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How to sew maternity pants? - DIY or do it yourself

how to sew maternity pants
The pants started to press me around the waist pretty quickly. It started to unbutton the button when sitting down, wondering if it was time for maternity pants and what was the right time to buy them. In addition, the vision of buying a few pairs of new pants for a few months and putting away the pants, which today fit me well on the shelf, "I don't know if I'll ever wear them again" seemed to me not the best.
So I decided convert your current pants to maternity, which will easily adapt to the fast-growing tummy, saving a lot of money, because instead of buying 2-3 a pair of new pants, I spent less than 40 PLN on one pair of ones I already have.

40 fashion

fashion in size 40 L.

I want to look and feel good when wearing L or 40. I will add that the size 40 with the increase in size 162 is not the same as with 176. I have 162.