Beauty is a category in which probably every blog run by a woman will contain at least one entry :-) Cosmetics and care, hair, makeup, nails - their beautiful and well-groomed appearance applies to every woman.

Hybrid manicure at home # 2 - what do we need?

hybrid manicure what you need to buy

I am very happy that you also like the beauty subject. I have been using hybrid nail polishes for 3 or 4 years, so I am glad that I can share my experience with you.

Hybrid manicure is so easy to do it yourself that I treat it like a regular manicure. Every day I do it at home, but from time to time, when I want to please myself, I go to the beauty salon.

Hybrid manicure at home # 1 - which brand of nail polishes to choose?

hybrid manicure what company varnish to choose

At the Wedding Consultant's work, an impeccable manicure is essential. As almost every hand is our showcase every day, and on the Wedding Day they also often appear in photos (fastening a dress or jewelry, pinning a buttonhole) so it is especially important for me that their care is not too frequent, and its good effect remains for a long time . That's why I fell in love with hybrid manicure.

Can I have healthy and beautiful hair?

care thin fine electrifying hair

As long as I can remember, I've only complained about my hair. Because too thin, because the ends are dry, because the ends are split, because they always flop, because they get tangled and the bane of the last months - they are electrifying. I plant them forever and, dissatisfied with the effect of "drowning" (that's what my Grandma used to say), i.e. long, tangled pods, I cut them off. The shorter the better.


And what did I really do for my hair? For the last year? Two? All my life

6 favorite makeup cosmetics for less than 50 PLN

best makeup cosmetics blog

Ever since I can remember, I love to paint. If I were to take only one cosmetic with me on vacation, I would be wondering whether to choose a foundation or mascara. I even covered my lashes until I was born! Such a small change, an underlined eye, and I immediately feel more feminine!

I have been painting myself for over 10 years and during this time I managed to test a lot of colored cosmetics in various price ranges. Today I will share with you my list of proven cosmetics that I use every day, the more valuable that each of them you can buy for less than PLN 50!