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I don't know if spring influences me like that, positive people or space, but I smile almost from morning to night. I plan, dream, invent, act. Mikuś has just fallen asleep, and I put in my head a spring list of visuals, i.e. what I would like. I really like to systematize my dreams, so here they are.

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For me

Watch - I dream of a classic silver watch. Nothing delicate, on the contrary, specific, slightly masculine, on the bracelet. Perfect for my simple styling.

Lacquer - perfect for spring, another pastel to my collection.

Style - Lauren Conrad's book. I don't expect this item to revolutionize my life, I think it talks about things that most of the time I already know, but I feel it's beautiful and I'll be happy to come back to it, remembering how to create my own style.

To home

Gold posters - I love to combine different colors of metals in interiors, I love typography and simple geometric patterns, I will be happy to exchange my posters in the living room.

For one's health

Thermomix - I know that thanks to this device I will be able to serve my family even healthier and fresher meals - mash fresh mayonnaise or horseradish, quickly make a dough for whole-grain pancakes or a delicious and nutritious smoothie for the whole family.

A mug with a straw - I admit - I am at odds with drinking water, I would definitely drink it from such a beautiful cup.

To the office

Pressure coffee maker - yes, to fully office happiness, I certainly miss a real pressure espresso machine. I love the taste of freshly ground coffee.

For baby

Table and chairs - for independent drawing and creation, building a tower from blocks and other games. It's high time to look for a table and chairs for our 1,5 year old son's room.

For the garden

brazier - the nights in Poland are quite cold, even in summer. The fire takes up a lot of space, that's why I dreamed of such a miracle, do you recognize it? Coke oven to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

For him

Bicycle trailer - Wojtek loves to ride a bike - I do too - so he would like to be able to take Miki with him from time to time, and then I will also be able to take a bike trip with them. We do not know yet whether the trailer is the best solution for a bicycle ride with a child, do you have any experience in this topic?

I also love to read and discover your wish-lists, so be sure to write me what's on yours. I wish you all dreams come true!


In the collage I used photos:

Watch - TOUS | Varnish - CND Shellac | Jar- Kitchen Craft | Food processor - THERMOMIX | Book - Styles Lauren Conrad | Pineapple poster - ZłotePokaty | Coffee machine - Saeco HD8760 / 01 | Trailer - Croozer Kid 1 Plus | Coke oven - IKEA | Table and chair - Kids Concept

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  • kasiafa

    Inspirational whishlist 🙂 I definitely want to buy a hybrid lamp for myself, so as not to waste time and money on the beautician 🙂 For the little one I plan to buy a plate with personalized dubi songs :) I recently came across this novelty and I'm sure that Filip will fall into musical taste 🙂 because recently it has a phase for dancing and singing.

  • pozytywy.eu

    Thermomix has been my dream for a year *. * But the price is amazing and when I am a student I have to wait a few more years before I buy it. These glasses with a straw are wonderful. In order to mobilize myself to drink water, I bought a glass water bottle, which I can always have with me.
    The trailer is good if, for example, you don't have to take it with a lift. It is difficult for you to detach, attach, lead to an elevator, take it out and so on. In this matter, the chair is easier to live, set up, move, lift.

    • 09.05.2016

      Oh, I agree, I would probably not even think about a trailer next to the elevator, but about a chair, we just have a garage so this problem is eliminated. I already have a cup with a straw, and Thermomix ... I'm afraid to go to the presentation, because I will come out lighter by ... well, much too much 😉 and what's your glass bottle? is not very heavy?

  • patios

    I recommend the trailer. We have been using it since the son turned 6 months. In this season he rides without a special hammock. For me it's the perfect solution, I'm an avid cyclist, and the opportunity to take my son to training is a revelation. Personally, I use Croozer Kid for 1, without depreciation. Unfortunately, the price of the amortized exceeded me, and we still drive only on asphalt roads. My son is very mobile and the cart has stopped answering him recently, the sling has long restrained his movements, and he sits calmly in the trailer and watches the surroundings. As for the model I have, I can safely recommend it. It is relatively small in relation to functionality, because it can be converted into a jogging stroller and a stroller. It fits easily in the station wagon boot. It also has a roomy trunk, so we can take some lumber for the trip. Mounting to a bicycle is fabulously simple, as is the transformation from a trailer into a running cart and back again.

    • 14.04.2016

      Sounds really cool! The only thing I'm afraid of is inhaling dust, in the case of allergies it can be said to be different, and most of the dust and dust rises just above the ground at the height of the trailer. This weekend my friend will lend me hers and I will have the opportunity to find out a little bit 🙂

  • Aleksandra

    A beautiful coat! Could you write from where? 😉 Regards!

