It happened in August 2019

August is one of my favorite months, although it can't be hidden, it reminds me painfully that the cold autumn is coming inexorably. Due to the fact that not everything that happened with me in August, I have the opportunity to describe and show in a separate post, and I do not want to forget about many things, I decided to show you also on the blog loosely related favorite frames, events in which I participated , places I visited, books or magazines I reached for, or unique things I use.

Mie's Favoritesjsc

In August we went on our second vacation, this time in Poland, barely 45 minutes from Warsaw, where we spent charming 5 days surrounded by an estate that will be close to me forever. I always say that The profession of a Wedding Planner is not just a job - it's a lifestyleThat's why I enjoy combining work with family life all the more. Getting to know new places from the inside, where we can organize a personalized wedding ceremony and wedding reception for our newlyweds, combined with family holidays, you have to admit - the perfect arrangement.


That's why this time I decided to go on vacation to a place that is not only created for families with children, but also - I will say it without a shadow of a doubt - is one of the most beautiful places for weddings and wedding receptions in Poland. Here Small Village Palace. And you must know that in the search for such pearls is ours Wedding Label specializes. If you like to escape from the city and at the same time enjoy the eye with beautiful architecture, vegetation, take photos in a unique scenery and eat delicious food - you will be delighted.


I laugh at Wojtek that I already have plan for the 10th wedding anniversarynext year - a luxurious prince's apartment with a bathing room by Nina Andrycz, the size of an entire floor in our terraced house, is probably the best place to celebrate such success as 10 happy, but also difficult years of marriage. Only then would we go just the two of you ...



In August I also led the next edition of mine Course for Wedding Planner. And although I usually have no problem finding the right words, it often happens to me after the course - the energy, warmth and words that I hear and get back from the students both during and after such intense 4 days of study are something impossible descriptions, and under their influence I float above the ground. I am gaining momentum in my life, and at the same time I feel that I am in the right place and at the right time in my life, and I don't want to change too much.


At work

Our Wedding Label in August, she had beautiful projects all over Poland - from the sea to the mountains! Often one day we operated in all branches, fulfilling the lovers' dreams about the most wonderful day of their lives.


In a wardrobe

I thought I would never hear these words, but Wojtek one day looked at my summer capsule wardrobe and he said that I hadn't bought any dresses in a long time. However, he did not have to repeat it twice and another classic appeared in my wardrobe - Sage aglaia singer from Marie Zelie. I added to her classic pumps in nude color - I will probably never see these on a discount.


In the vanity case

To my beautician, whom you could meet in detail in this post, where I show my makeup step by step joined sensational eyebrow liner i eyebrow styling gel by Golden Rose - so far I used the equivalent of this pencil from the NYX company, but in my city there is no such brand in any drugstore, so when it ended unexpectedly - which is the case with twist pencils - I was looking for something quickly. These products replaced my eyebrow pomade, brush and previous gel from my cosmetic bag.

I am now looking for a mineral foundation - I tested the Annabelle Minerals coverage mineral foundation this month, but unfortunately it did not fit well with my complexion - it was quite visible after application, and during the day it did not stay in place either. For some time now I have been using the foundation only on the T zone of my face, so I am looking for something that blends with the complexion, and secondly, that is permanent - I almost never touch up my makeup during the day, I don't even carry cosmetics in my purse - apart from a protective lipstick. If you can recommend me - or not - a mineral foundation, I would be grateful - let me know in the comment.


On the blog

We have completed 2 large home projects!

I showed you both children's safari room - Max,

and children's sea room - Mikusia.

Which one do you like more? I can't decide myself!

In addition, I started on the blog a series of conversations with women who run their own business and reveal its backstage!

I was the first to interview Bogna Bojanowska - the owner of the printed one Magazine for Mam Mint. Would you guess that behind such a prestigious project, sold at Empik, is a small family company from Gdynia with three children? Be sure to read the secrets of the Editor's work.

And if you yourself know the inspiring story of a business woman who caught the wind in her sails and today runs her own business on her own terms, and likes to share knowledge and inspires you a lot - be sure to let me know in the comment.



We finished in August the second season of "Big Lies" on HBO - this is our family compromise between beloved by us, but very depressing series "Black Mirror" whether "Narcos", Which I have to dose myself and also highly recommend, and light romantic comedies that I have always adored.

I love Big Little Lies for the cast - the female roles of the infamous Five of Monterey and their internal dilemmas. I admit, after the suspenseful season 1, I was afraid of 2, but I got so close to the heroines that I was waiting for him with great impatience. In season 2, I learned that it only seemingly ended happily, because it really started a series of problems like a domino effect. The heroines' behaviors and motivations are ambiguous, which provokes internal thoughts, considerations and discussions, unless you watch it alone.

Of course, if you haven't seen season 1, be sure to start with it. Ah, I've already missed these beautiful views and the sound of the ocean.



I would like to exchange inspiring Instagram accounts with you - although I watch only 300 people, I will always find a moment for something really special, so you can easily recommend something in the commentary to me.

And today I wanted to introduce you to 3 accounts, which I love:

  • parenting - @ darling.children - I love watching this family, where a little warrior was born - see for yourself - it's impossible not to smile 😊
  • Parenting-Modowo-Business - @onelittlemomma - account We have 5 wonderful boys who run a family business that produces suede earrings.
  • lifestyle - @ownitbabe - from which I learn self love - regardless of the size, because Rini is not a big girl at all - we often think that the problem with loving your body and its acceptance only affects overweight people. Rini tells inspiration about the difficult path she went through - you must see for yourself - you can also listen to her podcastswhich I also really like.



In the last days of August, the autumn edition of the Mint for Mums magazine was published - it can be bought in Empik stores and on the website - both on paper and on-line. 



Let me know what's going on with you! 🙂 Maybe you can recommend me some places, movies, books? 


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