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stroller year after year kids kargo

Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi "21" is a double stroller, completed as baby stroller year after year - the set includes a walking seat for an older child and a gondola, which can be changed into a second walking seat for a younger child. Importantly, the double KIDS KARGO strollers are sold also in sets as prams for twins. How did the Kids Kargo stroller for children work year after year during the two-month test?


We had the pleasure to test the double stroller for children year after year every day for two months - no trip to the forest for 15 minutes to take nice photos. We tested the stroller during daily walks, taking one child to kindergarten, on family holidays or on Sunday walks and small trips. During this time, of course, we checked how it is possible to pack a stroller into a car in practice. How did it work in our family?

Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi


The Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi "21" double stroller is not the first double stroller that I had the pleasure to test. So I knew the basic differences in driving a single and a double stroller, especially with children as big as mine - i.e. 1 and 4 years old. As a result, driving the Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi was a positive surprise for me, unlike my first walk with a double stroller. But one by one 🙂


Kids Kargo Duellette BS CombiKids Kargo Duellette BS Combi


Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi "21" trolley and wheel frame

The trolley frame is aluminum and makes an impression very solid. It weighs 11,5 kg - a lot, but remember that it must support and ensure the safety of two gondolas / seats / car seats and two children. I would be surprised if he weighed less.

stroller for two children



The trolley wheels are foam - front smaller and rear largerbut really big enough. On more difficult terrain or "swinging" a child in a stroller back and forth to sleep one can block the front wheels and make driving easier. They worked well on uneven pavements and on grass or sandy roads. The rear wheels have fenders - thanks to them, the child sitting close to the wheels is not exposed to possible splashing.

kids kargo foam wheels


The wheels are easily removed, thanks to which you can save a lot of space in the trunk - and it will come in handy, because with two children we have double seats, gondolas or a seat and a packing gondola. Also, the mentioned muds are "easy to mend".


Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi "21" cushioning

The wheels in the trolley are amortized on both axles - when loaded with two children, the stroller drives steadily and provides them with comfort. A stroller for two children must be both safe and comfortable - and this is what it is - there is no question of any "shaking" of the child. Due to the nature of the stroller, it is not intended to be a stroller for forest tours, but for forest tours on sandy roads or grass it works very well.

the best stroller year after year the cheapest stroller year after year the cheapest and best stroller year after year



A what about raising? Reading my impressions in this topic, remember that at the time of the stroller test, my children weighed a total of at least 25 kilo - if you are looking for a stroller for Twins or Children year after year, you will probably only deal with such a weight after a year or a half before that you will have a completely different comfort from tamping the pram. Depending on the configuration of the gondolas / seats, raising the stroller often turned out to be simply difficult for me - but it is very similar in our twin stroller - remember that the double stroller drives a little differently, and my children today are at such an age children bypass the stroller from a distance - we are a very active family, we spend all days away from home, we live in a big city and the stroller is a refuge for our children, a place of rest, food, and provides them with the necessary safety when I go out with them alone - not I risk putting two children out of the car and walking with them along the busy streets of the Tri-City or Warsaw, to the park or playground, we always safely reach in a pram. A double stroller is my salvation, especially when I go with children or go somewhere alone.


Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi "21" handle

The handle in the stroller is very long = set far back - thanks to this, even in such a configuration in which you put the gondola at the bottom and the stroller at the top, you will be able to walk comfortably. Although the photo does not reflect it - walking in this configuration is more comfortable than with a double umbrella-type stroller.

Pram year after year gondola stroller


And if you love to take big steps, you can always mount a stroller with a gondola on top - now the stroller frame is at knee height and it did not disturb me or my husband at all.

year after year trolley



In the lowest position the handle is 89 cm, and the highest one is 104 cm - this large adjustment will allow you to choose the optimal height for your height and the configuration of the gondolas / seats and children who are currently traveling by pram.


The handle has a very nice option that I have never encountered in any other pram - is foambut it has zippered leather case, so you can say that it has its two lives, and in case of damage to the leather case, you can simply take it off or sew it on.

year after year kids kargo leather handle year after year Kids Kargo



Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi "21" brake

The foot brake is probably the only thing I didn't like. Although it is very comfortable to inhale - just press it with your foot:

kids kargo trolley brake



... to release it, you need to put your foot under it - especially in summer it is troublesome:

stroller kids kargo brake



Shopping basket - fastening, load

Accustomed to the closed shopping basket, I experienced the absolute surprise of how you can be delighted and satisfied with the open basket! And in addition this the most roomy basket I've ever seen and somehow nothing falls out of it! Fans of the gypsy lifestyle and taking half their belongings with them on a vagabond (and this is more or less what our life looks like with two such kids) will be extremely grateful to him! There, I would put the whole family's jackets in the store or sleeping bags in prams during a walk in uncertain weather. And shopping in a supermarket? After all, I do not have to make them for two strollers - children's and shopping carts. Revelation! Basket for 5 +.



Possible configurations of Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi "21"

Depending on the version, you can mount it on the trolley two gondolas, two walking seats, gondola and walking seatand each of them replace with a car seat car Kids Kargo or Britax BabySafe (without adapters) or other with mounting such as Maxi Cosi or Cybex - with separately sold adapters.


