What can you do in Warsaw?

what's cool you can do in Warsaw

I ask myself this question several times a year when I go to the capital. What's on my list?

We spent the penultimate weekend in Warsaw this summer, and Google told us that from May to September it is worth… flying a balloon. It didn't take long for us at the Balon Station.

balloon flight Warsaw
Where exactly? At the Świętokrzyski bridge, near the National Stadium. If you're in the area it's easy to hit, because usually a balloon upwards best shows the way. In the price of 40 PLN per person. And the views? Wonderful, see for yourself:



balloon station Warsaw


balloon flight Warsaw National Stadium


balloon flight Warsaw


balloon flight Warsaw Świętokrzyski Bridge


balloon flight Warsaw Świętokrzyski Bridge

During several visits to Warsaw, I was able to collect some nice places that we visited and which we recommend. No doubt there will be:

1. University Library Gardens - on the roof
2. Royal Łazienkie - a wonderful walk in the company of peacocks and squirrels
3. Warsaw Uprising Museum - there is nothing to write about, you have to see and experience
4. Fragments of the Warsaw ghetto wall - are located in the courtyards at ul. Siennje had to be sneaking around until someone came out of the gate
5. Próżna Street - the only one whose buildings (tenement houses at No. 7, 9, 12 and 14) survived the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto, and apart from two tenement houses, it has not been renovated since the war, which enhances the impression. We were lucky and hit the spot Singer's Warsaw Festival - Jewish culture - we could enter some tenement houses, drink and eat in a unique atmosphere
6. Wilanów Park
7. Old Town.

We will be back in Warsaw in a few days and we will be very helpful in creating this list of cool places to visit. At the moment we have in the plan (I would like to include on the list) 6 Theater. floor - unfortunately, this time we also failed to buy tickets):

1. kopernik Science Center
2. Chłodna Street - formerly dividing two ghettos
3. Keret's house - it is a pity that it will not be open for sightseeing

and I'm happy to add a few more points. I look forward to your suggestions!
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