bucket and takes her half of the trunk 😉

  • Kasia Kramek

    just standing before buying a stroller: / I just like mutsy evo but everyone is writing about this short peak and I see that you also had a problem with it: /

    • 18.09.2015

      Mutsy Evo as a gondola proved to be sensational. The second time I would simply buy a frame with a gondola, without a stroller (it is possible), after about half a year I would sell, add and buy a great stroller 🙂
      The gondola was very comfortable, to wear and for a child, everything folded and fits even in our small trunk, on foam wheels it was not heavy. But a stroller is a failure for me.

    • Agnieszka Wyrzykowska

      Exactly, now I would only buy a gondola 🙂 Daszek in a stroller, failure ...

    • 27.09.2015

      But what visor? 😉

    • Agnieszka Wyrzykowska

      Roof, hood 😀

    • 28.09.2015

      Yes, call it, but you can't find it in the Mutsy Evo stroller 😉

  • Aleksandra

    for me, the stroller is a stroller that is on the eve of walking and only possibly to be used if necessary or to move quickly.
    I paid attention to the weight and the possibility of taking it to the plane, quick assembly and relatively soft wheels because it gives the child good teeth
    that's why I decided on Quinny Zap

    • 18.09.2015

      I think that with such requirements it is a great choice. The stroller has been with us since the 7th month, so there is no way to walk, and we have never flown together - yet 😉

    • Aleksandra

      some more and you will think like me 😉
      time flies quickly and children grow up crazy 🙂

    • 27.09.2015

      hihi you are probably right 😉 and you could use a mini stroller for the car 😉 but as a second one. In general, I would like to have prams with 5 😉

    • Emil

      I admit I have two, one lives in the trunk and travels with us, such a light stroller, and for walks I use the Branoecco stroller, one on pumped big wheels, comfortable, with a large shopping basket or now rather a doll's carriage, toys for sand and other necessary things for walking 😉