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Maybe you don't all know that my favorite channel of instant communication with you is INSTAGRAM. According to the principle that one picture means more than 1000 words, we write there our wonderful moments that we want to remember if we share with you what we see, feel, do or think.

Due to the fact that not everyone of you follows us on Instagram, I decided to prepare for you such monthly instagram summaries of what happened with us every month.

We take the first for the workshop, of course, July.

instagram broken leg

July didn't start happily and I greeted you on Instagram with a leg in a cast. This situation has shown me how much I have changed over the last 2 years. You can read more about it here.


inglot box

Fortunately, Wojtek spoiled me a bit ...


children's pool

The weather at the beginning of July was very kind to us and we could spend the first few days playing in our garden. Miki got a pool and had his first outdoor bath! It is a great alternative to all aquaparks that are absolutely unsuitable for allergy sufferers or children with atopic dermatitis that used to concern us.


saucer snapchat

We've also created an account on snapchat.


bloggers by the seaWe also managed to spend a moment just for the two of us ...


mei-tai pathiWe have prepared for you reviews and comparison of several ways to wear children: elastic wrap, woven wrap, mei-tai and Tula ergonomic baby carrier, which you can read here. In response to your questions, we have also prepared combination of these two slings.


wedding coordination wedding consultantIn July there was also a beautiful outdoor wedding, which we had the pleasure to coordinate. Still with plaster, but nothing is impossible for a Wedding Consultant!


finishing the white kitchenWojtek took a week of forced leave in July to take care of Mikołaj and me, when the fracture still bothered me a lot. I don't know why we decided it was the perfect opportunity to finish our kitchen. Nothing could be further from the truth, three weeks pass and the renovation is in full swing!


white hexagonal kitchen tilesWe decided to finish the wall in the kitchen above the countertops with hexagonal tiles, and this idea was suggested to us by Instagram Agnieszka Fleischer from Blog Pretty Pleasure. Long live Instagram! And Agnieszka, of course 🙂


a hero in your homeWojtek bravely installed the hood and 10 light spots in the kitchenette.


homestaging turquoiseWe also shared ours with you fun in homestaging and apartment metamorphosis.


instagram wedding labelAnd our professional Instagram Wedding Consultant profile.


leg in a castWe spent a lot of time outside (or in the field if you prefer) ...


mother and sonAnd on the couch, leg up is the basis!


electric bikeTo make it easier for me to walk, Wojtek rented an electric bike for me haha ​​the border of the embarrassment has slightly shifted!


care for fine delicate electrifying hairI shared my with you a program for thin, delicate and static hair care.


pregnancy photo sessionWe remembered our pregnancy photoshoot… it's been a year now!


seebloggersWe were on See Bloggers! Of course, "Under the blanket".


See Bloggers PartyAnd at the See Bloggers party! Ania, Kubo! Congratulations on great organization and perfection in everything you do!


carpet with starsMiki was terribly happy about his star carpet!


children's photographyAnd I did the boys home photo session on the occasion of Mickey graduating 10 months! Happy birthday son!


writing a blog with a child on his kneeWe wrote posts for you with your child on ... your knee? No, on the floor!


hexagonal copper flowerpotWe still haven't finished our living room with a kitchenette, so we will be renovating it in August.


interior designIn July, Miki earned more floor records. He is still not crawling, but it does not prevent him from moving efficiently around the apartment! It's best to roll. You will probably need to mount the stair gates, because I feel that another skill that Miki will master will be climbing!


Blueberry tart recipeWe finished the July baking a delicious blueberry tart together. Omnomnomnom!


So in August we entered with a disassembled kitchen, waiting for a plaster shot and full of energy for blogging! How was your July? In what mood did you welcome August?

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  • Justine

    Super Agus! Cool idea. Insta such memories have not seen anywhere on any blog 🙂 A lot is happening at your place and it's great that you share it with us. Texan kisses for all your sweet three from our three: * We miss you !!!!!