The best stroller - how to choose the perfect one?

How to choose the perfect stroller

Very often, Wojtek and I wonder how amazingly our world is built. In Poland, you can easily buy a few hundred, and probably several thousand different prams, and each of them finds its recipient, who, after all, is trying to choose the best product.


To start choosing the best stroller, we must first answer the question: what a perfect stroller is for usand only then can we deal with how to choose the best stroller.


When setting requirements for our stroller, we should get out of restrictions, i.e. what features a stroller cannot have. At the outset, this will allow us to narrow down the circle of research.


Our restrictions were as follows:


  • trunk size - when folded, the trolley must fit into the trunk, ideally as if there were still small purchases or a bag; it was important for me that the stroller seat should be folded together with the frame; here most of the trolleys with an L-shaped frame have fallen off (e.g. Mutsy Igo)
  • lifting - I could not lift, and the trunk in the car is quite high, so I wanted the stroller not to be too heavy; our limit was 10 kg; I think all the trolleys with pumped wheels fell off immediately


But restrictions can be completely different, for example:


  • teren - if you live outside the city and move mainly on unpaved roads, then you must choose a stroller that will best absorb these inconveniences; the same if you love walking in the woods, you should look for a stroller on large, preferably pumped wheels
  • budget - if you can spend a really small amount on a stroller


Our must-have, which is what the stroller can not miss:


  • postponed seat - during walks, we love to have eye contact with Miki, then we can laugh, fool around, I can show him the world and tell him about everything; probably when he gets older he will prefer to drive facing the world, so a rearranged seat is a must
  • unfolding seat flat - we live by the sea and, especially in summer, we spend long hours outside, thanks to the flat-folded seat, which is additionally wide and comfortable, Santa can sleep in a stroller like in a gondola and take various positions, e.g. sleep on the side, which he loves
  • huge shack - as protection against wind and sun, we already had a stroller with a symbolic doghouse (Mutsy Evo) and we know that a decent, large shack is a must
  • single wheels, swivel at the front with a lock function - we will also drive the stroller in winter, and snow and mud enters the double wheels, which makes it very difficult to drive such strollers when there is snow or slush outside the window; I also have to be able to block them, which is useful in areas with holes, paving stones or putting the child to sleep by waving the stroller back and forth
  • adjustable footrest - a comfortable sleep is very important to us, as well as the comfort of a child up to a year and a half whose legs are too short to rest them on a non-adjustable footrest
  • the bag can be hung on the trolley handle - many models near the handle have an inscription that you must not hang a bag on them! I would almost buy such a stroller myself (Baby Jogger City Mini), and even today we are going on a trip to the center of Gdynia with Santa Claus, a bag fully packed, so it's obligatory for us!
  • the possibility of driving the trolley with one hand - how else could it be? 😉 all umbrellas fall off (we don't want to use connectors)


Your must-have can be very different, for example:


  • design - perhaps you cannot imagine buying a "ordinary", "average" stroller ... you prefer to bet on something eye-catching, something beautiful with a modern or old-fashioned look, even if it is followed by less comfort, more space, heavy weight or high price
  • sporty character - if running or roller skating is a permanent element of your every day, or you want it to become one
  • ultra light weight - if you travel a lot or are looking for a second stroller for small trips
  • bucket seat - I do not understand this phenomenon and at the moment I did not take such prams into account at all, because my priority is a flat-folded seat, but I know that many people choose only from among the bucket seats; bucket seats also take up much more space, because they are not folded




  • parent console - I love our Chicco stroller, which we got from my Sister's children, I have to admit that it raised the bar very high, basically having two major drawbacks: no foldable seat and double wheels. It is thanks to him that I fell in love with such gadgets as a console for a parent (you can put a phone, change, and a drink), a console for a child with a removable tray, with a place for a bottle or a non-spill cup. Therefore, a parent console would be a huge plus.
  • console for the child - as above
  • nice design - it is not without significance to me
  • decent price - I would not like to pay more than PLN 1500 for a stroller
  • additional accessories included - rain cover or a cover for the legs, which will better protect the child from unfavorable weather
  • large shopping basket - and one that doesn't scrub the ground


You already know my guidelines under which I chose the stroller.


On this basis, we decided on a stroller Peg Perego Book Plus in Avana color.

We loved strollers and testing them, and with the growth of the child and subsequent prams our requirements have changed, so if you are looking for the perfect pram, be sure to check out our other baby stroller tests:


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And what are your requirements for the stroller? And what choices did you make?


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