Do you read reviews before buying? Especially if you have to spend a lot of money? I'm sure you do. Hardly anyone buys blindly, and I am also a supporter of researching the topic before reading the opinion. That's why on my blog you can find reviews of strollers, car seats, toys, books, cosmetics ... Maybe you'll just be looking for verified opinions? I try to be factual, specific, without beating the bush and honest. If something does not suit me, it bothers me, then I write about it. If a solution surprises me positively and I am particularly satisfied with a product or functionality, then I will also write about it. I conduct various, various reviews. For you, to know what is worth and what is not necessarily.

Hybrid manicure at home # 1 - which brand of nail polishes to choose?

hybrid manicure what company varnish to choose

At the Wedding Consultant's work, an impeccable manicure is essential. As almost every hand is our showcase every day, and on the Wedding Day they also often appear in photos (fastening a dress or jewelry, pinning a buttonhole) so it is especially important for me that their care is not too frequent, and its good effect remains for a long time . That's why I fell in love with hybrid manicure.

Waiting interrupted

interrupted expectation of miscarriage

This post was written many months ago, but it's only today that I have the courage to publish it. Two years have just passed. The two most difficult and beautiful years of my life. And you know what gave me courage? Meeting with one of you. And words that our blog and our history helped her in difficult times. If anyone in the world in such a difficult situation feels better just because I am sharing my story here, I will say: it was worth it.

Woven wrap, elastic, mei-tai or ergonomic carrier? Our history

Although we are absolute fans of prams as a means of transport on walks, we always wanted to try scarves, and the colic, sleepless days and nights and very crying evenings meant that when Santa was less than a month old, we decided to make an appointment with a shawl advisor.