A houndstooth blazer - fashion for fall 2018

Although I feel absolutely winter in color, sometimes I like to do something in spite of and go beyond the comfort zone, so this autumn I chose a houndstooth and in a beige edition.


If I were to say what I associate with the slogan: fall fashion 2018without hesitation I would say - plaid jacket.


The base of my wardrobe is white, gray, powder pink, pomegranate and blue, while in autumn and winter I sometimes feel a great temptation to myself add warmth - I'm a total deceased - too color.


That's why this autumn I bet on a houndstooth beige jacketwhich I compared with beige pants i cream blouseso that the jacket has a subdued background on which the first violin plays. I have completed the set rose gold bracelet combined with pure whitewhich gives the styling a contrast, and a watch in the same color complements it, creating a "perfect match". I love white in jewelry in general, it is a wonderful backdrop for a flash of metal!


Additionally large shoulder bagin which I carry my entire office - so far I do not deal with tasks during the time I spend in the office, so I take my laptop and work with me home, and such a large bag allows me to conveniently take my laptop with me to meetings or work in the cafe if I feel like it.


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The post featured:

Jacket - HM
Blouse - Manifiq - no longer available
Trousers - ZARA - beige color currently unavailable
Beige high heels - Rylko
Bag - Camelia Roma
Bracelet and watch - Daniel Wellington -15% discount on the KUDELA code - valid until 31.12.18/XNUMX/XNUMX


And what can you not miss in your wardrobe this fall?

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  • Monika

    An elegant classic will always defend itself. Great styling!

  • 03.02.2021

    You look very elegant :) Beautiful styling

  • 22.11.2020

    Very cool and elegant - kind of classic, yet fashionable and modern 🙂 I like the cut 🙂

  • 03.11.2020

    I love this type of coat <3 I already hunt for such a jacket 🙂

  • 20.07.2020

    This jacket is great! I plan to buy one after the holidays 🙂

  • Dawid

    Great stylization, best regards! You have great taste!

  • 06.02.2020

    Hi. Mega styling! But I am more interested in what place you had your session at? Which city would ideally suit a glamor wedding session.

  • 10.06.2019

    I am looking for a petitke dress and I came across your site. The jacket is mega. I will treat myself to this in the autumn

  • 05.04.2019

    A beautiful jacket! Perfect for every season and occasion 🙂

  • 22.01.2019

    I have the impression that this type of jacket adds years. Depending on the situation, this is a good or bad choice.
    By the way, you have such beautiful eyes that I have the impression that whatever you wear, it will look phenomenal.
    A really nice business combination.

  • 16.01.2019

    I love jackets and wear them whenever I have the opportunity. Every way to make a cardigan or a motley accessory that breaks a block of one color is worth my weight in gold. I see myself in this set this season! 🙂

  • MagdaK

    Beautiful jacket 🙂 I'm just thinking about buying a new one to work in the office, but I have a dilemma when it comes to shoes 😉
    I definitely don't like subdued colors and recently I put on gas pins like these here https://elikshoe.pl/product-pol-816-Lu-Boo-rozowe-benzynowe-szpilki-Glam.html. Do you think they would fit this style to break the monotony a bit or would you buy a jacket in a subdued color again? 😉

    • 20.12.2018

      Well, definitely these pieces do not go well with such a jacket 🙂

  • 22.11.2018

    Pepitka has something archaic about it. On the one hand, it is associated with the bygone fashion, but on the other, who would not meet it on the street, as long as you dress in a subdued way - it looks good. Houndstooth dresses also look nice - combined with a black jacket or a gray cardigan - a miracle. 🙂

  • 08.11.2018

    Great jacket design. Generally suits everyday and elegant outfits. Universal cut, and therefore will not be idle in the wardrobe;).

  • 05.11.2018

    lovely jacket, I also hunt for a similar one

  • 02.11.2018

    Beautiful dress by Agnieszka - I would only narrow the leg, something in these pants does not suit me.

  • 29.10.2018

    Beautiful jacket you look very nice in it 🙂

  • 26.10.2018

    This jacket is simply gorgeous 🙂 I've been looking for a similar one recently, but I didn't expect to find the perfect one with you <3!

  • 26.10.2018

    Great jacket. It's stupid to admit, but after this year's cleanup in the closet, I got rid of all the jackets and I need to buy one for myself in the fall. So far, the jacket has replaced my jacket on warmer autumn days, I also often put it on under my coat (as the weather did not spoil).

    As for the shoes that I choose for myself in the fall, they are usually

    simple pumps with low heels
    or boots - especially if it is raining and the weather is not too special.

  • 22.10.2018

    Beautiful styling - delicate but feminine. I have to find this jacket 🙂

  • 18.10.2018

    Pepitka, right after a small check, this is my MUST HAVE this fall 😉

  • 16.10.2018

    This season I'm unlucky because I don't like cards. But you look beautiful!

  • Milena

    So different! But still nice 🙂 And the bracelet is so beautiful!

  • 09.10.2018

    Divine jacket 🙂 I was thinking about the lattice in the fall 🙂 And I will probably do it 🙂