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Hi, my name is Agnieszka - I am a Wedding Planner, 14 years ago I started my own company, and in the meantime I became a Wife and Mom.


You just visited my blog where I share proven ways to organize a home, family and small business to help Women run living on your own terms.


I share tips based on the small steps method, I introduce positive thinking and meditation, in order to achieve inner happiness.


So make yourself a cup of coffee and sit back. Invite!


How to dress for work? 5 tools

How to dress for work

How to dress for work is wondered by every person starting their career on the labor market. And also every mother who ends her maternity leave and returns to work. Check what things cannot be missing in your wardrobe.

How to arrange a living room and separate functional zones?

New York hampton style living room

How to arrange a living room is a question that we unexpectedly had to ask ourselves again three and a half years after moving into our home. There is nothing bad that would not work out for good - at least we always try to do that, so when half of our house was renovated after the flooding that affected us in March this year, we decided to make a metamorphosis of our living room and separate functional zones: dining room, TV corner and play corner.