Small toilet

A small toilet designed in an empty open-space space is a challenge - we would not be able to do without the help of an architect, with the design of a triangular space. It's time for the end result! Here is our tiny, male and female toilet in a seaside office!



I have already shown you the design of our male and female toilet on the first floor, consistent with the rest of the office. It is small, approx. 1,8 m2 - it may seem like a really small toilet, but I will show you that everything that should be there is in it!


Small toilet - vision vs reality

What changes have been made to the design?



We focused on Polish tiles tubadzin - I had the pleasure host in their factory i see for yourself how these tiles are formed on the most modern production line in this part of Europe, absolutely matching - and often exceeding in terms of quality the famous Italian products. I also saw a pattern room where I had the opportunity to try to make my own pattern on a tile using many techniques and see for myself what a wonderful story behind these Polish products.


We chose the walls mosaic tiles - fish scale. - from the Tokyo SHEEN collection designed by Maciej Zień. This collection expresses tradition inherent in modernity - just like in the city of Tokyo, which, despite dynamic changes, paradoxically keeps its own an orderly structure.


I decided to combine this wonderful mosaic with covered walls and floors Exposy gray tiles - also Tubądzin brands. We adjusted the size of the tiles so that there were no joints on the wall - only minimalist, clean, smooth surfaces without joints or joints.




Another thing is a mirror. I found them on Allegro at a very low price - three times lower than that of the project - and 10 cm narrowerand when it came ... I thought for a long time whether to leave it or send it back - after all, I was so fond of our visualization!


Soon, however, our architect Ewelina Balcerzak visited us in the office, who convinced me: "Leave that mirror, you will see more mosaicsyou cared about so much, you will see more beautiful tiles ”. We put a mirror over the washbasin and I already knew it was a good decision - indeed, I really wanted this mosaic, so the narrower mirror remained - when it hung, I was delighted with the effect!




This is the second big change. The cabinet was to be made by a carpenter, instead completion dates making the furniture meant that we did not want to wait and we started looking for the perfect cabinet among those available ready to order.



As you can see, the washbasin is countertopin the form of a bowl. So we chose a piece of furniture with a wood-colored top, a glossy gray drawer frontswhich already today fit perfectly with the whole, and on the other hand, we have the possibility that at any time we can only order wooden fronts from a carpenter and easy to replace, saving a lot on such a procedure, because for the cabinet we paid a fraction of the price we would pay to a carpenter for a cabinet made of wood.



Such a solution meant that the lack of a cabinet from a carpenter did not delay the project, and I have to admit that we have had a toilet for several months and I like the whole thing so much that the last thing I think about at the moment is the replacement of its fronts. I am not saying that I will never do it, because I like it more in the visualization version, but there are so many other things to do in the office that for the moment it stays as it is.



I definitely wanted to cupboard with drawers. Both in the office and at home, I want our guests, without asking us for anything, to find what may be useful to them in the toilet. That is why they are in our drawers hygienic products for women in various forms and sizes, plasters, moist toilet paper, wet wipes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, dental floss, etc.. We want our guests - but also employees - to feel comfortable. Such things at hand are really useful, and visiting guests or clients do not have to be embarrassed by a rubbed heel, a crumb between their teeth or "those days" 😉



And what else in our little toilet?


Black accessories

In addition to the mirror, we focused on black fittings, wall-mounted soap with a black handle, a black toilet paper holder, a brush for toilets or a towel holder.


We decided that we are not going to drill these big tiles - it proved to be quite powerful for us double-sided adhesive tapewhich holds the toilet paper and towel holder firmly. We were afraid to risk cracking the tiles when drilling - look how big these tiles are, cut to size… the risk was too great. What if I wanted to replace the handles one day and the spacing would be different? I know, it may seem funny, but I think I got away from home - Wojtek too - such a fear of drilling and destroying ... and I feel calmer when I know that it is glued 😉



We thought about the right lighting for the toilet for a long time. We hesitated between the ball-shaped light and black narrow tube - you can see for yourself what decision we finally made in the photos and I have to admit that we like the effect very much! The lamp fits the whole and complements what has been hung in other parts of the office.




Of course, it would not do without small decorations, which is why it appeared on the shelf above the toilet candle and glass black vases with dried plants - also black.



In conclusion, uI adore our little toilet in the office. It is really spacious - more than it appeared on the project and for sure the last thing I would say about this toilet and the last drawback I would mention is that it is too small.


I am very happy that I trusted Ewelina, her visualizations and her experience. As she said herself - it is a "little toilet" - but I am very happy with this "little toilet" and at the moment I would not change anything in it. This interior is completely ready for me.



Small toilet - list of products used:

Fish scale plates: sheen white - TOKYO SHEEN Tubądzin collection;

Gray tiles, gloss: Exposy gray tiles tubadzin in two dimensions - smaller on the floor and bigger on the walls

Black matt flush-mounted mixer:  REA Lungo

Soap holder: Meraki

Adhesive bathroom towel hook black: Nuv

Toilet brush: MUGO

Toilet paper holder: DIAR

Black vases, gold tray: HM Home

Candle: MOA Home Stories


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  • good

    I love the minimalist style! All you need is a few neat accessories, one or two artificial flowers and the effect is impressive.

  • Magda

    Small bathrooms are my student nightmare. I remember especially well one where you had a paddling pool under your feet while sitting on the toilet. Now I know that a small amount of space is not a design obstacle at all and I will certainly stop looking at small spaces when looking for my own m 🙂

  • Aneta Boritzka

    Small is beautiful <3 great design! You want to be in such a toilet. The toilet is my husband's kingdom, but in this case also mine 😉

  • colibra

    Beautiful toilet design. I am jealous.

  • slawek

    this little toilet was well decorated. If so, I already have inspiration. I recommend the blog to my spouse. She likes such topics.

  • raspberry amba

    Beautiful tiles!

    • Asia

      Hello, where does the sink cabinet come from?