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children's room clouds theme pastels

As I said before, room for a newborn baby I created primarily for my own convenience and organization. I organized there places suitable for care, feeding, sleeping, but with the next months new needs appeared such as storage of toys and the most important - a safe place to play together.

The first thing that came to our room was a standing lamp, which was to put us in the evening mood and mute us during the afternoon reading books. As I wrote to you here, it all began with her and she became the inspiration for all the changes in the room, because it was the basis for the theme and the leading colors of the room (you can see the moodboard here).

children's room clouds theme pastels

I matched the colors of the bedding and pouffes with the lamp, which I have always dreamed of and love. It made my armchair even more comfortable! On the armchair you can also see a blanket that we can cover - just in time for autumn evenings like now. I have painted the shelves for books, which are always at hand, mint to introduce more colorful elements to the room.

mint shelves for children

mint shelves for children

boy's room with mint shelves

In order to organize a safe and comfortable place to play, I started by creating as much floor space as possible with direct proximity to a place to store toys. To this end, I decided to move the wardrobe to the window.

This time I wanted to go crazy with colors, and as I love to make changes in the interiors that surround me, I decided to decorate the walls with stickers - stickers that can be stuck on and unsticked many times without harming the wall and the sticker (at least several times). I will prepare a separate post for you about how to glue such a wall, because I admit that the topic, which was seemingly simple, turned out to be a bit troublesome, but here it came to my aid Fiollkaa and her valuable advice given under my photo on Instagram and everything went like a petal!

baby boy's room pastel colors

children's room slips

And here you can see how the crosses look on a larger surface:

children's room wall stickers decoration on the wall

And so we get closer to the heart of our room - our playground!

To emphasize its character and separate this space on the wall, I painted something like a house, which emphasizes this unique zone. I put a colorful rug on the floor - soft enough to sit on it for hours, hard enough that you can put blocks on it, perfect for hugging and fooling around with the three of us.


And how do you like it?


The room contained:

Floor lamp, bedding, pouf, blanket, basket for toys with a cloud pattern Lamps & Company
Cloud pillow, soft toy, silver fox | Przytulasie
Feeding chair IKEA Strandmon
Curtains Ikea
Colorful pillows H & M Home
Toy shelf IKEA kallax
Containers for toys yellow and pink IKEA DRÖNA
Picture shelves IKEA MOSSLANDA painted
Wood paint | Beckers Designer Aqua Lackfarg [40] - Water-borne acrylic enamel for wood and metal. Semi-matt, color: Formula: BW 1,6 CW 1,3 GH 2,4
Posters Allegro Heart home
Postcards Redro
Wardrobe, chest of drawers, changing | IKEA
Toy crate DIY
Cot for a doll IKEA DUKTIG + painting
MeeToo doll TheLittlePrettyStuff

Phew, that's all! I am looking forward to your impressions!

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