Challenge? I like challenges. There is something about them that makes you want to. You know, the word itself works for ambition - be it a photographic or culinary challenge, or something else entirely. I like my challenge # I don't wait. I acted. It helped me and many women to take care of their here and now, without delaying the fight for health and a beautiful figure.

Challenge: I will like cooking!

I will like cooking culinary photos

I do not like cooking. I just do not like. But I will try to like it, what the hell.
I also love to eat well and it's a pity, first of all, in my kitchen (literally), and secondly, my palate, that subsequent years are wasted on reheating frozen food.

So I start a series of culinary posts and every week I will want to present to you at least one dish that I dared to prepare.

Photographic Challenge for the first time

What the hell, I'm taking part in the first photographic challenge. I was motivated by a coincidence that this morning I tried a new hairpin, which I am very proud of in my case, so the Challenge of the 1 Day came with great ease. Topics are: If you feel like joining - more ...