The kit is also included adapters for raising the height of the gondola or seat, thanks to which we can keep a greater distance between the lower and upper children, or in a single version to have a child just in time at the height of the table in the restaurant.

kids kargo height adjustable gondola seat



Exactly - that's what I missed in a typical twin stroller. Here going for a walk with only one child, we can mount only one gondola or one seat and we have on the frame nice single stroller.

kids kargo single gondola



I loved using this function by escorting Mikołaj to the kindergarten - then I set up the stroller as a single stroller for Maks, and with Mikołaj I was going by the handle - the kindergarten is really close. After walking I had a pram ready for a walk with one child. In addition, if an older child no longer wants to ride a wheelchair, we don't have to replace the stroller with a single one - all we have to do is plug in one seat and we have a single stroller. On the other hand, we put the protectors attached to the frame permanently to the place where the second seat or gondola is attached.


When I happen to go for a walk with my twin stroller with one child, because for example I only have one in my car, it is not so convenient, although I compensate for this with an additional shopping place.




The booth, both from the gondola and from the walking seat, is of considerable size, and in addition it can be further expanded. It also has a function that allows you to detach the top material and give the little one a breath of fresh air. Ideally suited to the summer, but also in winter protects from sun, rain or snow.


In our set the gondola has the function of changing into a walking seat and a walking seat or the Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi version.


The gondola has a length of 82 cm, which is quite large, longer than the prams I chose for my children, and the width 32 cm. Inside there are additional belts that can be helpful when moving the Baby in the gondola.

kargo kids gondola kids kargo gondola straps


The gondola magically - with a few straps and fasteners - later turns into a walking seat. It is not difficult and takes only a few minutes.


trolley year after yearyear after year kids kargo stroller



The gondola also has a headband - just like the handle there is a leather protector that can be removed and the foam headband left.

kids kargo gondola headband



Of course, the gondola can also be used without a handle.

mentioned booth gondola will give wonderful shade in winter and summer, as well as protection from sun and rain.

kids kargo booth



Gondolka also has foot cover, which you can either fasten on the headband or cover the gondola really very high to protect the baby from the wind.

kids kargo leg cover



The gondola can be mounted on the frame both at the bottom and at the top, both front and back. Great! I tested various options myself and I am sure that every parent will easily find their favorite configuration here.



Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi seat "21"

Walking seat single function (not made of gondolas), similar to the dual function (made of gondolas) are bucket-shaped, medium size. I think that up to 98 cm tall they will be very comfortable for children, although my Santa is already taller when he wanted to rest or take a nap on a walk, he also enjoyed using it in a winter jacket.


The single-function seat has an adjustable footrest.

kids kargo adjustable footrestadjustable kids kargo footrest



and the ones created from the gondola are not.

year after year the best pram



Both have headbands, detachable from one side or completely, and five-point seat belts.


The walking seats can be set in three positions - sitting, reclining and lying down.




The frame is made of aluminum - unpainted so scratches are not a problem. There are, however, several colors of upholstery - the gray one stole my heart.




Folding and size after folding

When assembling a stroller for two children, we always have a little more work - whether it is an umbrella stroller or 3w1 like this. We unhook the seats / gondolas separately to then fold the frame, and perhaps remove the wheels to save space in the luggage space.

Folding the frame itself is quite simple, but requires a bit of practice - all you need to do is release the lock and fold the trolley.



Weight Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi "21"

The trolley with two seats or gondola and seat weighs 18,5 kg.



Accessories Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi "21"

Raincovers and mosquito nets are included. To buy is a trolley bag with a pad in the color of the trolley upholstery.

Kids Kargo Duallette BS Combi_accessories

Trolley bag - price approx. PLN 110. Made of easy-to-clean material, with a changing mat included. It can be mounted on all Kids Kargo strollers.

Sleeping bag trolley - price approx. PLN 120. Fits prams and car seats.

Car seat - price approx. PLN 550. A seat with a built-in cover. Suitable for the Kids Kargo strollers.

Car seat adaptersa - price approx. PLN 150. They enable mounting the seat to the frame of the trolley. Adapters are needed for seats with other mountings, such as Maxi Cosi or Cybex.



Prices of Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi "21" + extras

The price is around PLN 2099 depending on the current promotion and configuration. The leather handle is an additional 140 PLN. Delivery of the trolley is free. More current configurations and prices can be found on the manufacturer's official store here.

Trolley bag - price approx. PLN 110.

Sleeping bag trolley - price approx. PLN 120.

Car seat - price approx. PLN 550.

Car seat adaptersa - price approx. PLN 150.




When I was asked to test the Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi stroller, I checked if it would be suitable for my boys and ... I forgot to look at its price, which I checked only after the first walk with the children and I was her absolutely surprised - this double stroller for a brilliant value for money. I am sure it will work well in many 2 + 1 families or in the twin version.

Rack weight 11,5 kg
Frame weight with seats 18,5 kg
Handle dimensions 95 cm - 105 cm
internal dimensions of the gondola 82 32 cm x cm
The dimensions of the frame after unfolding 88 cm (depth) x 109 cm (length) x 65 cm (height)
Dimensions of the folded frame 41 cm (depth) x 99 cm (length) x 65 cm (width)
Internal dimensions of the seat transformed from a gondola depth 25 cm x width 30 cm x backrest height 42 cm x footrest length 17 cm
Seat adjustment Yes, three stages
Shopping basket Yes, very roomy
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