    • 11.04.2016

      Thank you - with Mosquito, but he's been in a good few years, so I'm looking for a worthy successor for him

  • 10.04.2016

    Our dreams coincide 😀 I also recently made my wish list and started realizing it. The first one was a bicycle trailer, which we were supposed to buy a year ago, but Marysia was still too small. This year, however, my dad gave us a surprise and gave us a trailer with such goodies that I would never have thought 😉 varnish shell and wallet that is falling apart is a plan for this month. This year I will also take in termomix because I started to prepare healthy cocktails that we like to drink and my blender will probably give up soon. By the end of the year, we will make room for Marysia in our wardrobe, so we will have to change the baby's furniture and probably a table will also be on the list 😉

    • 11.04.2016

      Just a year ago, we also gave up the trailer due to age, I also read a lot about the fact that a child breathes dust from the street - have you heard about it? Please write what model of the trailer you have and how do you rate it 🙂 a nice, leather wallet I picked up some time ago in a great promotion on Zalando 😉

    • 11.04.2016

      Oh, I don't know what model it is because I didn't even pay attention. Somehow I did not notice that Mary was dusty - I think that you can also put this foil if you are afraid of dust. I didn't even think about it to pay attention to it. But we mainly drive on side roads so maybe that's why. Rather, we are avoiding the main roads. I've already looked at the wallet and I'm loyal to this store and they have a fantastic warranty service. I really recommend

    • 11.04.2016

      You know, it's supposed to be about inhaling this dust, which rises from the road that harms the respiratory system, and this does not occur in the car seat, but I have not read enough about taking a position, I am still educating, and next weekend my friend will lend us her we will have the opportunity to check the comfort of such an active form of spending family time 🙂

    • 11.04.2016

      Hmmm interesting. All in all, I was only interested in choosing this trailer, and no indirect data. For me, the comfort is amazing because even on Saturday shopping we went by bike and the appearance of Marysia made us return to the car. Now we are shopping as before and we can take the child instead of leaving them at home. It's just that I live far from the city and the supermarket 10 km is also in a small town. I was also afraid that Marysia would not unhook from the seat belt but she is so interested in what is around that I hope that does not come to her mind. The only thing that annoys me is the fact that she pushes herself the same mesh in the front, such a cover, but her husband secures it with a wire when we leave. It is unreasonable to think but it seems to me that it will fall out as it will not be closed

    • 11.04.2016

      It is similar with us - a bicycle is a favorite means of transport, especially in the summer, I used to ride a bicycle to work, so now we want to find the best solution for transporting a Child. I hope that it will be like that soon, because it is beautiful outside the window 🙂 and looking for care for a child on the weekend because you want to go for a bike is not a goal 😉

  • 10.04.2016

    Of course, I wish you all your dreams come true :)! Hmm .. I would like to wish for spring: a silver chain (the old one broke off and somehow there is nobody to buy a new one) - it's for me. For home, I think about the iRobot vacuum cleaner - and that's probably all this spring :) Regards 🙂

    • 10.04.2016

      Thank you 🙂 I just broke the silver chain and literally on Tuesday I came up with an award and made a gift for myself 😉 And I have a vacuum cleaner - it's wonderful, I recommend it very much 🙂 Regards 🙂

    • 10.04.2016

      This is also an irobot plan, but it is probably only in autumn that the priority is a small room, which wakes up when we get up to work. So maybe what review about this machine? I will read it gladly

    • 11.04.2016

      Before you decide, maybe it's worth ordering a show to you home to be sure? We ordered without, but we knew that most of the rugs are missing, so it works great, although the downside is that before cleaning, you still have to clean up, remove obstacles, cables, lift everything off the floor ... although for me it's a small minus 😉 I do so that I take all the light things out of a given room, throw in the roomba and close the door and during this time I do something completely different 🙂

    • 11.04.2016

      Just yesterday I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I rarely vacuum because I do not want to carry this giant between floors. I prefer to wash the floor. The effect is the same. And in addition, I'm already used to cleaning everything on the floor. So I think that with us such a vacuum cleaner would work because I also do not have many carpets. All in all, only one in the living room. The thought that I could come home and that I would have purely filled me with only warm feelings 😀

    • 11.04.2016

      I am not surprised 🙂 we do not use this function of auto cleaning, because I do not always manage to cover everything at night, so here is a cable, a string from a toy ... but I love it anyway 🙂