Personal development

Positive thinking is part of your personal development… Whether you are optimistic or pessimistic, try to be positive. Personal development is important, but I do not mean business development, but mental development. I try to find and implement ways of inner peace, mute bad emotions, practice work-life balance. Practicing gratitude plays a huge role in my life. Thanks to the fact that I practice gratitude every day, I began to draw happiness and energy from what surrounds me, what I have here and now. Believe me, practicing gratitude has really changed my life. Try it yourself and be surprised - you will be surprised how much positive thinking can affect you and your surroundings.

Waiting interrupted

interrupted expectation of miscarriage

This post was written many months ago, but it's only today that I have the courage to publish it. Two years have just passed. The two most difficult and beautiful years of my life. And you know what gave me courage? Meeting with one of you. And words that our blog and our history helped her in difficult times. If anyone in the world in such a difficult situation feels better just because I am sharing my story here, I will say: it was worth it.

Mom on wheels

mother in a wheelchair

When I broke my leg more than 2 years ago, I cried for a week and it was not because of pain. It seemed to me that this was the end of the world, and my well-being was not improved by the fact that I was professionally attaching a 3 day trip away from an international wedding, which, of course, I personally coordinated (greetings, my dear, because I know you look at me sometimes!). In addition, the sale of the latest collections of wedding dresses has started and my clients have been waiting for trips with me on the shops!

A essay with negative thoughts

how to deal with negative thoughts

I dare to risk saying that each of us sometimes has the so-called worse days. Such, when we see everything in gray colors, when we lack motivation and everything seems to overwhelm us.

Since I had to fight with these not the best moments, I decided to share with you my proven ways to return to mental form.
Free yourself from the vicious circle of negative thoughts!