mother goes back to work

Hurrah! Mom is back to work! After months at home with your baby, it's finally time for you! Back to work, back to people, beautiful dresses and everyday makeup :-) But ... how to prepare for return to work? What about the wardrobe? What about further feeding your baby? Or maybe remote work - how to prepare for it - how to arrange a suitable workplace and provide peace of mind?

Wedding Consultant - own brand or franchise?

franchise wedding consultant

A wedding agency is a company that apparently has a low market entry barrier. It's enough course, laptop, telephone, car, company registration in the Office and head on the nape of the neck (detailed equipment of the position of the Wedding Consultant will be prepared in the next post) That is why so many wedding agencies are created each year, but unfortunately almost two more end their activities.


What really gives me happiness and what do I want from life?

Getting ready to go back to work was a difficult time for me. There were many decisions waiting for me, many ongoing projects, and still not enough time to comprehend it all. I felt overwhelmingly depressed at the thought of returning to all my duties, adding to them a regularly run Blog and a lot of new ideas, all with 30% of the time I had two years ago.

So how did I find balance in my life?

Nanny or nursery? so Mama goes back to work #2

When Mom plans to return to work (you could read about my planning in my first post in this series, Fr. here) we think about the 3 most popular care options for our baby: Grandma, Nanny or Nursery. My maternity is over in a month and a half and I return to my part-time job. The most important decision related to this is ahead of us - what is the best care to provide the child?

Mom goes back to work #1

mother goes back to work

I have been working since the age of 18, and I have been creating my own or family businesses for 8 years, work gives me great fulfillment, joy, satisfaction, a lot of experiences, continuous development, it also allows me to fulfill many dreams or finance some of our home expenses. Work is a huge and wonderful part of my life, it is also thanks to it that I am who I am and where I am, so I did not even think if I would return to work, but when and how much.

And of course, first of all ... what kind of care will we provide for the Child for this time.