Blog and interiors - I love interiors and I love blogging! If I wasn't a Wedding Consultant, she would probably be an interior designer :-) I put my love of interior decoration into practice in my home and office. I am invariably impressed with how in one afternoon, with a small financial investment and effort, a room can change. This is why I like metamorphosis, because by making small changes you can get a big effect. I like my interiors and I like to change them, so I am eager to implement practical solutions and clever tricks. I like bright rooms the most, and that's what you can see on my blog. Who knows, maybe I am your stylistic soul mate? Check out my blog and interior!

This is how Dorota Szelągowska, journalist, writer, screenwriter and interior designer lives

Dorota Szelągowska's apartment
My home is white, black and gray. They give me a sense of harmony, I rest well among them.
But that doesn't mean I don't miss colors. But so far none of them stayed with me for longer. Usually it's seasonal invitations. However, I miss and crave them greatly. Especially pink, purple, blue or lemon. Toned and subdued, as well as lively and juicy.
Today I wanted to introduce you to Dorota Szelągowska's house, which combines my favorite basic colors, namely white, black and gray, with beautiful and expressive colors and patterns. A beautiful combination. Hats off.

This is how Rhi - Wedding Consultant lives

female interiors

Sometimes inspiring interiors are not enough for me. I like to know who lives in them and who is responsible for their character. That is why I decided to create a series of posts about interiors in which people whose life, work or work are close.

Of course, I couldn't but start from Rhiannon, a Canadian Wedding Consultant living in the USA, owner Hey Gorgeous Events.

Colorful self-adhesive labels, i.e. a recipe for organizing an office - DIY or do it yourself

Almost all of us have binders, boxes and other storage containers in our workplace. The key to good organization is, of course, good material segregation and description, and self-adhesive labels are perfect for that. In addition, why not design them yourself to emphasize the character of our interior?

My #3 Wedding Consultant office

Some time ago I wrote to you about the planned renovation of the office.
The cream walls have been repainted gray, and the birch furniture has been replaced with white.
And here is the effect - not final yet, because I still have to hang up boards, posters, frames, but I can share the initial effects with you.

Spring balcony in the block


On the one hand, I dream of a house with a garden in a quiet area, on the other, I love the bustle of the city and everything that happens there.

For several years I have been living in the center of a large city, in the summer time I try to organize a substitute for a garden on my micro balcony, it's only May, so it's too early to plant my favorite balcony surfinie, but this year it looks like this ...